Lost Graphics Vol. 4 (Web Exclusive): Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) 

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John Oliver shares some of his favorite graphics that never made it to air.
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Apr 25, 2021




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HyShade 5 hours ago
I appreciate all the people who acknowledge and appreciate people.
Hinarf Narfy
Hinarf Narfy 11 hours ago
Feline aids.
Hinarf Narfy
Hinarf Narfy 11 hours ago
It's weird thatt you're a show about bettering the world but you're "Off" weeks. I just want to live in a time where I think everything is okay.
MaxRobertoErikson 11 hours ago
Also, I find it interesting that the inflatable tube man is an ambassador for Japan. Makes me wonder which country or other government body made Japan think an inflatable tube man would be the best choice to send to them as an ambassador. Is he representing his country at the U.N? Russia? India? Venezuela? These are the questions I want answers to and will never receive.
jerrysizzler44 18 hours ago
Am I the only person who finds these not to be funny at all? Not just this show but all the late night shows using these as punchlines...
Gnome de Plume
Gnome de Plume 12 hours ago
Without any evidence one way or the other I'm going to say that yes you are the only one simply to make you feel that little extra bit of crushing loneliness in your life
Truthat 21 hour ago
Stop blowing Firth
Brownebunny Day ago
good job graphics team good job. making all graphic artist proud
Quasar Day ago
As someone who loves Jake Gyllenhaal , that was nightmare fuel ಠ_ಠ
Kimberly Hernandez
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EverNewb Day ago
why is there a two week delay for canadians to watch these videos?
Bunny, Easter
*_Adam Driver has left the chat_*
M Balazs
M Balazs 2 days ago
this was fun thx
Richard Brown
Richard Brown 2 days ago
Whoa now, back it up there Mister Oliver....how the fuck are you going to try and claim that image of Nicolas Cage as Willy Wonka isn’t going to haunt my nightmares....on second thought you’re right it’s not going to “haunt” my nightmares...it just straight up declared itself king.
Jo.N Lam
Jo.N Lam 2 days ago
LarryofAstora 2 days ago
"First all u see are a cat and some dildos, no surprises there" John just describing my room
Mats JPB
Mats JPB 2 days ago
satellite7391 2 days ago
Their graphics department is a potato.
cute christa and fishy jay
If you want to see a new episode of John Owler, Last Owl Tonight search it on US-first. It is worth it!
Sam Hagel
Sam Hagel 2 days ago
There it is folks, let's add that one to the list of "reasons it's better than Bill Maher"
Justin 2 days ago
That Wacky Wavy Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man had to have been from John's segment "Trump vs the World" when he talked about Trump's lack of ambassadors. I bet Trump looked at the Family Guy Al Harrington ad and said "Make that guy ambassador of Japan", Pence would ask "Who, Al Harrington?" to which Trump replies "No the purple guy".
Gabriel CoteBrockman
You are still 90% blocked in Canada.
Gabe Camozzi
Gabe Camozzi 3 days ago
They came together to create a Gyllen-whole.
lilmermaid246 3 days ago
Is Ambassador Tube Man an ambassador to Japan or of Japan?
Gnome de Plume
Gnome de Plume 12 hours ago
freezer638 3 days ago
Why is a lipsticked Nic Cage the love child of Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal?
An Intellectual
An Intellectual 3 days ago
0:29 Jokes? what jokes all you do is mock people and take things out of context
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 3 days ago
Lol that grimace graphic should be an NFT!
Anthony Sopkow
Anthony Sopkow 3 days ago
Liked for the hottest Gyllenhaal.
Sophie French
Sophie French 3 days ago
Jackie Gyllenhaal looks like if Ryan Gosling and Eddie Izzard had a baby!
Xorn 3 days ago
I took a screenshot of Nicolas Wonka and I am not ashamed.
stupidusername 3 days ago
I can get on board with John Oliver’s taste in men
HoodieSticks 3 days ago
Please tell me Colin Firth does not become the new Adam Driver
HardRockMiner 3 days ago
Why doesn't this show talk about Biden's inability to speak more than a sentence without sounding like he's in the middle of a stroke ? They beat Trump up on everything. They don't mention anything about stammering Joe. I hate them both, but that's just not right. Your favourtism is showing. And you should be ashamed.
Joe Craft
Joe Craft 4 days ago
I wish I was able to watch the other 3. Guess Canada youtube does not want me to see them.
catonutt 4 days ago
discreet lips?? what lips?
Curt Carson
Curt Carson 5 days ago
More of this please!! 🤣lmao
kousetsuhana 5 days ago
truly enjoying the Colin firth content, please keep it up thank you
Burning The Evidence
Episode 5 should end with John sitting in the void and the light being turned off, followed by the sounds of some doors closing xD
Shamma 1994
Shamma 1994 5 days ago
Please talk about Palestine John.
Benjamin Gal-Or
Benjamin Gal-Or 6 days ago
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Noel 6 days ago
That was nice. 😋 How can I join your graphics team?
Wendy Karle
Wendy Karle 7 days ago
Erik Larsen
Erik Larsen 7 days ago
Anybody recognize a graphic’s purpose because they remember the episode ot was for? Like the doctor with pens was clearly on the Trump segment 6 months ago.
K.R. M.
K.R. M. 8 days ago
This seems the ideal format for people who are into weed. ;)
EmperorBlackMan 8 days ago
I want John to thurst after collin ferth like he did with Adam Driver.
João António Jacinto
We need more graphics department shitposts NOW
Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname 10 days ago
Thank you Graphics Department!
A G 10 days ago
Colin firth always looks like he is on set for kingsmen
Manimal Lechter
Manimal Lechter 10 days ago
Idk, I think Nick Cage portrayed as Willy wonka is gonna haunt me for a while
Dylan Meisinger
Dylan Meisinger 10 days ago
I can't unsee jakie gyllenhaal
Bryan Tjan
Bryan Tjan 10 days ago
Collin Firth is gonna be the next Adam Driver on this show, I'm calling it
Abe Froman
Abe Froman 10 days ago
This guy is another talking head. Wish he would have stood in his own country.
Timm Mettler
Timm Mettler 10 days ago
Does anyone else in the comment section want to see this Nick Cage/Willy Wanka film?
RAM124 11 days ago
Truly the best show in HBO.
Orange Ziggy
Orange Ziggy 11 days ago
We have to see John merged with different notables.
Abbie LeGrand
Abbie LeGrand 11 days ago
I love John so much but for some reason I can't get the though of "He looks like a grey owl that needs a security blanket" out of my head lol
Irene M
Irene M 11 days ago
Open your #Third #EYE BRO.... YOUR #LIGHT WILL ALWAYS BE #ON!👁🧞‍♀️
Kelly S
Kelly S 11 days ago
‪Dear @LastWeekTonight please watch the episode of HGTV design star called “Getting Trumped” Season 5, Episode 6‬ ‪You need to experience how these people slowly go insane designing for Don Jr‬
a daniels
a daniels 11 days ago
That Gyllenhaal merge photo looks like Ollie London a white dude who got a bunch of plastic surgery to look like a member of BTS. A truly delusional person.
Rin Rin
Rin Rin 12 days ago
That one impossibly hot Gyllenhaal Jakie 😂😂
Roshan 12 days ago
do a show on corona super spreader Indain Prime Minsiter
Lior Guriel
Lior Guriel 12 days ago
How the fuck haven't you done one about Bibi??
Carlo Guccione
Carlo Guccione 12 days ago
Anyone else still thinking about casting Nick Cage as Willy Wonka?
Yom Derv
Yom Derv 12 days ago
How much time takes it to make one such graphic on mean average?
kral oyun
kral oyun 12 days ago
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Kevin Kall
Kevin Kall 12 days ago
Why are these videos recorded in MONO??
Siomhe 12 days ago
Colin Firth is THE Mark Darcy...that's why we love him.
Lawrence Foy
Lawrence Foy 12 days ago
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Rosa I Guess
Rosa I Guess 12 days ago
Please please please do an episode on vaccine patents and manufacturing monopolies. Thousands are dying in India, and the Biden admin, as well as the EU, are doing nothing to help them except token charity efforts that don't nearly address the problem. Your show has the ability to mobilize so many to fight for a cause, and this cause could save millions. Gates foundation and pharma funded think tanks have a vested interest in maintaining intellectual property rights, they tried doing it with HIV in Africa and they're doing it today, despite the fact that the UN requires patents to be waved in the case of a global pandemic. Boost voices like Doctors without Borders and Human Rights Watch who are fighting against the horrible patent regime of the global north. This is probably the most pressing issue facing us right now soundcloud.com/citationsneeded/newsbrief-vaxlive-is-a-pr-scam-so-those-causing-vaccine-inequity-can-pose-as-saviors-of-global-poor soundcloud.com/citationsneeded/news-brief-big-pharma-bill-gates-spin-against-generic-vaccines-for-global-south-as-biden-a-no-show
Eric Evans
Eric Evans 12 days ago
Hello are you doing today
We are all born mad
John, why is the "Plastics" video age blocked???
Él Chupacabra
Él Chupacabra 13 days ago
Jak'n Jyllenhaal = :-P
Haiden Lotze
Haiden Lotze 13 days ago
2:30 The Tango Meowreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen
Rich Sigfrit
Rich Sigfrit 13 days ago
Thank you for showing these! LWT has the BEST graphics department. Frankly, it’s the only reason I tune in. Sure, the shouldering pile of what can only be described as a caricature of British shame and intelligence is pleasing to the ears, but those graphics make my heart melt every time. Please keep doing what you guys do! This show is a gift to the world
Filmdude2001 13 days ago
I can't believe I've never seen these until now!
RasTomas Stanford
RasTomas Stanford 13 days ago
Hello John. Bless you Brother.
shefre82 13 days ago
John, it is like you custom made this segment for me. I love Colin Firth with all my heart, he is exactly how you describe him, bless you for this segment, it made my whole evening.
WhyZi 13 days ago
Sir please share the plight of our country India. Our government is a good for nothing image cautious and full of assholes. People are scared and subdued to their homes. It’s high time you call out this disaster and shame our government on the world platform.
Pat W
Pat W 13 days ago
That Gyllenhall chimera is HAUNTING
briwaan lharpaa
briwaan lharpaa 13 days ago
do you care about “john oliver” ?
Drops2cents 13 days ago
"Hi there. I'm John Oliver, host of Last Week Tonight. We're off this week" Dearly beloved and respected John Oliver and staff: that's actually one of the worst kind of news you could povide us with. Just saying.
Thomas Becker
Thomas Becker 13 days ago
*LOL* Jaggie Gyllenhaal!
Daniel Wallace
Daniel Wallace 14 days ago
They should do one on dispatchers... just saw a thing where a dispatcher wasn't held accountable for the death of a woman drowning, because it was the dispatcher's last day... We need to talk about the issue with dispatchers.
Silver Viper
Silver Viper 14 days ago
OK, Nick Cage as Willie Wonka, BUT... Why is Tehran in his background?!! need answers! :)))))
1983horizons1 14 days ago
2:55 Can't tell if he said "That is all for now" or "Daddy's off for now." 🤔
Xpeng Fangirl
Xpeng Fangirl 14 days ago
agree, we need back to bones cars, without all the smart software heist, just straight vehicles without tech, we already have overloaded tech on phones, laptops, and microwave ovens, etc. leave the cars alone, and I lost a lot of money on bmws in my life, but hydrogen supersedans will change all that, the future is hydrogen 800hp and 1200hp powertrains are now ready, you will see this soon, sedans, trucks and semis
Denir Ferraz
Denir Ferraz 14 days ago
MoMadenU 14 days ago
Is anyone going mention that the box says "Cat Tov!" 😂😂😂😂
Bugrahan KILIC
Bugrahan KILIC 14 days ago
We will definitely meet you one day in the insecure back streets. IST
Kiersten Squires
Kiersten Squires 14 days ago
Will you talk about the housing market?
TheSeal 15 days ago
Finally something good in here
olonore 15 days ago
Can we get a lost graphic of lost graphic episode?