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Tucker Carlson is admired by white nationalists, elected officials, and maybe some of your relatives or coworkers. Given that he has the ear of so many Americans, John Oliver explains where Tucker came from, what his rhetorical tactics are, and what he represents.
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Mar 15, 2021




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Comments 99   
Yannick Br
Yannick Br 24 minutes ago
The possum joke I can hear over and over and still burst out in laughter
Judas Oné
Judas Oné 33 minutes ago
I actually like da bowtie. Buddy looks good!
First last
First last 33 minutes ago
Who is more racist than the liberals and democrats? They don't even think black people are capable of using the internet or acquiring an ID. Talking about white supremacy. Democrats and liberals have used victimhood to mentally enslave a good portion of blacks to keep them dependent on the government and therefore loyal to the democratic party.
Judas Oné
Judas Oné 38 minutes ago
Every time Carlson's voice raises - Stewie questioning Brian's book writing...
First last
First last 40 minutes ago
Just as Carlson deserves no credibility because of his white nationalist undertones, equally, Oliver deserves no credibility for openly supporting domestic terrorist organizations such as BLM and Antifa. Let's be consistent with our condemnation.
Judas Oné
Judas Oné 41 minute ago
I truly believe Tucker Carlson is a reincarnated Bill O'Reilly. N yeah, I know O'Reilly ain't dead, but lol
First last
First last 44 minutes ago
Biden is racist AF. And he is the president. Where is his episode of condemnation. Unfortunately, the lefts main tactic is to assert racism claims based solely on differing opinions, so this message isn't likely to land with anyone but liberals, and they already think he is racist strictly because he is a conservative, so you are just preaching to the choir at this point.
Sara Hudson
Sara Hudson Hour ago
Medic! Tucker Carlson's saltpeter dosage appears to be at a near fatal level.
cine pobre
cine pobre 2 hours ago
John Oliver is admired by Boko Haram and maybe his mom.
Anthony Algorithm
Anthony Algorithm 2 hours ago
Tucker rhymes with bell-end
John Frymyer
John Frymyer 3 hours ago
white supremacists? You are a real tosser. tucker has a great audience because his talk is pretty much about truth. You , who probably didn't spend a day in uniform (based on your form of communication) should probably not talk much about what makes a Military organization successful
Luke Anderson
Luke Anderson 3 hours ago
This was a well needed roast
KatchouroBlade 3 hours ago
Remember when John Oliver did a hit piece on Jill Stein ? He's a corporate shill.
Everything Republikkkan is rotten!🥴
Dean Oswald
Dean Oswald 5 hours ago
You expect Tucker to know the empires that middle eastern peoples descended from? HA. AHAHAHAHA.
Leonna Mayes
Leonna Mayes 5 hours ago
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Philip Temidara
Philip Temidara 5 hours ago
Mediocre Azz Xenophobe.
Charles Newton
Charles Newton 6 hours ago
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Janet Sabo
Janet Sabo 6 hours ago
Go back to England and save that country
Matthew J
Matthew J 6 hours ago
"Unregulated mass immigration has badly hurt this country's natural landscape" He right, you know, but not in the way he thinks.
amr Ibrahim
amr Ibrahim 7 hours ago
not only do we use forks in the middle east , WE USE BOTH TOILET PAPER AND TOILET SEAT SPRINKLER ! I have never been offended that hard in my life before ! Our asses are clean.... Sincerely, Middle east citizens
A M 7 hours ago
Its funny to go back and forth between Democrat and Republican based news. I need someone who is a rational middle ground representative and quick! I don't completely agree with either side.
DoraDuncan 7 hours ago
Where the hell is the FCC?
vincent vega
vincent vega 9 hours ago
As Einstein said it's all relative, as is the bow tie in relation with Tucker's huge head
Wolves ay we
Wolves ay we 9 hours ago
Alt left knob glad he now live in the USA .
BJ Matson
BJ Matson 11 hours ago
So please explain how he's a white supremacist other than just accusing him of being one. All y'all do is call names… Little children.
Tyrone Valdéz-Krüger
Check an Anti-Defamation website. Your comment will rather slip away unnoticed here than that you get some information. I can't really tell wether he's a White Supremacist, he says from time to time something that makes you think "man, that was racist!". Same with Trump. Either media anchors and politicians, you sometimes just can't tell whether it is about ingratiating on viewers / voters or a statement by a racist or just simply a communication issue. Greetings from Germany.✌🏿 PS: I assume America has Anti-Defamation organisations. We have and need tons of them since we do nothing but complaining
BJ Matson
BJ Matson 11 hours ago
❤️ Tucker
Schecter EvilTwin
Schecter EvilTwin 12 hours ago
Your both as bad as each other, why does it have to be a two party system, democrats vs republican, i hate snowflake, SJWs, feminist, transgender people in womans sports & also believe people should not have the right to own assault rifles & woman should have the right to do what they want with their own bodies, if a woman wants an abortion what right does anyone have to say no its wrong & try to stop her or make it deliberately difficult to get an abortion...
boldswagon 12 hours ago
Hey John Oliver, I watch your show twice
Carew Martin
Carew Martin 12 hours ago
It's ironic to hear someone from the only country more anglo than America criticizing anglos
f1ng3rpr1nt 14 hours ago
Do you know what Byzantine means? It was Eastern Roman Empire with its capital in Europe. The elites were mostly Greek.
L LFM 16 hours ago
Wow Carlson uses toilet paper and forks....That's a surprise! His brain seems to marinated inside the toilet as far as I can see. Any English teacher can take his logics apart
Marcello Abbate
Marcello Abbate 17 hours ago
Tuckers success is the number one reason Education in America should be looked at. 3 million viewers 😂😂😂 amazing really. Please please please, go back to school people.
Squid S
Squid S 17 hours ago
‘Clippys going to ask are you trying to recite the fourteen words?’ fuck 💀💀💀💀
MrLaughatthis 17 hours ago
Carlsen should be arrested for crimes against intelligence
Millennial Seeker
Millennial Seeker 17 hours ago
I can't believe I'm not the only one that sensed that Tucker wears his underwear backwards as he farts out of both sides of his mouth.
Otters in tuxedos
Otters in tuxedos 18 hours ago
You ever watch John Oliver and think isn’t he just preaching to the choir here. I mean the Venn diagram of viewers of Tucker Carlson and John Oliver is a figure of eight
John Leach
John Leach 18 hours ago
John, you missed the point: Ignoring Carlson is the way to defuse him, and Fox. I'm sorry you were sucked in.
W Shiflet
W Shiflet 17 hours ago
i mean he has the highest rated show on cable news right? he’s not gonna just go away lol
Greg Luck
Greg Luck 18 hours ago
F...er Carlson only asks questions, not answers them. Everything that is bad about politics, he represents. One would have to be an idiot to believe anything he says.
Duong Lien Huong
Duong Lien Huong 19 hours ago
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Shannan Smith
Shannan Smith 19 hours ago
Ahhh, Tucker Carlson, the upmost 💩stain on the underwear of the world.
Sky Le Pancake
Sky Le Pancake 19 hours ago
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Martin Ziet
Martin Ziet 19 hours ago
Looks like the woke'ing dead took John Oliver. It used to be one of my favorite shows, esp. after John Stewart quit the daily show, there was a void that Oliver filled with his wit and charm. Now its nauseating, politicised, agenda-loaded pile of disingenuous crap.
Pikachu 20 hours ago
"men and women no longer exist" John: *transphobiaaaaaaa*
Mike Hughes
Mike Hughes 20 hours ago
Inept children from wealthy families typically result in a mess like Tucker.
Salt of the Earth
Salt of the Earth 20 hours ago
ugh cant stand you pitchy voice. take deep breath. your a joke and not a comedian.
enna knight
enna knight 20 hours ago
white supremast talking points is UNTRUE BULLSHIT
enna knight
enna knight 20 hours ago
u know the biggest damn fool really is? sleepy joe wedgesalad
Shining Trapezoid
Shining Trapezoid 20 hours ago
enna knight
enna knight 21 hour ago
who cares bruh
Sou1defiler 21 hour ago
lets all take in Tucker's wish that the Army be more masculine, presumably he wishes they all walk around naked to the waist with rippling six packs and a superbly tanned glistening sweaty skin with an assault rifle in both hands.
Jeffrey Schoenholz
Jeffrey Schoenholz 21 hour ago
I know I rag on people on the left and John for their kooky policies that they propose, but I honestly hope they can see through their political biases and listen to both sides more. If they can’t do that, though, then I have something on US-first that might help and make you laugh. This one church I watch on US-first is so freaking funny and down to earth that I feel it really can change the world. It may sound hypbolic, but it could happen eventually. The name of this church is Second Chance Church and the pastor is Perry Noble. If anyone, left or right or anywhere, wants to watch, you are more than welcome. I hope a bunch of people who watch John and even John himself watch this church. It just might change your outlook on life. Maybe not right away, but God is forgiving and is not angry and vengeful like a lot of churches like to say he is. I hope this helps people and reaches far and wide.
Chris By Chris
Chris By Chris 21 hour ago
This is racist to white people change my mind
Love God
Love God 22 hours ago
Tucker's facts trump your opinions
Jeff Squires
Jeff Squires 22 hours ago
Wasn't aware every Idiot in the U.S. is a john Oliver fan. There's a reason he was deported from the UK.
Jeff Squires
Jeff Squires 22 hours ago
The queen of England believes the shit head administration is corrupt.
scott bermudez
scott bermudez 22 hours ago
I'm trying to understand this. If people come into a country and change what we believed the country was when growing up, then isn't whitey in the wrong for coming here centuries ago and to be fair to the "white needs of their kind" shouldn't they pack a bag and head home giving the country back to the original owners? Indians & Mexicans!
XkidXuglyX 23 hours ago
18:19 Pretty disgusting of John to equate BLM protests with the Capitol riots. Calling them both 'violent protests' when studies show police were constantly as the escalators of violence, if not the instigators of violence at BLM protests.
Rock E Horror
Rock E Horror 23 hours ago
I generally respect your opinion, John, but Britney Spears...well... Is kinda horrible.
FuberTuber 23 hours ago
i recommend watching some more news’ episode of tucker
Gtmo55 Mack
Gtmo55 Mack Day ago
Tucker speaks the truth
Alexa Rayside
Does anybody know of a specific episode that John Oliver does the 'you don't have to, but you can' routine?
Dayon Mage
Dayon Mage Day ago
One of countless celebrities endorsing the destruction of western civilization under a disguise of marxist political aims. Destroy and defile their own host cultures, more like. Celebrities are parasites. They thrive on disrespecting Western history and western people's contributions in previous centuries. Meanwhile wealthy celebrities slander their own ancestor's contributions. Mock their own people's history and existential situation(s). They insult and belittle the sacrifices which laid the foundation for our (once) prosperous civilization. The same ancestors who made it possible for us to even have hospitals and medical science in the first place. duh doy. This guy...he probably doesn't even see or care that his own heritage is being outright destroyed in England. The English people who still live in the UK are demographically outnumbered and outvoiced in their own culture/country. It's tragic, really. Obviously, this is all a slight of hand game of trickery. They tell you they're selling you things like "equality" and "inclusion" as a fair disguise for their agenda to transform Gondor into Mordor. Where there were once fair maidens and handsome men, there are now orcs and uruk-hai running amok having their way with our daughters. Ah, yes, how wonderful. Share and share alike, right? They couldn't invent their own technologically adequate countries or beautiful women, so naturally, we simply just have to give them our countries and women. What an insane self-sabotaging endgame. And as for the vaccines. One word: Ivermectin. But of course the Food and Drug administration and American Medical Association have money invested in vaccine lobyyists for profit, so of course they will never allow the public to widely recognize ivermectin as the indisputable cure. Instead they want you to have a vaccine injection, because it's a pretense for a tracking chip or a protein-implant by the globalist to have a tracking device or a radiation insertion into every man, woman, and child in the free world. Well, we used to be free. Back when we used to have white values and some elbow room to speak with liberty and freedom
Sampson Okur
Sampson Okur Day ago
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Lena Paul's Stepbrother
Tucker Carlson clear of Jamie Oliver I'm afraid 🥱
Ignatius Dipilato
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Lindsay Apicella
I simply don't understand. John Oliver promotes false narratives to his large viewership on behalf of powerful liberals and elites, ( i.e. this episode) so Tucker Carlson is horrible because he does...what??
Trevor Sabinson
The jerk store called. They want their tie back Tucker.
Brenton Curry
Jasmine Morales
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False Email
False Email Day ago
Carlson is nothing but a propergandist - the LOWEST of the LOW when comes to journalistic integrity - aka SCUMBAG
Hashimi Hashim
15:07 ....ewwww....toilet paper ?????? really civilised isn't it for using toilet paper....westerner, you have a issue with your anal hygiene....
J Johnstone
J Johnstone Day ago
You get more truth with 5 minutes of Tucker than years of late night leftwing propaganda machine
Mihail Bakalov
Every country needs at least 50% women in their army and in their drafts (if they have them). You agree? 50% miners would be awesome too.
Juliette Bler
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Drumsn Food
Drumsn Food Day ago
Soo in other words Tucker Carlson isn't just a fascist but literally a Nazi. Not exaggerating, he's clearly a white ("western") nationalist, he's clearly a fan of authoritarianism, and he's clearly a fan of corporatism. Its all there and I think to say its just white nationalism is a little dangerous in some ways: keep in mind it isn't white nationalism fighting back to stay in existence that starts a fascist take over, its capitalism fighting to maintain existence that leads to it and generally they just use people's racist predisposition to convince them to support such a regime.
Harpoon McFierce
@Rasputina29 There's a massive difference between a patriot and a nationalist. A patriot wants their country to do well but will criticize their country when it does wrong, a nationalist is in denial about anything being wrong and will put their country above others at any cost. Also Corporatism is in undemocratic and therefore immoral
Rasputina29 Day ago
Why does nationalism, or simply loving the country you were born to, end up being white nationalism? So if a black guy likes his country its black nationalism and hes a nazi too??!? Who the hell isnt a "fan" of some sort of corporatism. You like having money? You like having a job to get it? You like your house? Your car? Your PC? Corporations dont have to be as crooked as they are, we can have a sensible and honest system if the dishonest scum get dealt with.Fascists are dictators, so unless hes running the US and it isnt the blue potatoe, he just cannot be a fascist. Most people in the US are for using the Constitution as it was meant to be used, to arrest and hang the pedophiles and ratchet down the insane and wasteful amount of fed govt we have. Its not necessary when the states can handle most things just fine and have more than enough funds to handle everything but the worst of disasters. The only people ive seen against any of that ARE pedophiles, border jumpers, banking and investment fraudsters and other assorted criminals knocking old ladys over while waving Lucifers rainbow flag.
Andrea Harris
Outfuckingstanding! John Oliver is a brilliant, comedic, truth-teller. I love every episode but because I am SO revolted by Tucker Carlson, this episode is a favorite.
Stephen See
Stephen See Day ago
Takes all kinds I guess. You just keep on being you.
majoroaksun Day ago
TV dinner Tucker is such an obvious racist.
Stephen See
Stephen See Day ago
Don't forget white-supreme
Michael Alan
Michael Alan Day ago
Rupert Murdoch: "There ain't no such thing as bad publicity mate. What's this crap about T.re.aso.n? When you got yer freedom of speech, it's no holds baahed! We bank millions every minute when Cahlson opens his bloody pie hole. It gives me a bloody chubby every blessed day when ah consider how many snowflakes we've melted." [evil chuckling]
Kyle Stoner
Kyle Stoner Day ago
It's exactly the same with flat earthers. Truth and objectivity are wholly beside the point, and explanations and proof are irrelevant. The ignorant isolate themselves from knowledge in their quest to protect their delusional narcissism, and paint themselves as victims, unwilling or unable to see the isolation is of their own choice. They often actually believe these things, even though they are wrong, because they *NEED* them to preserve their unstable sense of self worth and importance.
Patented Organism
I always knew there was something off about Tucker, but this video put it that feeling into words.
j s
j s Day ago
It's REALLY scraping the bottom of the barrel when all you can muster is a single-entendre, hysterical, unfunny clownish nerd to counter an opposing journalistic perspective. Bah!
dmany13 Day ago
I know tucker is the bottom.of the barrel. He scrapes even lower to find his opinions
Ansh Kapur
Ansh Kapur Day ago
holy shit dude you killed him
Coco Antonelli
Omar: "We shouldn't oppress Americans." Tucker: "Omar hates America."
fredfurball Day ago
So he spent 25 minutes on Tucker? What better testament to TC's importance and influence. Tucker must live inside John Oliver's head.
Stephen See
Stephen See Day ago
Oliver would love to have Tucker's viewership. He's trying to ride Tucker's coattails, hoping against hope that Tucker will notice him. I used to like Colbert and Oliver, until they turned corporate.
Nicole Padgett
Clearly this man has NEVER had a conversation with a person living in true poverty. He needs to live in any set of projects in ANY city or state. People living in true poverty typically see nothing outside of how they currently live or believe there is nothing better outside of their community. I would love to see his privileged self live in the projects or low income housing for 30 days.
Nicole Padgett
Who the F is he to talk about women service members? Screw this guy, let him serve, let alone serve while pregnant! These comments were so sexist, transphobic, and seem like the speech of an undereducated American. Tucker should be taken off the air due to his spread is hate. We live in a world full of hate, and giving him a platform is ridiculous.
Darren Withers
17:25 substitute "spray paint their opinions" with "emboss their names", and Tucker could be talking about Trump
Connie Sleeper
Connie Sleeper
He just confessed what America holds dear it's world system of oppression.
Harshvardhan Jha
In Biology it is often said that Diversity is the pillar of nature, that life functions because of diversity, reduced diversity leads to drought and extensive diversity leads to rich Rainforests, and as far as I know, we humans too are the product of Nature, better or worse.
Stephen See
Stephen See Day ago
How about diversity of opinion? Sorry, cults can't handle that.
Harshvardhan Jha
Tucker is an uneducated man who loops around his views and has never learned anything new, he is paid for being extra hateful
David Fife
David Fife Day ago
Did anyone give a definition of White supremacy? It seems like a term that can mean 30 different things to 30 different people. A mutually accepted definition would benefit all parties interested in honesty and exact definitions of meaning. White supremacy is a term that can be used to shut someone down so that a discussion doesn't happen. John Oliver and Tucker Carlson are both forces that create hate between people who have different backgrounds and different cultures than each other. This country is further divided by every episode where people fail to see the perspective of the person they disagree with. Understanding their position is not agreeing with it, necessarily. Why does John Oliver hate Tucker Carlson? You hate most in others, what you see in yourself! Takes one to know one. They are both agents of hate.
Stephen See
Stephen See Day ago
Tucker has been speaking the truth. This is something the liberal cult can't allow.
Gen Z Perspective
so much shade
Harshvardhan Jha
*Vox liked this video*
Phoebe Day ago
I’ve watched fox lately and it’s truly baffling. And the amount of airtime they give to boarder crossing is actually nuts 🤦‍♀️
Anish Abraham
Can you please do one other episode exposing Modi government handling the pandemic
Aaron Castro
Aaron Castro Day ago
TUCKER 2024 🇺🇸
Harpoon McFierce
But why
Tsumi_the_ hapa
You know what this guy's pretty alright.