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Plastic is in everything, from the clothes we wear to the water we drink. John Oliver explains how plastics are harming the planet, why recycling isn’t the solution you think it is, and why fixing the problem will be up to not just consumers, but corporations and policymakers.
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Mar 21, 2021




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PaperMoonKPOP 10 minutes ago
7:36 that was a really cute and funny mention of BTS~ good job, writers :)
Yite Bluebug
Yite Bluebug 13 hours ago
Totes Mcgoats sliding in actually made me jump
Meny Jackets
Meny Jackets 17 hours ago
If only you didn't talk about dildos, i could show this to my science class
Erika Kilby
Erika Kilby Day ago
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Ziom Krzysztof
I once heard a great analogy between plastics and the story about king Midas, as in, it''s such a 'golden' material, we're slowly becoming made from it as well...
Edward Morrison
A big problem with plastic recycling I've constantly encountered is belief plastic is just plastic. Therefore anything plastic goes in the recycling bin. Explaining to these people the notion that belief is equivalent to saying "metal is metal, therefore I can make a plane out of iron" usually gets them putting on a similar expression to Tucker Carlson.
Mike 2 days ago
Theres nothing wrong with plastics or the manufacturers. Plastics have saved far more lives then they have taken. We use them for everything becausecthey work. The problem with plastics is that they don’t get picked up. That is a government issue. Exacerbated by their use of for-profit organisations for recycle and disposal. Because they clearly aren’t doing it ! And of course government failures lead to the sale of water in bottles. Most bottled water is sold to people with clean running tap/fawcet water . Its INSANE!
KarliN 2 days ago
Would it be immoral if we shoot all those waste into space? Say...Mars? I mean why terraform that giant red dust? Why not terraform Earth and use space technology to get rid of waste that is evidently ending up poisoning ourselves. Heck, maybe we can even earn money by it?
I treat recycling like I do voting. When things go to shit, I have a right to complain since I participated.
Oli Ver
Oli Ver 3 days ago
this is the least amount of dislikes form angry trump supporters i've ever seen on a LWT video. good to know we all agree on this, at the very least.
Helmi Jonasson
Helmi Jonasson 3 days ago
jesus humans are evil the world is fucked
Witnessdomaining 3 days ago
Oh, so I have to prove to US-first that I'm old enough to see a video on plastics. Wtf..
Kristofer Ho
Kristofer Ho 4 days ago
WALL-E movie reference
Saurav Joshi
Saurav Joshi 4 days ago
You did not address the fishing plastic waste which is 45% of all the plastic in the oceans. Yes I saw Seaspiracy.
seigeengine 2 days ago
Friendly tip: documentaries are mostly garbage. Don't take them as credible sources on just about anything.
Lavisha 4 days ago
how is this age-restricted?
CYB3R2K30 4 days ago
Yeah... The bts reference ruined the video for me lol
Paul Nunnink
Paul Nunnink 4 days ago
Gee, I had to complete an age verification for this video. What nonsense! US-first is getting geeky! Ofcourse I'm not sending these security schmucks a copy of my identitycard nor do I give them my creditcard number. Oh no, since in a few months that data will be all over the net because some hacker stole it from under these youtube security paranoids' noses.......
FreedomMoped 4 days ago
Perhaps they could melt it into blocks and build The Wall?
morlanton 4 days ago
Great video but like, how can you talk about plastic in the ocean without mentioning fishing nets? They only make up about 80% of the plastic in the ocean.
Bacarra Gonzalez
Bacarra Gonzalez 4 days ago
It angers me that my favorite lettuce comes in a box. I have to settle for bag lettuce. They must have seen the bags and took it as a challenge to do worse.
Lynette Foxen
Lynette Foxen 4 days ago
*K Cups* Anyone with half a brain was undoubtedly cued in to the fact that plastic recycling is complete BULLSHIT after the introduction of this product. [It should have been obvious before...] but when you take a 100% biodegradable process like drinking hot tea from a paper satchel or coffee brewed from an (optionally 100% recycled) paper filter~ and instead turn the process into *Individual Fucking Plastic Cups* ... There's nothing else we need to know here. BTW, a few years ago the Brits did a full coverage documentary on the subject of plastics and also those that contain toxins like cell phones and refrigerators-a big business cover up that previously no one else would touch- then traced it back to outright corruption. Check it out. It's a nightmare to behold.
uupdog Day ago
but even most tea bags have a % of plastic and arent actually biodegradable , honestly they should still be selling tea in blocks that you can shave off a bit for your tea
Bruno Walther
Bruno Walther 4 days ago
Quote from: Walther, B.A., Yen, N., Hu, C.-S., 2021. Strategies, actions, and policies by Taiwan’s ENGOs, media, and government to reduce plastic use and marine plastic pollution. Mar. Policy 126, 104391. Progress on pressing environmental issues often moves along the following steps, and our historical review reflects this usual progression. First, ENGOs and scientists raise an issue, and eventually the media takes it up. This is usually followed by calls for voluntary action, such as recycling plastics, which almost invariably proves to have negligible impact for various reasons. Given enough pressure, governments can then up the ante by taxing undesirable products (e.g., fees for extra garbage bags or Taiwan’s EPR policy) or subsidizing desirable products or systems (e.g., subsidies for certified recycling factories). However, such measures often also fall short of dealing with the problem as emissions continue to rise, whether for plastic (see Introduction) or greenhouse gas emissions. Finally, governments can limit or completely ban products (e.g., Taiwan’s national AP to ban single-use plastics). Therefore, many environmentalists would argue that, for many uses of plastics, especially single-use plastics, only banning them will prove to be sufficient to avert further plastic pollution of the biosphere, similar to the global bans of ozone-destroying chemicals and persistent organic pollutants as well as the proposed global ban of burning fossil fuels.
Bruno Walther
Bruno Walther 4 days ago
The only way to win the war against plastics is to ban them wherever possible: and it’s certainly possible for all single-use plastics. And then give a shitload of money for research and development of sustainable alternatives. You can also read it about it here: Nation engulfed by plastic tsunami www.taipeitimes.com/News/editorials/archives/2015/01/09/2003608789 State must act on plastics problem (4 June 2019) www.taipeitimes.com/News/editorials/archives/2019/06/04/2003716285 Table salt with a pinch of plastic (17 July 2019) www.taipeitimes.com/News/editorials/archives/2019/07/17/2003718804
Bruno Walther
Bruno Walther 4 days ago
Got it right on bans, and then, oops, got it wrong on extended producer responsibility. While EPR laws are better than nothing, Taiwan has had EPR laws for a long time, and they did way too little to curb plastic pollution, as EPR laws enable the continuation of the sale of single-use plastics and other types of plastics. So Taiwan finally realized that they needed to ban single-use plastics, and that is what they did. You can read all about it here. Walther, B.A., Yen, N., Hu, C.-S., 2021. Strategies, actions, and policies by Taiwan’s ENGOs, media, and government to reduce plastic use and marine plastic pollution. Mar. Policy 126, 104391.
Nikolas Anastasiadis
Google asking my ID to watch this video is BULLSHIT
This really isn't on topic, but blobfish don't look like that normally, they live in the deepest parts of the ocean and for the most part look like regular fish. That guy there suffered from rapid decompression being brought up by fishermen, effectively boiling it's blood and rupturing every blood vessel and muscle in its entire body at once as it died the most horrifically painful death imaginable
Space Dragon
Space Dragon 5 days ago
it's so infuriating bc i do the best i can, as a kid, to use organic materials that will last me longer - i look out for leather shoes and jackets, and i try to find shirts made of cotton or linen, instead of stuff made of polyester. i also try to reuse plastic materials in my own house so i'm not just throwing it out after a couple uses. but first of all - i'm not the boss in this house, the rest of my family can be a lot more relaxed about it than i am. secondly, it's so frustrating to know that despite all my efforts, i will never actually make any real difference, even if i was just throwing out plastic containers whenever they were empty and only ever bought fake leather shoes that flaked apart and caved in in under a year, there would be no significant change. and that's purely because of how much massive corporations constantly make more plastic and pollute and destroy the world. all this plastic is Still gonna end up Out There, and there's nothing about my life i can change on a personal day-to-day level, that will make any kind of difference whatsoever.
Space Dragon
Space Dragon 5 days ago
or maybe, just a thought consider DO do it for your kids and future generations because if you care more about fish than you do the future of our species, you are a sad excuse for a human. i don't know about the rest of my generation, but i know i would personally really enjoy not eating a rich, nutrient-filled diet of various microplastics when i grow up :)
Adam Russell
Adam Russell 5 days ago
Chemical Engineer here. In chemistry, carbon carbon bonds are very resistant to acids, bases, and other chemicals, except combustion and high pressures. This is why often petroluem plants use high temperature and pressures to manufacture plastics and make other oil products crude oil waste. This also explains why plastics dont degrade naturally as a result of their inertness. Plastics are very useful for that reason. It would be possible to incenerate plastics for energy and it is possible economically. many countries do this alreadly. The only downside is release of carbon dioxide and other pollutants The most efficeint way to degrade plastics is to perform the same operations on them as crude oil, cracking. This converts plastics into useable products that can be made into other feedstocks but it requires high temperature and pressures to be feasble. The feedstocks that are produced are gasoline, diesel, tar, and LPG. If people want to learn to more about this technology, its called plastic pyrolysis. The major downside of course is that produces carbon dioxide emissions as well, but it is far better than ending up in our stomachs and in the oceans. You can even do it at your own home
Valdo Valiant
Valdo Valiant 6 days ago
Apparently US-first consider this video inappropriate??
xn0nax 6 days ago
It says I have to identify myself to watch this video. What's that about? I'm not sending in a copy of my ID to US-first, wtf
wreckcelsior 6 days ago
Tyler Cross
Tyler Cross 6 days ago
Wasn’t Christopher Columbus Spanish?
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 6 days ago
I can't remember who exactly, but there was a stand up comedian who had a bit where he imagined Humans nuking and killing ourselves and most of the animals, yet Earth eventually recovers and moves on- Later, aliens arrive, start colonies, do archealogical digs and find this strange, thick Layer of Plastic deep down, encircling the planet and ponder "Wtf is this stuff? Did some weird meteor hit and coat the planet? It can''t be natural" I think the bit ended with our Plastic being Like Oil from the dinosaurs to them, and they start the bad cycle over again
pikkukivi 6 days ago
Why is this video age restricted?
John doe
John doe 7 days ago
Wouldn't it make sense to turn plastics into bricks and street tiles? Non recyclable plastics could still be compressed into blocks used for building stuff, and buildings have large life expectancies, so even though it would be difficult or impossible to recycle these again, plastics would still be contained for 50-100 years and as bricks they would be more difficult to break down (if disposed or buried) into microplastics.
Verify my age? Mate, I'm fifty two years old, and that's old enough to know that Google wanting my credit card details is a thing that should not, EVER, happen.
Con D
Con D 7 days ago
I realized 3/4 of the way through the video that the picture is of two plastic bags and not glaciers
djmundn 7 days ago
I just had to confirm my age with my credit card that I am old enough to watch this video. Seriously Google? Who's behind this?
Natalie 7 days ago
I feel sooooo called out with that random drawer bit. I literally have a drawer with all those things in it and NOTHING else.
haladu abubakar
haladu abubakar 7 days ago
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Curtis Johnston
Curtis Johnston 8 days ago
Not just plastic but scientists have tested waterways all over the world even in the remotest areas that they have found teflon everywhere.
haladu abubakar
haladu abubakar 7 days ago
you need to contact him on WhatsApp now
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BaMenace 8 days ago
Matt Gaetz loves a bit of virgin plastic
jc98 8 days ago
Just tax virgin plastic so that recycled plastic is cheaper and company's will buy recycled plastic to save money.
Aidan Godreau
Aidan Godreau 9 days ago
You failed to bring up the fishing industry John. 70% of plastics in the ocean
Arne Indigo
Arne Indigo 9 days ago
if you really want to save fish and not have them outnumbered by plastic, you might want to stop eating them, because a) overfishing is a serious problem and b) the majority of plastic waste in the oceans is from fisher nets and other equipment related to the fishing industry!
paula gonzalez
paula gonzalez 9 days ago
Just thinking of the millions of Amazon packages that get delivered & all the plastic being used 💀
Chris Horne
Chris Horne 9 days ago
John has sold a plagiarised act to Americans by cloning comedian Ben Eltons persona. The only noticeable difference is that Ben Elton was funny....genuinely funny. us-first.info/player/video/m7dsoZBjg52DaoU.html
Jaycee Wedmak
Jaycee Wedmak 10 days ago
So many things could be changed but jobs and pressures placed on other resources would create different problems. I've been fighting for changes since 1969 ☹
Ved Sharma
Ved Sharma 10 days ago
The blobfish look way better than Ted Cruz come on guys
David Salour
David Salour 10 days ago
Recycling is pointless absolutely. We need to find another solution. Keep trying recycling that we already know don't work is insane. Find another way
hotgirlsarehot 10 days ago
This episode is a retread of what Netflix did last year or back in 2019 in their limited series. Literally used clips from that episode.
Cameron Martin
Cameron Martin 10 days ago
Support “liquid death”... google it... it’s not alcohol
Ghazal 10 days ago
John Oliver... our own little sitdown bill nye
Ghazal 10 days ago
YALL WATCH SEASPIRACY(on netflix)... thank me later
HardRockMiner 10 days ago
"Earth probably doesn't share our hate for plastic. It might love it! After all, plastic comes from The Earth. It's one of Earth's children. Maybe we were allowed to evolve because Earth wanted plastic and it didn't know how to make it, so it used us. Maybe our greatest question has a simple answer. Why are we here..? PLASTIC!!" - George Carlin.
neil smith
neil smith 11 days ago
can't watch this content despite confirming my age, by giving my credit card details! Not impressed by this.
Bryce Nerdstrom
Bryce Nerdstrom 11 days ago
how hard can it possibly be to make a machine that separates plastics from other materials at landfills, and recycle them?
Dea Carey
Dea Carey 11 days ago
The real irony is that those creepy recycling mascot costumes are all non-recyclable…
Ushio01 11 days ago
Large ships burn bunker oil the dirtiest fuel imaginable because it's cheap modern bunker fuel is that the crap that is left after refining to make modern clean gas, diesel and aviation fuel (relative compared to the past when those other fuels were dirtier and bunker oil was cleaner). Time to consider switching some shipping to burning landfill waste not perfect but cleaner than bunker oil and reduces landfill and gives waste some value and use. Perfect is the enemy of better.
Ushio01 11 days ago
Grit, sand and dirt end up inside us when we breathe. Plastic has been in the environment for 70 years if it was causing large scale issued we would know instead life expectancy and general population health have risen.
Fredrik O. Zachrisson
Say what you want about JOliver. He mat be cringy, but this was a good and informative episode.
Lal 11 days ago
i also wish glass would make a comeback
Lal 11 days ago
totes mcgoats is pretty funny and so is his goatie
Neartmhor 11 days ago
The “it’s up to the consumer” bs is why we have a massive campaign to ban plastic straws (even though they save lives), and not much noise about waste from commercial fishing companies. Even though plastic straws make up 0.002% of ocean waste, and fishing waste is 60%. Fishing companies support straw bans, because while we’re talking about that (and disabled people are begging to not have things that we need taken away from us, and to not be treated as though we are as disposable as the straws people want to ban), we aren’t taking about holding fishing companies accountable. It’s a rort. So leave plastic straws alone, and go after the thing that will actually make a difference. (And no, there is not yet a replacement or plastic straws that meets all the requirements that are needed. Some alternatives will do one or two things, but might also be expensive, or not positionable, or not bendy, or are unsafe, or set off allergies. So until there is a plastic straw alternative that meets ALL the requirements, leave them alone. Because all you’re doing by advocating for a straw ban is shouting very loudly that you hate disabled people, and don’t think we are full human beings that deserve to live. Maybe don’t do that?)
Brendan B
Brendan B 11 days ago
Fishing is causing way more harm than plastics, by a lot. Watch Seaspiracy
Rin Rin
Rin Rin 11 days ago
While watching this video, I looked around and noticed that most of the things visible from my table were made of plastic. The amount of plastics today is overwhelming, and scary!
seigeengine 7 days ago
Plastic use is a lot more pervasive than even most people think. One example most people don't think of is even if your table is wood, it's probably coated in a plastic finish.
Toria Spencer
Toria Spencer 12 days ago
Really glad to see clips from CBC Marketplace showing up here. Their consumer journalism is fantastic and their piece on plastic recycling was eye-opening.
psammiad 12 days ago
Why would you buy lettuce in a box, instead of just buying a lettuce in a bag? It's cheaper to buy a lettuce - are people really too lazy to slice a few leaves?!
The Viewer
The Viewer 11 days ago
Some people can't slice it, either cause of a disability making it difficult to hold a knife/lettuce or cause it would be dangerous to keep knives in their home. Just cause most people can doesn't mean that those that can't are lazy/
parvin bashirova
parvin bashirova 12 days ago
Please make part 2 on Japan's recycle culture legend. This country is number 2 after US polluting South-East Asia's waters.
Midnight Queen
Midnight Queen 12 days ago
Lmao where did bts come from😂😂😂
Jono Ward
Jono Ward 12 days ago
I wonder how much it cost John to pronounce it Alu-min-um.
Hugh Jazzole'
Hugh Jazzole' 12 days ago
I made records in a record factory in 1975,,when a record was a goof we immediately peeled the label off & thrown into the hopper where ya put the plastic pellets & remelted.. stop the use of oil to make any plastics & force plastic producers to only buy used plastic
Kaisea 12 days ago
Reminder that this is not uniquely an American problem. The whole world needs to change, everything we produce needs to be eco-friendly and we need clean power and clean fuel to account for the huge amount of imports and exports.
razenburn 13 days ago
I just heard an Englishman say aluminum. I.... I can't, John.
Moop Meep
Moop Meep 13 days ago
Since before people promote stopping plastic waste . I dont see any progress even now
Moop Meep
Moop Meep 13 days ago
Easy . We dump on other people country
Miroslav Jurčík
Miroslav Jurčík 13 days ago
It bothers me so much, that the Europe is doing our best while USA is producing a shitload of nonsense waste (lettuce in plastic box srsly?) and think it's ok. Twelve umbrellas over the year? I hope this is a joke, John, I have my umbrella for seven years now and it's completely fine. It's not about the recycling, it's about thinking of the waste you produce, caring of stuff you buy, don't buying shit you don't need...we all live on this planet together, why some countries are destroying it more than others?... #zerowaste
Scarlett Elisabeth
Scarlett Elisabeth 13 days ago
Kinda shocked at how many places only accept 1 & 2, both cities I’ve lived in accepted all things from 1 - 7
Ali Smith
Ali Smith 14 days ago
Big companies HAVE to be held accountable + stop greenwashing us! Especially companies that have built their audience on convincing us they're "greener" "more eco-friendly" + "progressive" like Whole Foods + Trader Joe's! PLEASE sign+share my petition to hold them accountable for the insane amount of plastic waste they contribute! chng.it/VV6MGTqg
mkhoen 14 days ago
Why this video needs age verification?
Makk Arron
Makk Arron 14 days ago
Why this video needs age verification?
tallakiss 14 days ago
Yay my PhD on display!
TheLolaVegas 14 days ago
I've been subscribed to this channel, but it didn't show up in my subscription box! I assumed they were on hiatus. Wtf US-first!
Anon 14 days ago
All the big oil companies are now investing in plastic manufacturing because they won't be able to burn oil for energy.
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson 14 days ago
In the UK we have a company called terracycle that recycle 75% of all plastics including pens, salad boxes and even chocolate bar wrappers. They also recycle crisp packets and we recycle bread packaging and shopping bags at the supermarkets.
legendhero 45
legendhero 45 15 days ago
Oh no, moments of this video are so very very terrible and so very very horrible.
Head_Shot 15 days ago
Christ, this reminds of those bloody LOL dolls. Those things are awful
GlennMagusHarvey 15 days ago
Yep, Florida is one of the states with stupid pre-emption laws banning bans on plastic bags. That's not the only thing that's pre-empted; there's a ban on bans on plastic straws, and a ban on local ordinances dealing with tree cover and tree removal procedures. There's no respect for local control, for cities to actually make decisions that affect their own citizens and their own home turf. This is what the Florida state legislature has been up to.
Satyasya Satyasya
Satyasya Satyasya 15 days ago
The Viewer
The Viewer 11 days ago
@S W Yeah, it's changed now. Either give ID or credit card info. Maybe you've bought a film on US-first or have your account linked to your Google account with your card?
S W 15 days ago
You have to give you ID? It works for me without giving any information.
Bryan Mitchell
Bryan Mitchell 15 days ago
Glass & paper please
S W 10 days ago
@The Viewer In smaller communities and automation. The population was once 98% less than it is today and we survived just fine.
The Viewer
The Viewer 11 days ago
@S W No. That won't work and would just make things far far worse. How are things like food and medicine going to be transported when 95% of truck drivers are gone? How is food even supposed to be produced when 95% of farm workers are gone and 100% of farms now have insufficient labourer numbers?
S W 15 days ago
95% population reduction please.
Bryan Mitchell
Bryan Mitchell 15 days ago
Fking oil companies.
sean t
sean t 16 days ago
You got me, Oliver. You win this round.
Ateka9 16 days ago
Why do you package lettuce and fresh produce in plastic though? That's just weird.
20Gorilla 16 days ago
The pain in John Oliver's voice as a Brit having to mis-pronounce aluminium 😂
S W 10 days ago
@The Viewer Different pronunciations, neither are wrong.
The Viewer
The Viewer 11 days ago
@S W So the English are the ones mispronouncing a word in the language of English?
S W 15 days ago
Kiwi's and Ozzy's pronounce it like that too, so perhaps it is you who is mis-pronouncing it.
Sophie Ochmann
Sophie Ochmann 16 days ago
The problem is that other, more "reusable" bags cost the environment more (production, transport, disposal). The "only" upside of non-plastic alternatives is that it doesn't end up in the ocean. Check out Our World in Data's contribution on plastic recycling! ourworldindata.org/faq-on-plastics#are-plastic-alternatives-better-for-the-environment
Kevin Brown D. C.
Kevin Brown D. C. 16 days ago
So...fresh fruits and veggies, go to a real butcher and get meat in paper. Also, stop buying water bottles and soda!
S W 15 days ago
And also stop eating meat or at least drastically reduce your consumption.
Marshall Ashworth
Marshall Ashworth 16 days ago
Its a shame John doesn't read these because they did fulfill their promise. The plastic has been recycled. Its in their drink because it ended up in the water.
Bacon Pancakes
Bacon Pancakes 16 days ago
John, why on god's green earth did you say "aloominum"? This is beyond unacceptable.
Hammad Mufti
Hammad Mufti 16 days ago
Recycling info on packaging is so easy to understand in the UK as compared to the confusing crap written on American products. Example: www.willshees.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/recycling-symbols.png
Opuk Otieno
Opuk Otieno 17 days ago
Alu- what now ?!? Say it properly goddamnit !!
MrGrifft 16 days ago
... Akhbar?