The National Debt: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) 

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The national debt has long been portrayed as a burden we’re placing on future generations. John Oliver discusses how national debt works, why people are so concerned about it, and why it might be more helpful that you think.
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Apr 4, 2021




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Comments 99   
Shea Ritchie
Shea Ritchie 28 minutes ago
The last several presidents, on both sides, have doubled the spending from the previous government... Both sides work for the fed.
Opinionated Kraken Troll
That was the greatest Christmas Carol dr sues rhyme
Ninja Pyjamas
Ninja Pyjamas 2 hours ago
One thing I've never really been clear on is how Republicans plan to pay back the national debt with tax cuts.
Ninja Pyjamas
Ninja Pyjamas 3 hours ago
Republicans are such sluts.
Geek Freak
Geek Freak 3 hours ago
It's a bit on the nose for them to talk about future generations when they aren't doing anything to address climate change.
Patrick FF
Patrick FF 6 hours ago
It's going to get bumpy with inflation.
Pothierdogma 6 hours ago
Pretty good explanation. Once people realize the feds balance sheet must balance things start to become clear. The national "debt" could also be called the nations savings account but it depends on which side of the balance sheet you're observing. There's a liability side as well as an asset side.
Audio Pervert
Audio Pervert 8 hours ago
John Oliver dedicated an entire lifetime to pathetic, useless, zombie trash entertainment. Assholes like John Oliver are the doyens of the dominant culture and american chauvanism. Zombies watch John Oliver show and enjoy it too.
Dusan Piscevic
Dusan Piscevic 11 hours ago
Very missleading information. American debt is sustainable just because is in interest of creditors. USA issued trilions in later years without coverage and for it, which are bought mostly by central banks of other countries. But, if China and other important "other" economies continue to expand trading on other currency than dollar (and they do), US inflation will sky rocket and dollar will become worthless just like criptocurrency for example. Consequence is presumed to be ruined world economy but it is safe to say that China and Russia are buying time untill it's benefits are greater for them than losses. And they are buying gold, lots of it, to back their currencies up when (if) dollar drops down. USA droped their gold backed currency in Nixon era and by then dollar value (or any currency) was just agreed global consensus which can crumble at any time if loss of trust and "real economy" hits it.
Amina Branda
Amina Branda 13 hours ago
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harley nova 13 hours ago
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Joseph Keller
Joseph Keller 17 hours ago
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Brian Stephens
Brian Stephens 17 hours ago
Look up Warren Buffet explaining why crazy debt, I.e. treasury bonds loans issued to whomever, are ok. Because we are basically the only country that pays those loans off in our own currency, so we'll just print more. If it creates inflation, we just raise the interest rate a little, which will incentivize more investment into those treasury bonds which give higher returns. tada
Iain Dooley
Iain Dooley 18 hours ago
If you want an explanation of how interest rates work in a monetarily sovereign country look no further than analysis by Warren Mosler. He explains it very precisely. #LearnMMT
Iain Dooley
Iain Dooley 18 hours ago
Greece is an irrelevant example because they don't issue their own currency. Because they use the Euro, Greece is essentially like a state of the US. They absolutely can run out of money and go broke in terms of the Euro. #LearnMMT
Iain Dooley
Iain Dooley 18 hours ago
it is worth noting that the praising of a clinton surplus is regressive rhetoric because the private sector goes into deficit when the government goes into surplus and the result is economic collapse #LearnMMT
Iain Dooley
Iain Dooley 18 hours ago
Chinese companies obtain USD denominated reserves that remain on account at the Fed when they export goods to the US. There are only 2 things they can do with that money: 1) buy things for sale in USD including US bonds (called "debt") which is more like a term deposit/savings account OR 2) pay taxes. The US government doesn't borrow US dollars from China. China buys interest bearing USD denominated assets with the reserves they already had accrued through exports. #LearnMMT
Iain Dooley
Iain Dooley 18 hours ago
It is true that we calling it a deficit when spending exceeds taxation, but the important thing to note is that spending always precedes taxation. That is to say the government always taxes back money it has already created through spending, then creates more money by spending again. It doesn't spend money that it collects #LearnMMT
Iain Dooley
Iain Dooley 18 hours ago
John gets it backwards when he says the government borrows to fund a deficit. The US government can't borrow it's own currency. When it issues bonds on the primary market, the reserves used to purchase the bonds already existed and were already a liability of the government #LearnMMT
Iain Dooley
Iain Dooley 18 hours ago
"The National Debt is money the government has spent and not taxed back yet" - Warren Mosler #LearnMMT
YouTube deleted My Account LMAO
6:16 you know what's better option?? Don't get into debt and invest.
Dayon Mage
Dayon Mage Day ago
The man who doesn't see an issue with his home country being overrun, overpopulated, and ethnically cleansed of it's host population. Share and share alike, isn't that right, John Oliver? After all, it's not you who has to walk through the destruction of a gang-festering rap-music filled London cesspool, overpopulated and doomed to strife. After all, You are a successful celebrity living a comfortable life, making immense wealth by turning a phrase and portraying a joke, usually aimed at undermining Western civilization, and mocking the existential situation of your own people. Making light of our own obliteration. What a stand up guy you are, John Oliver.
mallias2683 Day ago
So why the f.... didn't all these apply to Greece also?
Iain Dooley
Iain Dooley 17 hours ago
Greece doesn't issue its own currency. Monetarily speaking, it is more like a US state than the US federal government.
Waldemar Marwalde
Waldemar Marwalde 18 hours ago
Greece was indepted by other people from other countries in a currency that is not under greeks control Us is indepted mosly by its own citicens in a currency that is under its control If you own me 1000 Hubba Bubba... The consequences of that largely depends on the question if you or I decide what a Hubba Bubba is. US owns people 10 trillion dollar But US decides what the word dollar means. If US decides that the word dollar means nothing. ... 10 trillion times nothing is still nothing. Of course that would have negative consequences...but the fact remain. A country can not go bankrupt if it has made its depts in its own curreny. That is just not possible...
If debt isn't important why bail out California and New York?
Iain Dooley
Iain Dooley 10 hours ago
@SOOMIN TROY yep at the very end he almost mentions MMT. The best way to ensure the correct level of stimulus to invigorate the economy without inflation risk is a job guarantee!
SOOMIN TROY 14 hours ago
@Iain Dooley true but then the topic becomes inflation which this videos does not address either
Iain Dooley
Iain Dooley 17 hours ago
California and New York are not issuers of their own currency. Much the same as Greece, they do actually need to tax in order to spend, and borrow if they can't raise enough taxes to cover their costs. The US federal government does issue its own currency, though, so the situation is completely different at the federal level. Check out the hashtag #LearnMMT
Amin Nassar
Amin Nassar Day ago
This aged well
Jasmine Morales
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Wendy Desparois
Why do people even listen to the GOP?!?! I keep asking this because all they do is fuck things up on purpose, lie their fucking faces off, and do their best to destroy the country from the inside out. FUCK THE GOP, right back the hell they came from. "That story just doesn't add up to reality." You mean basically anything anyone in the GOP says? Their complete ethos for the way they do politics?
Joe Bloe
Joe Bloe Day ago
When you state that most economists do not understand how this occurred you are speaking of people who do not understand a shred of modern monetary theory or how economics actually works when it comes to nations that have currency sovereignty. Even under the worst circumstances Greece and the USA can never be compared. Greece is a member of the Eurozone and as such has no currency sovereignty which renders it unable to engage in quantitative easing, adjusting interest rates and has very little control of the bond market. The USA under the worst possible circumstances couldn't become Greece ever.
Imogen Gillison
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Tankmonkey Day ago
"Well, I don't know, I'm not an economist." Proceeds to do a 20 minute piece on why conservatives are terrible economists and democrats are great at it. At the end of the day, is the government good at making "investments" or should people decide what to do with their money? Or do we just want to get mad at rich people? By the way, the top 5% of U.S. earners pay a little over 60% of all taxes in the U.S.
Scott @Opinions No One Cares About
Maybe it's time to forget this whole "money" thing.
JB Day ago
@Scott @Opinions No One Cares About nice, we’ll just go back to bartering and everyone who can’t produce anything of value will be even more poor and SOL. We should also do away with governments and their welfare programs, and just have survival of the fittest. I am fine with this arrangement.
JB Day ago
What are you going to do? Exchange goods you produce for other goods?
If population continues to grow it needs more spending. If taxes are continually cut for business and the rich & continued wars overseas... Yep, now you're fucked.
Alta. jp
Alta. jp Day ago
The US is run by idiots. Feel so bad for the people really trying to make a change but are hinderen. I cant imagine how frustrated it must be.
Eng. Daniel
Eng. Daniel Day ago
"going into debt can actually be a good investment for the country" . Bye bye USA, chinese era is coming.
JB Day ago
Yup. This video hasn’t aged well. The inflation this month is going insane.
aaron versionwo
How much you wanna bet that 90% of that debt is from Military spending?
Oonis Aucoix
Oonis Aucoix Day ago
Try telling most of those cocksucking Republicans how raising the minimum wage would HELP the economy because ppl making more money equals ppl spending more money, and dont forget to ask aloud how Amazon legally pays ZERO federal income tax ...
Tim R
Tim R Day ago
And if inflation rises then... this didn't age well, one month later
D3monicwhale Day ago
Right listen up, the first line.....from.....season 4 big mouth...Made me instantly go on the most recent episode I knew and say this. When will you stop being in cartoons? Are you being too American? Maybe...,Disney’s bi...no it’s Netflix your good CONTINUE ON Continue on
James Lockey
James Lockey 2 days ago
Now this isn't racist but a lot of people decided that Donald Trump was a good candidate for president.
Diogo Sousa
Diogo Sousa 2 days ago
Climate change tilting earth's axis, shrinking stratosphere, reducing arable land, droughts, dinosaur juice dependent world economy, SUVs and theyre fooling us over debt!
lordofhnajuty 2 days ago
for context, In the Dark Knight, The Joker makes a pyramid of money which I call a "Joker Pile" . According to Film Theory and the crew of the Dark Knight, that pyramid is 9.9 million dollars, that would mean if the Joker wanted to pay back the national debt he would need.... 2,828,283 Joker piles.
Hugo Hormazabal
Hugo Hormazabal 2 days ago
Dear US government, stop raising our debt by paying people to stay home and not incentivizing them to get a job.
seigeengine 2 days ago
Dear homicidal piece of shit: we are in a deadly pandemic, and, contrary to idiocy, people being sick and dying is extremely bad for the economy. P.S. the point of civilization is not to give people jobs. If anything, it's the exact opposite.
Uro 2 days ago
I won't get social security.
seigeengine 2 days ago
@Uro It's not a promise; it's the law. Taxes accrue revenue from some and give it out to others. The only thing that's going to happen is either taxes will have to go up, or the amount paid out will have to go down. People need to stop imagining it like a retirement account.
Uro 2 days ago
@seigeengine State funded pensions go away when states are in debt despite promises made. Every year the sustainability of social security is seriously questioned. No millenial should expect anything.
seigeengine 2 days ago
If you meet the requirements you will. It's genuinely funny they've convinced people social security is under threat.
A Smasher
A Smasher 3 days ago
John Oliver died in March!!! Rip
Patrick Allen
Patrick Allen 3 days ago
16:35 FYI, it's the TI-83 Plus.
Niclas Hedhman
Niclas Hedhman 3 days ago
John Oliver's political rants are too biased, too boring, too riddled with strawmen and too irrelevant...
seigeengine 2 days ago
And yet you have zero actual criticisms of them. Weird.
kirk carr
kirk carr 3 days ago
You can start with the Pentagon and all its Black Ops , and all the needless Wars . Does this mean Fort Knox is empty ?
Benjamin Gal-Or
Benjamin Gal-Or 3 days ago
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Jennifer Cox
Jennifer Cox 3 days ago
Where is the ad that has the crying baby for Climate Change?
Andre P
Andre P 3 days ago
I think it’s a bit early to say a financial disaster is not going to happen. It’s been a month now since this video… and concerns about inflation are starting to materialise
Dave Cox
Dave Cox 3 days ago
Every now and then I watch this left rubbish to see how stupid they actually are. This guy did not disappoint.
seigeengine 2 days ago
And yet you have zero actual criticisms of them. Weird.
Microtherion 3 days ago
Hmmm. Not John's best work. 'Republicans are unhinged' isn't news to anyone. That's like 'rain is wet', or 'dogs are loyal'. 'Permanent and unrepayable debt is totally fine', on the other hand, is just ridiculous. It isn't just America - it's everywhere. This is money the central banks create out of thin air, and the government then accept on loan, and give away (raising their own debt once again), mostly to corporations, before using the debt as an excuse for 'austerity'. It's economic illiteracy, if not economic insanity, and it's going to end just as badly as it did in the late '20s...
Microtherion 2 days ago
@seigeengine What? Are you like 12? Make some kind of sense or go away. Jeez.
seigeengine 2 days ago
@Microtherion I love how even within your own comment you couldn't help but proving you're a fraud attacking a strawman.
Microtherion 2 days ago
@seigeengine The description to the video says that 'debt... might be more helpful that [sic: than] you think'. I said that for some reason John Oliver seemed to be arguing that 'debt is totally fine', and the video's own description says that's what he's arguing. So it's not a claim he never made - it's right there in both the video and the description. What you think I was 'whining' about is unclear to me. I was disagreeing with his analysis, because it was unconvincing. I like him and I like the program: I'm not obliged to mindlessly agree with a liberal-capitalist failure to explain the current economic collapse in the United States and globally. To a large extent, I blame MMT, which perhaps you subscribe to, I don't know. Perhaps we should continue this when you have some more coherent thoughts? See you in about six months, then? :)
seigeengine 2 days ago
@Microtherion The rational argument was the part where I pointed out you're whining (not arguing) about a claim he never even made in the first place.
Microtherion 2 days ago
@seigeengine No rational argument at all then, just straight to the abuse? It's called economics. If you don't have any grasp of it, that's fine, but no reason to throw a tantrum...
Cam 3 days ago
obfuscated is an actual word..
Eliora Ward
Eliora Ward 3 days ago
I love the ongoing 'I do not like that man ted cruz' bit that goes back to the fillibuster episode. Keep up the Ted peoms John, when you have enough to publish a book of them I'll buy at least one copy :)
PinknBlack Productions
Republicans: the Democrats are making the debt worse!!! The data: u sure? Me w a simple google: so how much did Trump "reduce" it by? Lol
Peter Uceta
Peter Uceta 3 days ago
Food for idiots. Deficits don’t matter !!! Really ? Say that to investors once they start losing faith and have to get paid a premium to buy the new notes. What do you think will happen to our interest payments? The total debt doesn’t go away, but the interest payments will take a higher chunk of our budget, leaving less for all other spending. This guy clearly doesn’t understand how it works. We are not Greece, we are the largest economy! We have always paid our debts! We are stable political, financial economy, until people lose faith. Debts are ok, when your making smart investments. But there still there if those investments don’t pan out!! So you have to be careful in what you invest in. The debts accumulated since Bush have been to keep this going !! Bubble after bubble. Inflation is coming!!!
seigeengine 2 days ago
Yeah, he never said that. What kind of a loser are you?
Daniel Alexsander
The reason why US didnt ended up like Greece is because USD is still used as reserved currency. US has those previlage that other country doesnt have.
burt mcgurt
burt mcgurt 3 days ago
How is this show still on and pretending like they are right about anything?
seigeengine 2 days ago
And yet you have zero actual criticisms of them. Weird.
Lune Lily
Lune Lily 3 days ago
19:02 I choked laughing on my cranberry juice at the two Nicolas cage pillow jokes (“second best investment, after...” and “wife being jealous, so...”). Well done.
mattr8750 3 days ago
You think that Conservative hypocrisy is bad in the US, check Australia.. The conservative government came in 8 years ago here on a campaign of a 'budget emergency' and 'crippling debt and deficit' caused by 'reckless' spending by the other party during the GFC (in what has been internationally regarded as the *best* management of the GFC in the world). So bad was this debt crisis that they even proposed charging sick poor people to see the doctor. Fast forward to now and the debt and deficit is 10 times worse yet they are happily proposing some of the biggest tax cuts on record for the rich. THIS IS THE SAME GOVERNMENT! the same contiguous government... Just one of the reasons why despite knowing priorities and ideals are subjective, I find it very hard to have respect for people who vote conservative.
mattr8750 Day ago
@Eng. Daniel Get a hobby mate. Mindlessly copy pasting BS from some conservative hack isn't a good use of time.
Eng. Daniel
Eng. Daniel Day ago
Lol you are so dumb. You should go live in venezuela and let a conservative venezuelan go to australia. Go live your ideology.
Torty Ibeneme
Torty Ibeneme 4 days ago
The Biden administration should borrow those kids advert as a counter-argument against the republicans that they are ballooning the debt. I'm sure John Oliver will let them have it for a reasonable fee.
quan wang
quan wang 4 days ago
FYI the map of China you are using is terribly wrong,Mr.Oliver ,it should include Taiwan province.
jbjbassen 4 days ago
I have the dire gut feeling that this will age like milk
twhiteofrd_110 4 days ago
Interesting take however I think this glosses over the idea of risk. The hard red line is not you instantly go into a financial crisis if it goes over 100% of GDP just that you're in a more risky position if you are there. Just because we risked it this time and got away with it doesn't mean that it will happen every time. Its the same reason why you don't borrow at 2% and invest at 5% because those interest rates don't factor in the risk of those interest rates changing or the lender turning around and calling in their debt. Now some of those premises change on the global scale because you have diplomacy and the government has lot of different jobs to fulfill not just make a profit/survive. As for all the political stuff of course its bs if the experts are saying they don't completely understand what is going on how are you expecting politicians to do that when their only real focus is getting elected.
David and Adam play games! Phelps
Stop talking with your hands, British Trump. It's annoying. plus, don't talk shit on E. Musk for making not a flamethrower. Elon has done more to change the world in the last 20 years, simultaneously working on ways to keep it moving, and he continues to do it on a daily basis.
Mr Jakesie
Mr Jakesie 4 days ago
"Clock, not a clock" 🤣🤣🤣
Ben Liu
Ben Liu 4 days ago
LOL.. US and debt? US carries no debt. They can print off more money and pass on the inflation to every other currency in the world that hooks off the USD. This is why the credit card is being paid off by other countries while America just buys and debts more and more.
seigeengine 4 days ago
Complete nonsense.
James Flynn
James Flynn 4 days ago
I'd laugh if sime big bruiser type just came to collect the debts and repossessed the Midwest
Nigel Nofrenze
Nigel Nofrenze 4 days ago
I wondered how long it would take for this to become a “fuck Republicans” video...so predictable
seigeengine 4 days ago
The Republican party has fallen to the point they can be summed up as the nazi party. They have no merits remaining. Anyone who sides with them at this point is a traitor.
Alex Zimmermann
Alex Zimmermann 4 days ago
Anyone who thinks, this is not going to come to haunt America, is fooling themselves. Interest payments grow, you spend a higher proportion of your fiscal expenditures on interest payments. The US cannot escape that fact either and the later they admit that, the harder it will be.
seigeengine 4 days ago
Imagine if you watched the video instead of shitting in your hand and chowing down.
SECDUP 4 days ago
Trickle down economics works but as the name suggests it takes about 100years and is 99.9% various animals fecal matter when it reaches the lowest point.
none none
none none 4 days ago
This is amazing, now they have propaganda for the national debt. This is one giant propaganda piece. Scary. John Oliver just reading the script. No conviction with this sentiment
jotere erra
jotere erra 4 days ago
So John Oliver really about to white wash Obama's horrendous corruption? Didn't Obama make Bush's horrific tax cuts permanent? Didn't Obama bail out wall street and screw over working families? ah nevermind..
jotere erra
jotere erra 4 days ago
@seigeengineyour next comment better be better than the last cus I hope you're not about to just suck this man off and excuse all his bullshit corruption
jotere erra
jotere erra 4 days ago
@seigeengine no dumbass, Obama made Bush's horrendouss tax cuts PERMANENT how tf are you not getting this?? if there's one thing you DON'T do in a rescission, it's give MORE MONEY to the ultra rich. Now I KNOW you're better than this. Think!
seigeengine 4 days ago
"Wow, how could Obama not raise taxes during a massive recession!?!?!?!" Fuck off.
Long Xiangyu
Long Xiangyu 4 days ago
Love the final kids ad and Cage pillows!
ryan 4 days ago
Presidents aren't kings. We have the illusion of choice. "Bush" didn't do anything the same way "Clinton" didn't do anything. We aren't the most powerful nation in the world by flip-flopping every 4-8 years.
Will James
Will James 4 days ago
Yes, debt is fine if everything goes according to plan. But I say good luck with that. Mindless stuff coming out of the MSM these days.
Grotty Thumber
Grotty Thumber 4 days ago
This twit claiming not to know why there's zero interest rates is a lie... Or he is very, very stupid.
Deep Chatterjee
Deep Chatterjee 4 days ago
This is, literally, my face after Reagan's "virtue" comment 👉🏾☹️
Bill Green
Bill Green 4 days ago
A non uniformed adult. Not a police officer then.
seigeengine 3 days ago
@Bill Green For me it's just been a from-childhood distrust. I can not remember a single time I have ever processed a cop as anything other than a threat. Something between them being armed and having authority makes me distrust them.
Bill Green
Bill Green 3 days ago
@seigeengine I used to until people started recording / filming what they actually do vs what they are supposed to do / trained to do. And my own personal interactions with them. And I think others would consider me to be a good and community minded citizen.
seigeengine 4 days ago
It genuinely baffles me that any human trusts cops.
supercommie 4 days ago
As a Republican unveils his argument longer the probability of him or her saying the word "tyranny" approaches one. Healthcare? Tyranny. Social security? Tyranny. Basic income? Tyranny. Borders open to immigration of qualified workers? Tyranny. Having consequences for posting racist or conspiracy theory related stuff levied by the platform used? Tyranny. Democrats winning elections? Tyranny. The list goes on and on and on.
Matthew White
Matthew White 4 days ago
This video is going to be really funny in a couple of months
AGene 4 days ago
14:09 - wait! it's 2021 it's not 2025 alongside Germany's next elections after those now in 2021! wait! be patient! 16:30 - creditors, guarantors, closest allies (uk for example) need to maintain the usa's look as stable as long as they have to and keep it looking in control of itself. see it as the wave of 2007 is finally coming home after it's short-lived tour in europe. it comes home amplified though. lol
Christian Gervais
Someone better have saved that dog in the riot. That precious thing needs to be protected
Wojciech Janek
Wojciech Janek 5 days ago
The profesor says we need to spend on a factory John: "we are spending on medicare and other entitlement programs" John does not see the issue
seigeengine 5 days ago
The issue is you're struggling to reason at a basic level. Medicare and programs like it ARE a factory, because dead people aren't working, and sick people either can't work or work less efficiently. Therefor it is just like building a factory to take care of the health of your citizens.
Wojciech Janek
Wojciech Janek 5 days ago
why do you make fun of Durst family? Whats wrong about the debt clock?
Gorgon 5 days ago
Dont worry cattle, just keep spending and consoooming, everything will be fine, trust me :)
Douglas Beers
Douglas Beers 5 days ago
Something like a quarter of the debt is held by the government itself. eg. Federal Reserve, SS trust fund, etc.
Jordie Fitzgerald
Basic using Elon as the example... considering how he generates his income. Why not Bezos... There's a clear, divisible difference in their philosophy on "Billionairedom." Also, one's a genuine Aspie, the others a small-man narcissistic sociopath.
Jordie Fitzgerald
@seigeengine what constitutes "good" Can you do a psych breakdown & history on both. We'll compare notes. I think you'll find Elon's life philosophy & corporate actions & social, environmental & philanthropic actions are vastly less selfish and sociopathic than Jeff's. Hell they're better than yours & mine for certain! Are just judging Elon because he's become a billionaire?
seigeengine 5 days ago
Neither of them are good people.
kshow666 5 days ago
This one doesn’t feel right
Joe Merica
Joe Merica 5 days ago
I normally like Oliver but he's completely off base here. throughout history, every time the government destroys their Fiat currency with excess printing and spending, that society fails. Every time - from Roman, through Germany and most recently Venezuela. It DOES NOT MATTER if its a worthy cause or not or whether both the republicans and the democrats are the same, its still the best way to absolutely destroy the country. Oliver needs to stop being a spokesman for the democrats and do a bit more research on this particular issue. And finally, why do 'liberals' always resort to belittlement, insults and swearing in the end? This is a serious fking issue. If public loses faith in the fiat dollar, or in this case, the world stops using it as its reserve currency, all hell breaks lose.
Joe Merica
Joe Merica 3 days ago
@jotere erra I agree. USD is already starting to crash vs the CAD and EUR, And those two currencies are crap. WSJ and others are talking about inflation daily. Inflation is the #1 topic on corporate earnings calls this month. Housing up double digits. Fed is pumping trillions into the economy. But inflation is a 'talking point' to that clown.
jotere erra
jotere erra 3 days ago
@Joe Merica I'm totally convinced this guy is a clown so I wouldn't bother engaging tbh.
Joe Merica
Joe Merica 4 days ago
@seigeengine you think the USA is immune to what has happened every other time in history for some reason?
jotere erra
jotere erra 4 days ago
@seigeengine then ignore me tf 😂😂 you clearly just demonstrated that you don't have the mental fortitude to even begin a debate. Just quit while you're ahead buddy, and walk away.
seigeengine 4 days ago
@jotere erra I'm not interested in discussing anything outside the bounds of the subject being discussed. Any attempts will result in you being ignored. This is your second and last warning.
Zon 5 days ago
It was ok because of US world reserve currency status, if that ever changes...
random channel
random channel 5 days ago
anything can happen and everything can happen only one thing thats certain is death
Abby Miller
Abby Miller 5 days ago
As an Australian, hearing an Australian accent in the middle of an American video is so shocking and I have no idea how people mix up our accents. I'm looking at you England. Get the identities of your ex-colonies in order
rbfreitas 5 days ago
Great video
sarcasmo57 5 days ago
Nah, give more money to the rich.
Lucas Bender
Lucas Bender 5 days ago
I used to think this guy was funny. Until I didn't. All of his jokes feel played out. Some of his information isn't entirely accurate either...
Emily Lawrence
Emily Lawrence 5 days ago
Whenever someone says "This isn't racist, but...." it's gonna be racist
av mail
av mail 5 days ago
I'm a lifelong deficit hawk. while teeth grinding at times this piece is largely accurate. Republicans are every bit as much the cause of the deficit, and doomsday economists have been dead wrong on predicting inflation. That said when Inflation does hit, the solution will be painful and there is not enough wealth in the 1% rich class to take to cover it. We will all have to pay significantly more in taxes, so vote to spend on programs that you believe are worth spending on, not just because you think others will pay for them.