Trump & the Coronavirus: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) 

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John Oliver takes a look at how the Trump administration has handled the coronavirus outbreak in the US, from lack of preparation, to mangled coordination, to harmful communication.
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Published on


Nov 1, 2020




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zaoetry7 3 hours ago
When comedy expresses reality. How ironic, this Donald Geppetto ( little t) Duck did the same harm to the real estate in NY city back in the early 90's> shame, millions voted for him.
James Maxwell
Yeah he tried write things off by giving out pens was that the cure
Ste Warby
Ste Warby 2 days ago
They knew it was happening because they created it omaba n rest of the world's rich countries knew this was happening because its been planned for years they wanted trump out of power because he was the one who could stop them so they cheated the election in plain sight plus loads are pedos and loads off other horrible things it doesn't take a lot to see what's going on worlds been run by evil for a long time but it's slowly coming to light just a same most don't see it 👍 this guy wants to talk about all the shit that biden has done the guy can't string a sentence together ever mind run a country 😂👍
Alex Ford
Alex Ford 2 days ago
A mask Cannot protect a human being from a virus!!! Dumb and Dumber! Stop listening to these Ridiculous statements and go read.🙄
Jirf 3 days ago
drumpf is a clown
Cassy Locke
Cassy Locke 3 days ago
What nearly made me cry was hearing how close to a breakdown he was when talking about his sick colleagues
jd2616 3 days ago
ICE CUBE ELI 4 days ago
u forgot to mention all the rallies he held during the pandemic as well
ICE CUBE ELI 4 days ago
i mean trump put a bit of work to help make a vaccine, but then didnt get enough vaccines from the companies, so yea, the one part he succeeded at with this pandemic, he also slightly failed on
Erik Larsen
Erik Larsen 7 days ago
Can’t wait for our kids to come home from school and tell us they learned about Covid. And how President Trump ended it with his magic urine.
sheila lopez
sheila lopez 7 days ago
Don't give nazi-trump any ideas to bottle his urine and sell it. Also, he took full advantage of the covid to feed his nazi rhetoric and have his trumpuppets attack other Americans.
Sun Mea
Sun Mea 7 days ago
The Trump pandemic was already killing folks n europe was still infecting us, them so called "shit-hole infected countries" he loves to tout. No offense to Europeans
Iris Oscuris
Iris Oscuris 8 days ago
I’m vaccinated. Not in survival mode anymore. I can feel feelings now. So the rage I feel while seeing this could power a large city.
Deborah Haney
Deborah Haney 9 days ago
If we could go back in time and start this pandemic in 2015, Obama's pandemic response team would handle it swiftly. tRump would rail against science and logic but Obama's leadership might've been enough to reveal how insane tRump's anti-(mask/science/compassion) rantings are and he might never have been elected. Honestly, I wish 2020 happened in 2015.
Rori Clare
Rori Clare 10 days ago
The only slack I will offer Trump is that if a PPE executive was sending me endless emails about placing un-cancelable orders from his company to prevent covid -- I would be flagging that as junk and blocking the address.
Charles Trinidad
Charles Trinidad 10 days ago
The striking similarities between Trump and Duterte (current Philippine president) has been glaring. From their ideology to their pandemic response, it’s so effing irritating and annoying to see how much they both are the same in lots of ways. I hope Filipinos will see this and think that if Duterte or his allies would stay in power, we’d be better off somewhere else than having to live in a dysfunctional country where the national government has no empathy for its citizens.
Mark Thomas Kiec
Mark Thomas Kiec 11 days ago
This is why I can't take Trump or his supporters seriously, their leader is an actual fucking sociopath. And the worst part is people don't really even get that he is half the time. I myself was starting to fall under that category for a few months but this... my god... that's just monsterous.
Axel Sandren
Axel Sandren 11 days ago
Whats impressive to me about trumps presidency is how many things he managed to do wrong in his term we could have elected a literal cat to the office and he would have been more productive.
Axel Sandren
Axel Sandren 11 days ago
Have you heard we also won georgia so now we have a majority in the house and a tie in the senate.That means Joe will actually do something useful.
Ab Cd
Ab Cd 3 days ago
Except that Joe machin and Kristen silobran exist
B An
B An 12 days ago
Hold the phone. Why does the reflection of John's tie not match the real tie? The real tie has parallel lines, the reflection has a criss cross pattern.
Steve T
Steve T 11 days ago
Glass tables can often give a double reflection... that’s why you see it here.
Cener 12 days ago
How tone deaf must someone be to PASS PENS AROUND AFTER TALKING ABOUT DEATH???????
Willy-john De Jager
john olliver is the canary in the coalmine. birdsong is relaxing and frequent, no birds. that will suck.
Topper Sundquist
Topper Sundquist 15 days ago
The "I Banned China" chorus is -haunting-.
tom k
tom k 15 days ago
Sums up Trump's pathetic existence
Kevin Brooks
Kevin Brooks 16 days ago
People ask how pissed off I am, I can say John Oliver talking about trump fucking up
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow 16 days ago
Dec 31st and it had been in China august 6th and maybe before that China banned people from Wuhan to travel within China but people from Wuhan were free to travel to other countries.
Daniel Dashnaw
Daniel Dashnaw 16 days ago
Gepetto is fleeing Q!
Pepe Lucho
Pepe Lucho 16 days ago
Dan o'brien definitely wrote the pinnocio bit
KD 17 days ago
Has anyone asked how Mike Bowen voted in 2020 even after Trump administration didn’t respond to his warnings on the mask supply chain risks? And after the entire US went on Amazon and eBay to buy PPE from China? Has anyone gone back and reviewed to find actual verifiable benefits of so called America first? Did his administration do _any_ work... other than cage kids and withdraw contributions from non-profits like WHO.
Adam Name
Adam Name 19 days ago
Trumps own bs destroys him everyday.
Tony Hemphill
Tony Hemphill 19 days ago
covid covid ! The man is fucking mad as a hatter, almost 600,000 american people dead because this fool was in charge,so how is it not that his fault? that number of americans who died could have been a lot lower if trump had told people to wear masks ,wash your hands simple things that slow it down till the vaccine came along, jebus christ there is still 47% of Republican men will not take the vaccine when offered it sweet holy fuck what a bunch of sheep, do they know trump got his months ago?
Rc8 Rone
Rc8 Rone 19 days ago
Well, more than 75 million Americans voted for him after 4 years of being a Presidential Clown so I guess those those really deserved what they got of Covid, otherwise they wouldn't be so happy to vote for him!
ghostgrave 20 days ago
Les, Google voice typing and other words I was trying to talk about it in the 9913 Houghton how to get in when they were in Las Californias hurricane should have passed and starting for a simple girl and when Alex was talking about England or so American on the same it was where she is talking about the great Americans were like had no chance we lost 21 my point you’re simply watch that may be inspiring it’s a lot in life sometimes need to get the ball to feed quick and I get that but when you get a quarantine do you have the free kick it was like sand wedge golf club at it you know but I’m back to being the plat one 880° swivel and it was a great guy and that’s coming to came out great girls last OK Google voice typing he even added ha ha I guess my point is this behind me and care when I’m gonna play dirty next to each other and just my contacts to progress to the international school with us for social media player been in changes and maybe I was playing well and have a room on the beach when you can’t forward helps that dude can play any position on the Park in Kobe Dawson England game and he spent Beckham we went to Ariel‘s for the crowds in the Benz Liverpool be the coach was playing very well evening of April of course it’s a strange year was like 86 when they were talking about Amara donuts and he she dress I remember collecting the stickers at her Panini so we are they’re all days football has changed but the task is not different
that one guy with the voice
Trump is gone, it seems that it's going to be smooth sailing for a while, at least until the republicans and the democrats mix again
Really?! 21 day ago
Trump and his lackeys should be charged with crimes against humanity.
Samuel Levitch
Samuel Levitch 21 day ago
And 73 million absolute idiots voted for this complete disaster of a human. They are dumb as rocks. As they said. Dumb Don is doing the best he can. Which is astoundingly horrible. As far as I'm concerned everyone who voted for this meat bag in 2016 is responsible for the unnecessary deaths caused by the orange menace.
KlxH 22 days ago
So stupid. I used to dream of living in America but now I couldn't think of anything more horrifying. The most unbelievable and ridiculous thought process since have ever seen. Terrified of gun reform and strengthening your argument saying that you're worried about the government taking over and being unable to defend yourselves. Yet you're so patriotic at the same time. Refusing to understand genuine statistics on deaths and deciding to refuse such a number purely based on the fact that you have no care of your fellow neighbours. I have never seen such a country in complete disarray and disrepair yet people willfully claim its still the best country in the world. You've all been brainwashed and pushed into a narrative that directly hypocrises you're own beliefs but you go ahead with it. Grow up and fucking learn (P.S you're not speaking American you're speaking English)
Linda Reedy
Linda Reedy 22 days ago
Locupletissimi familias et regionibus in mundo sint modo res ad Virus et partum de vaccina. Sacra sunt admissi vaccini ripam TRANSERO creare mundum. Qui negotiantur in terra vaccina naturae. Orationis mihi ad te, o caelum, mater hunc mundum uno omne genus castrationum est quod unus ex eis. Exsculpere oculos suos pernumerare exsculpere, aures et manus amputauit exsculpere. Constitues eos occidunt. Ut per exemplum eorum et Dominum pro toto mundo videre. Quod semper placere ipsi sunt domini planning disperde eam disperde eam disperde eam conterere conterere conterere Sic fiat.
2006glg 23 days ago
This is why I've never gotten ahead in life because I tell the truth and I do not care about the title of who I'm speaking to. He woulda got fact- checked in real time by me.
Rich hot Commie
Rich hot Commie 23 days ago
pandemic comes: china: lock down city, build hospital, building maskfactoy, doctors assisted Wuhan from whole country West: oh thats just illness of Asians. then focus on blaming china ,blaming WHO, Toiletpaper, debating if wear masks...everything but VIRUS And your western media also busy on laughing and slander china at the first time instead of report how china beat virus. happy that US and youtube comment is run by idiots, china will be no.1
Dave Roche
Dave Roche 23 days ago
Trump supporters - "Elevating stupidity to a new low".
lenny koss
lenny koss 23 days ago
Jamie Reese
Jamie Reese 23 days ago
Best point of this entire series... making masks political by opting not to wear one himself. Only made that stance to help reelection and was clearly wrong in hindsight. Probably why the virus spread like crazy through our country. Just wear the damn mask yall. Youre not a pussy for wearing one.
Jamie Reese
Jamie Reese 23 days ago
Heartbreaking how divided we are because of this cult leader. Also, on a superficial note, feel that we all have lost sight of how absurd his hair is.
Ross Vegas
Ross Vegas 23 days ago
I love it when John just goes absolutely ham. He’s so articulate and he’s able to make jokes about really serious things, so you know it’s for SERIOUS serious when he’s not making jokes.
Yug S
Yug S 24 days ago
You are not even surrounded by your shirt...---His truly, John Oliver.
T Lindsay
T Lindsay 25 days ago
The amount of respect I have lost for your work after finding out you’re associated with the next for autism event is astronomical. If you can’t do the one google search it takes to listen to autistic voices on this matter, then I dont trust you to properly research your stories. Nothing about us, without us!
T Lindsay
T Lindsay 25 days ago
The amount of respect I have lost for your work after finding out you’re associated with the next for autism event is astronomical. If you can’t do the one google search it takes to listen to autistic voices on this matter, then I dont trust you to properly research your stories. Nothing about us, without us!
Ken Christie
Ken Christie 25 days ago
Trump is not borderline socipathic. Diaper Donnie is a full on narcissistic psychopath. Vietnam is the superstar fighting Covid 19. Even the countries Bunker Baby called shit holes have done far better than the U.S.
Ken Christie
Ken Christie 25 days ago
What John didn't mention about the Europe ban was that the U.K. was excluded because Trump had golf resorts there.
Jared Maher
Jared Maher 25 days ago
I'm watching this again in April if 2021. I'm so sorry America that this went the way it did, but things will get better. Stay strong and have faith in your fellow man.
Panpan Morada
Panpan Morada 25 days ago
Finn Nicholson-Crotty
Yes Trump is a liar
Jonathan Jo
Jonathan Jo 25 days ago
This video should be played on a loop around America to remind everyone the danger and immorality of Trump
The Thanks
The Thanks 26 days ago
of course trump couldn’t stand COVID 19 because he always needs to be the center of attention, there can never be anything more important than himself.
Außenseiter It’s the J-Team crew
Donald Trump and his party are Corporate socialist white nationalists. To call them conservative is a disguise
Gabriela Huaman
Gabriela Huaman 26 days ago
This is so pathetic. Over 1000 people a day are dying. I don't want you to die, even if I think your ideas are just the worst. Would you please wear a f***ing mask.
Paul Tomson
Paul Tomson 26 days ago
Sheer excellence, spot on. I know you're a comedian and meant to make me laugh but by the end of this monologue I was crying but not from laughter. It was the from the truth of the facts that that mans (Trump) complete failure as a human being.
Shparkel one
Shparkel one 27 days ago
The Clip with the penS should run on channels every day multiple times.
Corvus Corax
Corvus Corax 26 days ago
I bet it was sharpies XD
Shparkel one
Shparkel one 27 days ago
Trump the master liar and the master looser. yet there are millions who think he's the best thing that happend to this country. LOCK HIM UP!
Monk Amani
Monk Amani 27 days ago
Some people are so...
Teresa Baltazar
Teresa Baltazar 28 days ago
Maybe they should have had meetings before he had golfing Escapades that cost on all CITIZEN'S MONIES EACH TIME HE TAKES OFF!!!! .
Chips Dad
Chips Dad 29 days ago
John Oliver should produce a show based on Yuri Bezmenov's Warnin to America. It pretty much tells us why Donald Trump ignored the pandemic.
fgc nomad
fgc nomad 29 days ago
Damn the way bowen choked up like that cut deep :/
Faraj Chehade
Faraj Chehade 29 days ago
William H. Baird
One thing comes to mind: EPIC FAIL!
cheng hung
cheng hung Month ago
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Laurence Greay
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Hurley Moore
Hurley Moore Month ago
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Law Thomas Month ago
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My parents, over the past year, are those people who endlessly defend trump and his handling of the pandemic, they get so angry at me for pointing out anything he's done that they don't like being brought up, and insist it's all somehow Obama (4 years ago), the democrats, and the media exaggerating it. It's honestly been such a shock to find out my parents are these kind of people, they were obama supporters years ago, but now they fight with me, with their friends, even strangers online about their conspiracies. Some days it's honestly hard to remember who they were and harder still to remember how to love them. covid may not have directly taken anyone I know from me, but sure has killed a lot of love.
gphjr14 Month ago
Someday American's will stop seeing inexperience in a politician as a bonus. Probably about 5 minutes into the nuclear holocaust.
cosmo vellucci
cosmo vellucci Month ago
EternalFellows Month ago
november 4th huh. *cries in april 4th*
Leo Mercy
Leo Mercy Month ago
He got the disease, so... you know
Kawasaki GPS Argentina
AMERICANS, if that is the best he can, the bar is very low, lol, witetrsh gringos
Dave E.
Dave E. Month ago
Five months later and I still can't believe how dumb people are.
Kevin Cassidy
Kevin Cassidy Month ago
Never forget. The former guy presided over unconscionable lies and gaslighting during a pandemic that killed over 500K. He should be on trial for mass manslaughter, at a minimum.
Iskold Month ago
Watching this after the election. Yeah, Trump should have seen this coming.
George Krouses
George Krouses Month ago
He did not take responsibility he doesn't know how to take responsibility he's the doctor he's a scientist he knows everything he knows everything yeah take a shot that bleach and you will be cured or drink some Lysol before you go to bed kill the virus
Flynt Coal
Flynt Coal Month ago
God, just listening to this you can hear the genuine, well directed anger towards Trump's fucking gross negligence
Jared Jams
Jared Jams Month ago
0:40 so that didn’t come to fruition
Theodore Lutjen
Theodore Lutjen Month ago
The dumb ass to cheat is totally guilty of making the pandemic worse for removing the emergency pandemic reactionary task force in 2018 and having his stupid daughter buy a casket company.
alfredo vazquez
alfredo vazquez Month ago
Hello Ex president because of your negligence of handling the pandemic 400,000 thousand people die of the COVID. He even left stranded those Americans on the Cruise ships. How sick he was. I hope that Trump supporter wake up from their sleeping stage.
Kalman Babits
Kalman Babits Month ago
Michael Tuffin
Michael Tuffin Month ago
Trump giving those pens out sums up the idi amin evil of that gronk
Pencilneck Schiff
Quid pro quo Sleepy Joe and Cocaine Hunter still owned by Communist China.
seb 0
seb 0 3 days ago
Good joke
Finn Nicholson-Crotty
@Pencilneck Schiff please come up with some new conspiracy theories, seriously you people have been repeating the same bs over and over again
Pencilneck Schiff
@Stephen2462 spoken like a TRUE NAME CALLING LIBERAL.
Stephen2462 Month ago
@Pencilneck Schiff Sooooo stupid, got it.
Pencilneck Schiff
Ana Lugo
Ana Lugo Month ago
We’re not seeing that is Trump’s fault about Cove it 19 Trump didn’t take mandatory actions.
Margie Comer
Margie Comer Month ago
Trump just thought he had the election won. Those rallies gave him a false feeling of winning. He will go down as the worst Potus in History.
Jazzy Queen
Jazzy Queen Month ago
Please, he was hardly a President at all 🙄😒
jay cao
jay cao Month ago
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Laury Leclerc
Laury Leclerc Month ago
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Daniel Taylor
Daniel Taylor Month ago
Did anybody else notice how badly that girl wanted to step into the frame...? Lol
boby Jedai
boby Jedai Month ago
Or John's tie reflecting off the table in a weird way. ;)
Fred Jamison
Fred Jamison Month ago
Trump financed the Corona Virus.
PurnceNMe Month ago
Why didn’t anyone in that nurse conference call his ass out?! “Sir, that’s bullshit.” Anything!
Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller Month ago
Kathy Griffin
Benjamin Gal-Or
Benjamin Gal-Or Month ago
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EnMaMu14 Month ago
Sometimes I think my own government in Germany could have done a lot of things better, but then I see the USA. You guys have many, many more problems than we, or other countries have. I feel sorry for you and I hope your new president helps you overcome this problem.
Dea Carey
Dea Carey Month ago
“You won’t hear about it after November 4.” Sadly, we still are…in April…and so is most of the world.
M'aiq The Spinner of yarns.
It's a God damn shame Trump supporters will never see this and even if they do don't care.
Brian Holmes
Brian Holmes Month ago
Trumps comments on Covid are aging well...blood on his hands.
edward lubin
edward lubin Month ago
Trump handed out pens to everyone so they can sign the NDAs he will be passing around after the cameras are turned off.
Mike Susalka
Mike Susalka Month ago
that moment at about 17:00, passing out the pens...that is so totally on-brand. WHENEVER this asshole hits something that's uncomfortable for him and he cannot argue against, he simply does something to divert attention away. He's literally having you look at something shiny. He's a toddler.
Geronimo de Los Cielos
Still Noteworthy & Excellent Commentary!!!
David Jarrah
David Jarrah Month ago
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