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John Oliver details the many obstacles that impede access to unemployment benefits - often by design - and why the entire system needs to be rethought.
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Mar 7, 2021




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Brian Tang
Brian Tang 3 hours ago
This makes me so happy I live in Canada. I've always paid taxes to cover Employment insurance and the only time I ever needed it was for 6 months last year during the pandemic. Received it immediately and found a job in Sept. EI isn't free, you fund it with your taxes, and the government just doesn't want to help you, of all the entities in the economy, I firmly believe the US government are the most incompetent and I feel bad for its citizens.
Sage Tolley
Sage Tolley 17 hours ago
i agree but my dad was fired from his job after being accused of stealing a boom box and he definitely drew unemployment so idk what that says but yeah idk
Sky Le Pancake
Sky Le Pancake 20 hours ago
The outrageous dessert dolly bless because attempt intialy interfere barring a drab capital. drab, resolute drama
Dayon Mage
Dayon Mage Day ago
The "man" who doesn't see an issue with his home country being overrun, overpopulated, and ethnically cleansed of it's host population under a fair-seeming disguise of humanitarian compassion. Share and share alike, isn't that right, John Oliver? After all, it's not you who has to walk through the destruction of a gang-festering rap-music filled London cesspool, overpopulated and doomed to strife. After all, You are a successful celebrity living a comfortable life, making immense wealth by turning a phrase and portraying a joke, usually aimed at undermining Western civilization, and mocking the existential situation of your own people. Making light of our own obliteration. What a stand up guy you are, John Oliver.
Royal Wulff
Royal Wulff Day ago
My neighbors, four adults and one teenager are all unskilled workers in the food and beverage services industry. They have all been "out" of work since last March 2020. They recently and openly told my wife and I, they're all receiving unemployment (UIB) $350 , pandemic (PUA) $100 and lost wage pandemic / extension benefits (FEUC) $900+-, that is a grand total of $6,750 per month. They're also receiving $929 in Food Stamp benefits per month. That is a grand total of "lost wage benefits" and food stamps benefits of $7,679 per month for this family. There are NOW HIRING signs on every restaurante but they are choosing to stay home and not go back to work..... why should we blame them but this is got to stop at some point.
Ryan James
Ryan James Day ago
That white woman's ridiculously entitled statement typifies what a disgusting, selfish, hellhole the United States is. No comment even needed on the perspectives of that elected official who is supposedly serving the people.
Andrew 2 days ago
Fast forward 6 weeks and you can find a job faster then it would take to stand in that line.
Kristhell López
Kristhell López 2 days ago
At 1:04 was the hint about John Oliver doing a piece on hair.
VultureClone 2 days ago
Laura, hunger does not make you work harder. It weakens and demoralizes you. Let's take your food away from you and see how much harder you work without food in your belly.
IO Tewks
IO Tewks 2 days ago
Yeah uh. In Virginia we STILL are waiting. Endless, useless phone lines, no information, ho hope.
Ragnar Lothbrock
Ragnar Lothbrock 2 days ago
In the meantime... Florida's real estate prices are skyrocketing because thousands of people from all those wonderful deep blue states like NY and NJ are moving down to "America's vestigial tail". Plus, there are "We are hiring" signs on every single business I stop by. Munch on that!
Anon 3 days ago
Perhaps when this is all over we can start to challenge the government line *"there is no evidence"* ... On drug policy, On prison reform, On mental health, On socioeconomic outcomes.... The countries of the world have done extensive research and they have *"The Evidence"* just like all those times during the pandemic when the government said: There's no evidence the virus affects children, There's no evidence general mask wearing affects transmission, There's no evidence the virus spreads in the air, There's no evidence of asymptomatic spread, There's no evidence of long term health consequences... NO EVIDENCE MY ARSE. If the pandemic has taught us ANYTHING it should be that sharing medical and scientific research with other countries is not just *_possible_* but is actually sensible.
Christopher Winters
What ru going to do?? Look it up online? Lmao 😂😂😂
Craig Firman
Craig Firman 4 days ago
Jesus Christ I never knew the US unemployment system was this bad... Thank god I was born in Australia and Labor set up a much better welfare system then that... back in the 1940s...
arlond palmer
arlond palmer 4 days ago
Ridiculous. The entire message of the video is that the state should take care of you and you shouldn't need to ever work
Mark H
Mark H 5 days ago
Lots of people aren't going back to work now because they make far more by collecting unemployment benefits. I know people getting $600 per week (double the usual) on unemployment.
Pen Androll
Pen Androll 6 days ago
Ooooh the communists...theyre so generous when its about other people's money....ain't that right John?
Communism 2 days ago
you do know communist is partly about the elimination of money
Taylor Green
Taylor Green 6 days ago
I've been looking for a means to get my life back on track since my divorce, my advice? start your own business. working for an organization is a waste of time. i started a day care during the covid crisis and now i have close to 400k in my savings account
Donald Locher
Donald Locher 6 days ago
@Taylor Green i feel this is a 50/50 thing but there's no harm in trying, i really need the money. thanks for the info i'll give this a shot, i need capital for my business and it seems your people are giving out assistance to small business aspirants so why not. let's do this
Taylor Green
Taylor Green 6 days ago
covidunemploymentprobono @ gmail . com
Taylor Green
Taylor Green 6 days ago
@Gagne Caron i can't leave their lawyer's details here but sure you can reach them through their mail
Gagne Caron
Gagne Caron 6 days ago
@Taylor Green what's the name of this organization and how can i get to them please?
Taylor Green
Taylor Green 6 days ago
@Robert Thurmond i understand that but if you're really passionate about this you'd find a way, or you can do what i did and get funding from a Covid NGO and start your own business, they took a look at my work history and i don't know how but their pro Bono lawyers got me $35,000 as compensation for getting laid off from my last job due to covid
Michelle Sassouni
Laura Ingrahm is awful and so is Rick Scott, he’s easily the most ruthless and corrupt Governor we’ve had in my lifetime. But has anyone considered that the massive numbers of unemployment that we’re seeing right now is because the government forced businesses to shut down thus forcing people out of work. Also, when the federal government fumbled the COVID response so badly, why should we have any faith that it would be able to handle unemployment if 20 million Americans suddenly became unemployed again like they did during this pandemic? And before you say “that was just Trump’s fault” remember the debacle that was the rollout of Obamacare; the website literally crashed several times over a period of weeks. My point in all of this is that John Oliver makes a lot of good critiques, but seems to leave some key points out and then just comes to the wrong conclusion of “let’s put all of our faith in the federal government to handle it properly”
gnitpeohseluj 6 days ago
In New York State, where unemployment payments are on the higher end, the additional $600 made it so that people who filed and received unemployment during the pandemic were making more money then those working minimum wage jobs. So, for a while there, a lot of people chose not to go back to work because they'd make less money at work. Keep in mind the cost of living in a lot of New York State --- state, not city -- is pretty low anyways. As a country, we definitely need to rework the unemployment system.
Aaron Richardson
Aaron Richardson 7 days ago
I'm a seasonal work and get laid off in the winter, and because of how disorganized CT's unemployment was, I couldn't get ahold of a representative...until AFTER I went back to work. It meant that I only got a fraction (2 weeks) of the two months I was laid off, so now I have to dip into my savings because unemployment was supposed to cover those two months, but now I'm almost two months short in my checking for my rent and other bills. We'll see if, even now that I've returned to work, if I can even afford to spare enough to eat healthily.
Stella Rodriguez
Stella Rodriguez 7 days ago
Puerto Rico's unemployment max: $133 a week. For real
Nicholas Arden
Nicholas Arden 7 days ago
"It's nobody's fault." But it is - the government's. It's the government's fault. They created the unemployment with their draconian policies and continue to subsidize it. The businesses who were fortunate to survive the last year are now having a hard time hiring anyone back because people can take more for unemployment. The economic benefit of unemployment insurance he talks about goes directly to the large corporations where the vast majority of that money gets spent. The very corporations that politicians pretend to be against. Meanwhile small and medium size businesses disappear because they can't even hire staff to scale up their operations again. This causes even more people to go on unemployment and gives even more market share to large corporations. It's a vicious cycle that only creates more economic misery in the long run. It's a fine policy to get some people by in a rare tough time, but not this many people and not for this long. Unfortunately, you can't solve problems created by government with more government. Then people wonder how the rich got richer during a pandemic. Tax the rich and give us more government benefits they scream. Will we ever learn?
James Griffin
James Griffin 8 days ago
Shut down unemployment ok all u bums it is now time to go back to work .time to feed ur own kids
Wastag 9 days ago
Imagine being English and saying ‘mom’, Jesus Christ John Oliver what have you become?!
Cailan Shannon
Cailan Shannon 9 days ago
We live in Florida. My partner was laid off when covid hit. After months and months of attempting to apply for unemployment on a site that constantly kicked him out, we almost gave up. Once he finally did, apply he was turned down for no reason sited. It is ABSOLUTELY TRUE that the Florida state government makes it near impossible to receive unemployment. The state in general handled the pandemic so poorly. I will hate to see how it handles what comes next, but we are not going to wait around to see.
Myka Ruest
Myka Ruest 3 days ago
So, I guess you're moving? It's kinda nice with the pandemic knowing in Massachusetts I'm pretty much safe since it's a liberal state. My uncle wanted to move the entire family to Florida since Mass is too liberal and expensive but since this pandemic hit we realized how good of a state we lived in. It blows my mind how unsafe in my own country some areas are. I hope the best of luck to you!
Hester Fairclough
John please come back to the U.K.! We really need your commentary on our current government... think of all the material Boris Johnson and cronies would give you! 😞😢😢😢😢😢
Anton Brakhage
Anton Brakhage 10 days ago
Universal Basic Income would solve this entire issue, among many others. Just saying.
Anton Brakhage
Anton Brakhage 2 days ago
@Mark H No, billionaires and megacorporations should pay you, me and everyone else because there aren't going to be enough jobs left due to automation, and because every person's life is inherently valuable.
Mark H
Mark H 5 days ago
So I should pay you just because your Mom was able to reproduce?
Pandor25 10 days ago
8:32 Someone should eat her dog... Like hey if you are starving you will find a way to eat. :/
legendhero 45
legendhero 45 10 days ago
You friends are all super awesome! Oh no, moments of this video are so very terrible and so very horrible.
First Last
First Last 10 days ago
There is no country on earth that is more generous to unemployed people than America. Californians were given more than any low/medium wage worker in the world due to our uncontrollable spending. America basically pays taxes to the military industrial complex to maintain a strong dollar, so it can borrow as much as possible to give it to the most undeserving among us.
Craig Firman
Craig Firman 4 days ago
@First Last You needed to be a bit more specific, *during COVID*. yes, the US spent big to save the unemployed during Covid, but before, and most likely after, their generosity will disappear and fall behind Germany, Portugal etc.
First Last
First Last 10 days ago
@Romit Kumar You're wrong. I understand socialists keep saying this but it is incorrect. www.instituteforgovernment.org.uk/coronavirus-support-workers-comparison The system is also too easy to fraud. There are millions of illegal claims, and many employers are more than happy to cut your hours or lay you off in order for you to get the benefits.
Romit Kumar
Romit Kumar 10 days ago
I don't think that's true. Germany, Portugal, France, Spain, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Norway, Belgium, and the Netherlands all provide higher minimum unemployment benefits than the maximum that is provided by the US. And remember, these benefits aren't given to people who quit their jobs or never had a job in the first place, they're given to those who were laid off.
magnet Fisher Irish boy
The term 'emergency crematorium' aged either very good or very poorly depending on where you live
Jonathan 11 days ago
Downvoted for bad economic understanding. Do better. Also, can I remind people that government is always inefficient and if you want to take care of yourself and your family for uncertain times, you should take out your own private unemployment insurance with the monthly payments you are comfortable with and the sums of money you would need if you find yourself out of work. Same goes for life insurance. If you want to help poor people in your area, there are insurances for towns or councils, to prevent people from sudden poverty where everyone in the town needs to chip in a little.
Mark 12 days ago
At 13:33 If a State did this in 'error' the recepient should get their money back at 400% also. This should encourage getting the job done right.
khal odetunde
khal odetunde 12 days ago
Laura Ingram said let these niggas starve lol
LoonySpoons 12 days ago
Who designed this system, why did they design it this way, and how do I get the fuck out of here right now is literally how I feel after watching every LWT 😂😭
Vincent Bartholdi
Vincent Bartholdi 12 days ago
What about everyone who was working essential jobs throughout the whole pandemic?
the weirdest person you would ever meet
0:27 "Is it because Elmo has too many toys" Bro, Elmo that's so relatable.
Bloodlyshiva 13 days ago
13:31 What if I asked "Who is Macklemore?"
Eric Hanson
Eric Hanson 14 days ago
The main reason why there is a general consensus in psychiatric and psychological professional circles that personal problems, disabilities, etc. suffered by adults begin with childhood events needs to be directly stated, for once. As John Oliver heroically points out in this video, we all must be more consciously aware of Elmo's role on the 'Sesame Street' series of causing or at least severely exacerbating the psychological issues, both large and small, that so many of us must contend with throughout our lives. Shame on you, Elmo, and all those sinister elements who prop you up!!
Karma Yt
Karma Yt 14 days ago
I’m always told I don’t have enough children for help. No home - no help. No work - no help.
patrick faulds
patrick faulds 15 days ago
If anyone needs me I'll be in my room listening to my Macklemore albums
Lakendra Williams
Lakendra Williams 15 days ago
Christopher Wallace
at least he admitted his mistake it on TV. that's pretty rare.
Timothy-Jake 16 days ago
Ok can someone somewhere do a video on anything American government does well? Like I need some hope
Mark Philp
Mark Philp 16 days ago
Fucking glad I am not American.
55TheInTIMidator55 17 days ago
Unemployed since August. Finally got one for next week.
StormTalara 17 days ago
As a taxpayer (Australia) i would rather a small handful of people that don’t deserve help to slip through the cracks, than to let a family go hungry. Do better.
Craig Firman
Craig Firman 4 days ago
Aussie here. 100% agreed. Welfare saved my ass from probably, homelessness, now I'm working full time paying taxes.
Jeremy Good
Jeremy Good 17 days ago
Warren buffett says " if you don't find a way to make money while you sleep you will have to work hard untill you die".
Linda poplin
Linda poplin 17 days ago
Some people are so poor and been that way for so long that they lose their self confidence and belief
pop Sarah
pop Sarah 17 days ago
All nice recommendation I have already contacted her and she attends to me nicely
christiana joe
christiana joe 17 days ago
@Eva Helen Tell her i referred you please
christiana joe
christiana joe 17 days ago
@Eva Helen +1 8 6 0 3 7 0 3 8 8 9
christiana joe
christiana joe 17 days ago
@Eva Helen That's the more reason you should reach out to her and get good insight before getting to invest
Cold Falco
Cold Falco 17 days ago
Whose fault is it if there is such a high rate of unemployment? Easy answer: Todd the straight white male Muppet, of course!!! And a little bit of Elmo. Truer answer: Government and its bollocks.
Ewecca H.K.
Ewecca H.K. 17 days ago
18:46 As a software developer I am horrified to see "Server Error in '/' Application." from a production website. The message is intended for the development team - this website is wailing for its mommy.
Toffee MKR
Toffee MKR 18 days ago
And business will purposefully hire more part time workers than a few full time workers meaning it's easier to find two+ part time jobs than one full time job. That means retail, most food service workers, and most of all students who physical cannot carry a full time job along side classes are out of luck even though they need it. Not to mention that minors who have jobs weren't able to file for unemployment regardless of their economic stance or reasoning for being let go until a few months ago in Minnesota and I'm sure that policies like this still exist in other states. Its all ridiculous.
Benjamin Gal-Or
Benjamin Gal-Or 18 days ago
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Walter White
Walter White 18 days ago
I wished emergency crematorium was something I never saw. Sadly, that's not the case in India anymore.
Francine Leahy
Francine Leahy 18 days ago
How about you talk about why you hate autistic people? Why won't you listen to us?
eat_pray_porg 18 days ago
Poor Elmo. John's laying into him. LOL
Christopher Raff
Christopher Raff 19 days ago
I'm so embarrassed to be an American...
lex World
lex World 19 days ago
Very insightful for the "non puppet population."
Hermela Solomon
Hermela Solomon 19 days ago
the edges bit im screaminggg, this is why john oliver is my fave he is so real and culturally competent.
Ashton 19 days ago
Man, watching all this shit and meanwhile here in Canada all I had to do was call up my last employer, request a RoE(Record of Employment) then make a service Canada account online and fill out the application online, which would then, assuming I had enough hours worked in the last 53 weeks, get accepted after service Canada got my RoE and even if it took a while for my RoE to get there I would at least get back payment to the day I first made the application anyway, fairly easy process and I didn't even need to leave my home.
Kelly Arthur
Kelly Arthur 19 days ago
"Hunger brings drive". Unless you're a gazillionaire. Then, having your money taken away in taxes, to pay for all the good stuff you get (like roads, power, water, & not getting killed), & all the free education your labor force gets, turns you into a deadbeat. Another brilliant piece of work. Another sad fucking commentary on the state of the U.S., & the U.S. news business, when takes _John Oliver_ to do the damn video.
The Ubiquitous Potato
I'll be honest nebraska sounds like a piece of piss, compared to the UK.
Shiva Shakti
Shiva Shakti 20 days ago
America is a 3rd world country.
Stacey Bride
Stacey Bride 20 days ago
In Australia - our system is slightly better but similarly still incredibly cruel and unreasonable. For reference look up robodebt.
Craig Firman
Craig Firman 4 days ago
Sure robodebt was a shitshow. but our system overall is a shitload better then that clusterfuck.
Y Bo
Y Bo 21 day ago
I get that the joke on Macklemore is for comedic effect, but he actually does have some good songs. One of them is called Drug Dealer, in which he raps about how doctors contributed to the opioid crisis in the US, which is something that John Oliver also passionately talked about.
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Ben & Kim Hanson
Ben & Kim Hanson 21 day ago
mrbearbear83 21 day ago
Can somebody please explain the "two-twist" hair thing? As a shaven headed Irish man, I don't understand hair.
SateliteMike DataPro
"Job searches" are punishment. Florida is a republican hellscape.
ijachacovert 22 days ago
I know this isn’t the real problem behind this video but I worked with a guy named Paul McCartney. About the same age as the famous one. It’s not unlikely for parents to name their kids after famous people, and in my co workers case, it can be a happy little coincidence.
ElementalNimbus 22 days ago
I'm actually very curious who was asking questions in that Ron Ramsey interview. I'm so used to hearing that BS from politicians, but whoever that was actively called the statements out immediately. I'd like to know who is doing the good work even when the issue doesn't have a lot of attention like this. Update since I decided to visit the site listed: "It is with great disappointment that I must inform our readers that TNReport.com won’t be maintaining news gathering operations this legislative session.". So yeah, I guess go watch Last Week Tonight on Journalism. Still interested on who exactly that was though if anyone knows.
Gavin Schroeter
Gavin Schroeter 22 days ago
"Weapons Grade Cocaine" is the hardest I've laughed in a while
Denis 22 days ago
When you are from Florida, and all you want to do is see it slide off into the ocean..........😒
Rami Al-Jiab
Rami Al-Jiab 22 days ago
hi john oliver. I really enjoyed the debt episode. and i understood all the angels you took. from a western point who dont think twice on how they secure accommodation its a no brainer, you hit it bulls eye. i been living in western countries for most of my life but have NO or both liberal and or conservative bones in me since I am a Muslim. It doesnt matter who holds the debt, china, japan, liberals or conservatives, they share one commonality which forms a stronger bond for them than any of these labels, they are rich. Debt which i can be 100% sure in most cases means interest i.e increasing overtime is the reason for recesions, they form bubbles that burst and guess who they hurt exclusively the poor. this is not me, some muslim on the interent, this is finincial scholars even though silenced still publish their work on thos cancer im gace of being cancelled by mr big coorape submissive to mr big bank look at the gamestop scenario, when non rich targeted hedge funds the betting companies went all out to stop legal bets. rich getting richer poor getting poorer. In islam a loan is interest free, profits for all cant exceed 30% and taxes are collected on no used items assets monetary or not. if the world did that i assure you there will be no poor to rob. cos thats wat this interest game is. people running out of good spirits and hence ability to work for society, so they use mathmetics to make money. thats not a service, only right way to make money of science and maths is by doing research and or teaching people so it can enhance other services. would love it if you made an episode on interest and how its riuning society from the core. i seen u do some out of it episodes, thinking hes gonna get detsined after this, but will you go the extra mile, will you cut to the heart of the cartel or will those veins/emotions/stakes run to close to cut. do it, i dare you
Amaan merchant
Amaan merchant 22 days ago
nobody hates At&T more than John oliver and i respect that SOOOO MUCH
apackofhoboes 22 days ago
So many things in America are broken. I don't think they will ever get fixed. As long as there is money to be made in keeping people stupid and poor, it will never end.
sparkyenergia 22 days ago
You will definitely fix your welfare problem. Just like you fixed your gun problem.
Asbestos Asbestos
Asbestos Asbestos 22 days ago
Its amazing to witness how much psychopathic elitist crap the USA puts up with especially when you consider how this country was created. I guess America feels like it missed out on medieval absolutism and must go though a feudal phase to feel complete
INCOOM13 23 days ago
"When you're hungry, you'll figure out a way to eat." Crime. This is how crime happens.
Eviel Kanievel
Eviel Kanievel 23 days ago
Last week I almost forgot to put my trash out and ran to give it to the trash man. I told him he was lucky that he had a job because my neighbors had losts theirs . He just said to me “ This job I just started a month ago and you would be surprised at what I really do . I am not going to wait for unemployment and see my family go hungry”. Unemployment is just a blanket for lazyness.
Helen L
Helen L 23 days ago
Wow, really gunning for Elmo... The Cookie Monster bias is strong in this one!
RoyalJester17 23 days ago
State doesn't have enough money? Tax the super rich Make taxes unavoidable by closing the loop holes that prevent companies like Amazon and Google to pay 0 taxes by moving money/patents around the globe.
Saeed Ahmed40
Saeed Ahmed40 23 days ago
Oh so like the jobcentre in the UK?
John Daniel Gore
John Daniel Gore 23 days ago
“When you’re hungry, you’ll find a way to eat-“ might be true but ‘a way’ can mean things she might not like, up to and including a people’s revolution (or just stealing electronics to flip; you all get the point).
William Vaux
William Vaux 23 days ago
"I'm surrounded by weapons-grade cocaine"
Funtime Florian
Funtime Florian 23 days ago
400% intrest when blaming unemployed as fraud wow
Craig Firman
Craig Firman 4 days ago
If only they made tax evaders pay it back 400%
Lucas Arnold
Lucas Arnold 23 days ago
Jammin07 24 days ago
I never trusted that red puppet
JP 24 days ago
People who get hungry will find a way to eat... But turning towards crime and robbing ignorant people like Laura.
Peter Berry
Peter Berry 24 days ago
The fact that you're not eligible if you're fired or quit is insane.
amanda Marie
amanda Marie 24 days ago
Please dont support a charity that supports eugenics. Listen to Autistic people, we do not want this, you are hurting our community!
Arturo Perez Acosta
As a mexican let me say this: Do you guys have unemployment benefits??? :(
Paul Mezhir
Paul Mezhir 25 days ago
"Sentient plantation wedding" ROFLMAO!!
cloudbear 25 days ago
There is no such thing as conservatism. Call them what they are: feudalists.
RoachDoggJR 25 days ago
You'll find a way to eat, huh? You'll just... find something. God I hate republicans
T Lindsay
T Lindsay 25 days ago
The amount of respect I have lost for your work after finding out you’re associated with the next for autism event is astronomical. If you can’t do the one google search it takes to listen to autistic voices on this matter, then I dont trust you to properly research your stories. Nothing about us, without us!
Scott Harris
Scott Harris 25 days ago
What exactly is "weapons grade cocaine"? Sounds highly exciting...
Korra Kyehjong
Korra Kyehjong 25 days ago
Okay. What is the problem with Macklemore?
David Hand
David Hand 25 days ago
The drug testing requirement is even stupider when you add the cost of doing those tests. You don't catch _nearly_ enough abusers to cover the costs of the tests alone. So it's cheaper in the net to just pay out to a few abusers. This is the case to some degree for _any_ restrictive measure; every measure has an actual balance. Republicans only talk about one column, Democrats only talk about the other column, so objective appraisals of where the net falls are few and far between. It's been studied for drug testing specifically, and the answer is "don't do drug testing". If anyone can expand on this with other measures, I would love to hear it.
Richard Whitehouse
Richard Whitehouse 25 days ago
ive only just now noticed the 2 pairs of glasses in the banner. I feel like an idiot. please someone tell me something to cheer me up?