RNC 2020 & Kenosha: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) 

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John Oliver discusses a week that saw the Republican National Convention, a horrific series of shootings in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and a strike in professional sports -- three stories that are really one story, about race in America.
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Aug 30, 2020




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ARB1452 8 hours ago
I'll tell you one thing. You were the best host of an Anatomy Park I ever did see.
Patrick Butler
Kyle Rittenhouse is as of today still out on bail, it’s probably the most clear cut case in history but months after he murdered two people he’s still free
Mhel Mabayo
Mhel Mabayo 4 days ago
*9:40** the difference is night and day.*
How to change name?
RNC is basically Stasi and SS combined
Kaltagstar96 7 days ago
No joke 'The Best is Yet To Come' tirade from Kimberly Guilfoyle sounded like something that a cult leader would say before demanding that their followers kill themselves! She did know that it was the RNC and not Jonestown!?
German Memer boi
German Memer boi 7 days ago
Sometimes its fucking hilarious to see how petty republicans are regarding democrats. "YoUr FaMiLy WoNt Be SaFe In A dEmOcRaT aMeRiCa!1!1"
Andy Ngô
Andy Ngô 8 days ago
10:15 - So the people who got shot were breaking curfew, but the 17 year old doing the shooting was not violating curfew?
Botched Operations
Is it just me ..or does don jr's gf looks too similar to melania? If so then...he has a weird attraction to his stepmom
Donald Naegele
Donald Naegele 9 days ago
Cal Rittenhouse was not a murderer
Donald Naegele
Donald Naegele 5 days ago
Donald Naegele
Donald Naegele 9 days ago
@ashley k na
Donald Naegele
Donald Naegele 9 days ago
Vigilante ?
Dennis Cousins
Dennis Cousins 11 days ago
Nothing that they said was going to happen didn't happen.
Hyma susee
Hyma susee 14 days ago
People attending Trump rallies are usually perpetrators of gun violence, and they claim that democrats are making the country dangerous....
Roy Stewart
Roy Stewart 16 days ago
Pantyhose wifes videos Com
El Barto
El Barto 17 days ago
Kyle Rittenhouse is an American hero
El Barto
El Barto 8 days ago
@ashley k you know who his lawyer is right??
ashley k
ashley k 9 days ago
@El Barto sure thing bud
El Barto
El Barto 9 days ago
@ashley k He won't serve a moment. Hope you don't lose sleep.
El Barto
El Barto 9 days ago
It's too bad you only know the media information lol you guys sound like sheep. I live in kenosha and there's way more to the story. But by all means live in la la land.
ashley k
ashley k 9 days ago
wonder how long it'll take for him to get jumped in prison
Matt Ferreira
Matt Ferreira 17 days ago
John Oliver is not wearing pants.
Leonel Cubias
Leonel Cubias 17 days ago
Jared, that ghoulish lookin' s.o.b.
togoth1 18 days ago
Always love your stuff, however.... that couple that pointed guns at BLM protesters were rightly defending their property... the protestors literally broke down the gate and trespassed on their land wearing ski mask... that would be terrifying. I think all this stuff would feel more honest if that was pointed out. Certainly be more likely to get through to the right , or is the purpose of this theis excerdise merely a circular jerk?
Edward Poe
Edward Poe 18 days ago
Put "believe what you see" on that list.
Theodore Lutjen
Theodore Lutjen 18 days ago
Weirdos 'support Don'$ Old J tRump.
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan 19 days ago
GQP: party of nuts.
L 20 days ago
Hey here’s a crazy idea, instead of jailing men who might be getting a lot of women pregnant, why don’t we, I don’t know, have better sex education programs as well as better access to affordable birth control and stop restricting access to abortion to where it’s essentially impossible and illegal in America.
bIRBMAN 20 days ago
Its amazing how you paint a 17 yo who tried to protect stores as a kid whose intent was to come down and kill people.
John Ravetta
John Ravetta 18 days ago
Because he had no business being there to protect things that were not his to protect. He is a murderer.
Suvadeep Subuddhi
Suvadeep Subuddhi 20 days ago
America the worst country but don't worry china and Russia going to fix you all
Finn Nicholson-Crotty
Kyle Writtenhouse should be sent to prison, that’s a fact
Lillie Ampurra
Lillie Ampurra 24 days ago
these always hit harder with the silence at the end...
T Lindsay
T Lindsay 25 days ago
The amount of respect I have lost for your work after finding out you’re associated with the next for autism event is astronomical. If you can’t do the one google search it takes to listen to autistic voices on this matter, then I dont trust you to properly research your stories. Nothing about us, without us!
King Whitcopf
King Whitcopf 25 days ago
He sounds like he's trying not to cry at the end holy fuck
Dank Christianity
Dank Christianity 29 days ago
1:46 ...not wanting the world to end is considered extremism??? America’s capitalist zeal is what’s extreme jfc
Richard Rivera
Richard Rivera Month ago
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ArthurDentJr Month ago
I generally agree with J. Oliver on most matters, including this one. There are still many issues with rasism in both the US and the EU. There are many halfwits like that Sheriff, the former American POTUS and his family etc. However! Mr. Oliver, try being white in, for example, subsaharan Africa! I am speaking from experience as a white European male who has been places. I'd suggest you try that, and then you will see that the rasism in the USA is simply dwarfed by what you will be subjected to there. While in America and Europe the majority of the society will come to your defence whenever you are racially attacked, down there the society will not even bother to look for your bones in the jungle. So, yes, let's keep trying to improve ourselves. Let's remember however, that angry retorics of the kind you are sporting in this episode will only create more confrontation and division. Yes, I am a liberal. However, in this episode you made me begin to reconsider my liberal views.
Neil 12 days ago
We're talking about America, man. Not any other country. Plus, saying that John Oliver's rhetoric will lead to racism against white people is a slippery slope fallacy - there's no evidence that his rhetoric has had that impact.
kim zim
kim zim Month ago
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Melanie George
Melanie George Month ago
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shjfk svhke
shjfk svhke Month ago
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Laury Leclerc
Laury Leclerc Month ago
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Thirst Fast
Thirst Fast Month ago
How is it that the symbol of the republican party is a majestic African animal?
Malik The mad man
Wow the NBA striking that's big.Oh and the Backup too cool.
Next Gen
Next Gen Month ago
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Seifert Iris
Seifert Iris Month ago
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Amelia Molly
Amelia Molly Month ago
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Charles Newton
Charles Newton Month ago
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omar Ramirez
omar Ramirez Month ago
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Joshua Sanchez
Joshua Sanchez Month ago
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Jamie Larsen
Jamie Larsen Month ago
The worst part about what happened in Kenosha, WI (take it from someone who lives in Wisconsin) is that there were advertisements on the radio that would have a testimony from a "small business owner" and then a secondary message after that that would go say something like (might be paraphrased, because it's now april 2021 and it's been a while since I've heard the adverts) "Joe Biden is weak, and this will happen when he is leader. Vote Trump to prevent this from happening". I remember just sitting in my car before work listening to the advert and going "Biden isn't currently president, we don't know if he will be a weak or bad leader. This happened under Trump, this already happened."
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Man of Allah
Man of Allah Month ago
When the imposter is sus
Alex S
Alex S Month ago
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A1 S
A1 S Month ago
6:50 look at her hands
Person_4 Month ago
I- I think I shouldn't have seen that
Soozee Law
Soozee Law Month ago
What the F??!! Blatant lies from the get go!! Delusional garbage they are and continue to be.
nathan mckenzie
nathan mckenzie Month ago
What did he lie about?
alucard86 Month ago
Is there something wrong with John Oliver? who is writing this scripts?
Hypernova Needs A Chill Pill
Feels nice to look at 2020 and think *wow im glad i never had to live through that* [american chuckling]
Aaron Janusch
Aaron Janusch Month ago
I've been telling people I'm Canadian for the past 4 years.
Person_4 Month ago
The fact that I can be reasonably smug about being British is really not a good sign
Abren Month ago
Funny. I've been hiding the fact that I'm a Californian for the past... well, forever.
J King
J King Month ago
Conservatives: “protest curfew good” Also Conservatives: “covid curfew bad”
Michael. Month ago
Human Person
Human Person Month ago
Just a word of warning, this is the stereotype other countries have of America.
Edward Day
Edward Day Month ago
Stereotype? No no this IS America and because of that this is how the rest of the world sees you.
nathan mckenzie
nathan mckenzie Month ago
Ita basically the truth
Colby Starr
Colby Starr Month ago
They didn't show the part where 3 people tried to attack Rittenhouse.
Pyro Magic
Pyro Magic Month ago
Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong.
Paul Wiehe
Paul Wiehe Month ago
Other then kill people?
spongeaang98 Month ago
Other than drive across state lines with an illegal firearm and intentionally provoking others to kill them?
Noodleace Month ago
He’s getting angrier
ben taylor
ben taylor Month ago
He has reason to
Absolutely Everyone
I just wanna say (liberal as fuck here) I always kinda took the lyrics to cotton eyed joe as more of a he has nice eyes and ladies liked him so I’m not married yet kind of song lol. Good joke on John’s part but it’s a silly innocent song haha
Avi Akbar
Avi Akbar Month ago
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GABX P Month ago
19:42 I just don’t agree with that at all. Breaking onto private property. BREAKING DOWN A GATE. Is in NO WAY peaceful.
GABX P Month ago
I don’t have a problem with the two who protected their property from the mob. BLM RIOTERS, break down a gate, storm private property, and then get held at gunpoint, isn’t a racist incident.
Gabe Robison
Gabe Robison Month ago
If I had god powers Kyle Rittenhouse would spontaneously boil alive
Nitin K
Nitin K Month ago
Wow The sheriff nazi
Nitin K
Nitin K Month ago
So fucked up
Super Man
Super Man Month ago
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mlungisi ndlovu
mlungisi ndlovu Month ago
Lol no homo but you might be a weakling but you are tough with words...big up
mlungisi ndlovu
mlungisi ndlovu Month ago
I'm your biggest fan foureyes(john oliver) big up
mlungisi ndlovu
mlungisi ndlovu Month ago
If i didn't know any white people and i would think that all white people are racist based on how they act or maybe I've been brainwashed but I like Natallie so here is my plea..please white people have common sense to be good and do good or your hatred will be your downfall
mlungisi ndlovu
mlungisi ndlovu Month ago
America is racist, black people in America rise up,there a place for you here in south africa
mlungisi ndlovu
mlungisi ndlovu Month ago
Very informative foureyes
mlungisi ndlovu
mlungisi ndlovu Month ago
You are owesome foureyes
Sarah Connor
Sarah Connor Month ago
What an absolute JOKE john is😂 Pathetic wank
ben taylor
ben taylor Month ago
Nice capitalisation, at least you did something with this comment
Caleb Hicks
Caleb Hicks Month ago
so people rioting, looting, terrorizing the public, destroying businesses and personal property are up standing upstanding citizens in your books?, yeah okay
ben taylor
ben taylor 29 days ago
@Caleb Hicks peaceful protectors not protests. The issue is the police and the rioters are both a massive problem. Solving the rioters won't work, thats why the riots got so bad. Fixing police is the only real solution that works.
Caleb Hicks
Caleb Hicks 29 days ago
so people should just be allowed to go around doing near enough the same fucking thing as a reaction to those things?....terrorising the public and killing civilians? this is exactly what those assholes did, do you people even look into the actual facts on these matters there were whole news articles covering this, I can't remember now, the exact figure but a lot people died and many more injured, in those so called "peaceful" protests
Caleb Hicks
Caleb Hicks 29 days ago
did you even take the time to even look into the statistics? they didn't just smash up one or two shops in a few towns those fucks demolished entire areas over multiple states! hardly counts as a small minority of those "peaceful" Protesters.
ben taylor
ben taylor Month ago
So police murder, theft of civil funds, planting evidence and terrorising the public, killing civilians and confiscating personal property is the action of an upstanding police service in your book? Yeah, okay
The Viewer
The Viewer Month ago
97% of the protest were/are peaceful. Almost all of that 3% were turned violent by the police. Don't think John called police upstanding citizens.
Sheldon Quamina
Sheldon Quamina Month ago
I’m definitely not moving to America only Disney Cruise and Disney world for me at least there I’ll be safe thank you captain Mikey you’re my real hero
Crimson Sky
Crimson Sky Month ago
U can see how even when he delivers jokes, he is furious about what is happening
Bill Sexton
Bill Sexton Month ago
Gonna be honest I think this is the first time I've ever heard Jared speak. Still too soon.
Jacob Month ago
15:30 is pretty damning
Valencio Marquis
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liam nehren
liam nehren Month ago
most of the problems in the USA stem from allowing the rich to throw around their power in US politics. they need to change their system to specifically excluded the rich from politics, they don't need the protection of a government: they're rich. if they don't like the rules they can leave, they aren't actually necessary individuals for the country. Remove the middle class: the country falls, remove the lower class: the country falls But! Remove the Rich: and people would barely notice.
liam nehren
liam nehren Month ago
@The Viewer lol what?
The Viewer
The Viewer Month ago
So... eat the rich?
Cedrick Honeycutt
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Matt Ginley
Matt Ginley Month ago
The Republican Party is a shitstain on America.
aditya shanker
aditya shanker 2 months ago
bobi chung
bobi chung 2 months ago
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JustA Dad
JustA Dad 2 months ago
Most people are thinking? Never ever thought that thought once, unless it went somewhere along the lines of "what would the most terrible human being say about low level crime. What would Trump think, Fox News or the far left?"
tasmanian Mapper
tasmanian Mapper 2 months ago
Coton eye joe also helps you find out who's Austrlaia cause the Australians will start doing "the nutbush"
Kacy Roush
Kacy Roush 2 months ago
Okay, I am with him 100%, but I have to admit my dirty secret shame. Whenever Cotton Eye Joe comes on, I cannot help but to jump up and dance along.
Tanjiro Tanjiro
Tanjiro Tanjiro 2 months ago
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Sabra Caterina
Sabra Caterina 2 months ago
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Aron Kovacs
Aron Kovacs 2 months ago
The DNC convention bit aged like milk
[insert name here]
[insert name here] 2 months ago
Does anyone just watch all of John Oliver's pieces for hours and just hope the apocalypse comes faster?
[insert name here]
Toreno136 how so
Toreno136 8 days ago
That usually goes hand in hand with watching John Oliver...but I doubt you mean it the same way I do.
Akilah Gable
Akilah Gable 2 months ago
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Mafia1997 2 months ago
“I’m just saying what everyone is afraid to say.” Ive only ever heard white people say that shit.
Kalman Caganteuber
Kalman Caganteuber 2 months ago
Stop normalizing violating restraining orders or putting children at risk while committing crimes.
Kalman Caganteuber
Kalman Caganteuber 2 months ago
How much we know now about both events just goes to show how awfully useless these shows are as far as infinitive messages go.
Kalman Caganteuber
Kalman Caganteuber 2 months ago
Less than a minute in, and two misleading statements regarding how he described the Kenosha events.🤔
Antigone 2 months ago
So a man stole, abused, and raped a woman and she called the police. He decided to fight and grab a weapon and his death is a result of her and his actions? Vid didn't age well. No white people called the police and the white people who responded tried to peacefully end the confrontation at the house.
Lilia Williams
Lilia Williams 2 months ago
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Mano_LaMancha 2 months ago
It's March of 2021, and David Beth is still a fucking Sheriff.
Sir Clifford Drake Malcolm Jackson
Shouldve had gilbert godfried come back!! I probably messed up his name!! Sorry!
Khazar Rec
Khazar Rec 2 months ago
Nice show, again shocking truth spiraling out of control in the USA. But you got one thing wrong here, and as a person of Germany, i mean it by saying: its not 1940, but still 2021 Germany. Discrimination against women (highest gender pay gap in eu), against foreigners (burning facilities), even against young people (young lives dont matter) and against old people, that are not rich (here we only care about the rich 60+ folks) is still a thing here right now. And because of this trust in the ellective system that has been destroyed, guess what parties people vote for, now? Jepp, fucking Nazis, welcome to Nazi Germany 2.0!
Maus Month ago
So the EU (German empire 2.0) still exists? Shocker.
Nell Gwyn
Nell Gwyn 2 months ago
Just to comment on the Sheriff suggesting concentration camps: how does he still have his job 2 years after that statement? Over here in Germany that sort of thing is a crime, you can't just call for this sort of stuff and get away with it. He is suggesting Genocide, how is he working in Law enforcement?!
Maus Month ago
As you said, this is america we are talking about.
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Views 239K