Covid Vaccines: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) 

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John Oliver explains why some people don’t want to get the Covid-19 vaccine and how they might be reassured. (Even you, Mike in Baltimore.)
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May 2, 2021




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Comments 99   
FF8WasTheBestFF 12 minutes ago
Now there's vaccine reward lotteries LOL. Free thinking people rising. Mind slaves falling.
Griz ZeroTwoFour
Griz ZeroTwoFour 26 minutes ago
A++ Dead Kennedys joke. Will laugh at it again
Marko Babic
Marko Babic Hour ago
In Croatia people are threatening doctors to get vaccinated and we don't have enough doses. You guys are the pinnacle of privilege.
John Doe
John Doe Hour ago
If you doubt anything you have fucked it for everyone. Thats what John just said at 9 minutes. Great logic. I never want to have an original thought again. I also love that you have to be cautious about certain studies but none of the ones John considers a fact.
Dylan Booth
Dylan Booth 2 hours ago
Now it makes so much sense why theres a microchip shortage. They are all being used on humans!!
CobaltBW 2 hours ago
> Egg Oliver, r u okay
Craig Bphone
Craig Bphone 2 hours ago
Ziggy 2 hours ago
I know half a dozen people who got covid after being vaxed. The survival rate is higher than the working rate of the vax
Charles Newton
Charles Newton 3 hours ago
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Ryan Nielsen
Ryan Nielsen 4 hours ago
Some of you have never read “how to lie with statistics” and it shows
Gerhard Adler
Gerhard Adler 4 hours ago
So, basically you are saying i don't need no phone anymore when i get vaccinated?
Cynthia Boyles
Cynthia Boyles 4 hours ago
Too soon for the JFK joke, John. But you knew that. You just wanted to get a reaction like this one :(
nubi78 4 hours ago
Don’t be an asshole get vaccinated. My mom and brother died from COVID.
Linea Kristensen
Linea Kristensen 4 hours ago
So crazy. Here in Denmark we are all waiting to get called in to get vaccinated. The sick and old go first of course so the reat of us are just waiting. Having open appointments and not using it? So much is wasted on the US. The richest 3rd world country in the world. Smh.
Manik Kalore
Manik Kalore 4 hours ago
On one hand you have anti-vaccine people, on the other you have Women who agreed to participate in a vaccine trial while being PREGNANT.17:00.
Cosmic Latte
Cosmic Latte 4 hours ago
Dude's mother is dying from covid and he's still not convinced? Jfc
Eoghan 4 hours ago
This is by far your best video in a very long time John! Very well put together.
Leonna Mayes
Leonna Mayes 4 hours ago
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PlayDead 4 hours ago
i just wanna get pregnant first then ill get the vaccine lmao
rybob priest
rybob priest 4 hours ago
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Cynthia Valdez
Cynthia Valdez 6 hours ago
I got my first shot and going back on the 25th to get my second shot. Thanks for letting me know that getting vaccinated is important
Alias 6 hours ago
Before covid herd immunity meant a certain amount of the population got sick and recovered before a general immunity was built. The vaccine is not something you should rush into. I'm all for traditional vaccines, don't let this make you think people who are hesitant are anti vax. The covid survival rate is insanely high. Please people think about what you are signing up for
bimee gideu
bimee gideu 6 hours ago
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Ajarn Spencer
Ajarn Spencer 7 hours ago
you are also not a news channel and tailor your opinionated propaganda using images and stats just like fox news. You are not real news. You are opinionated news
Ajarn Spencer
Ajarn Spencer 7 hours ago
if you remembered thalidomide you would understand John. Stupid blind trust in rfid nanochip vaccines. No way! screw big pharma and its under the table deeds with governments
Y Manning
Y Manning 7 hours ago
Lies lies lies he gives u studies and interviews scientists u quote the NY times
rene cuellar
rene cuellar 7 hours ago
I still have my card! Lol
Y Manning
Y Manning 7 hours ago
The vaccine is effective this study shows : proceeds to show a quote from my times 🤣 cause yeah a journalist knows better than the former head of cdc with a doctorate in virology
Y Manning
Y Manning 7 hours ago
It's a experimental vaccine that kills like a 1% of people when zinc can bind to the spike protein and stop it from replicating 🤔 yeah I'll take my chances
Jony Mery
Jony Mery 7 hours ago
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ion ion
ion ion 7 hours ago
disgusting jfk joke. i takes a small man to joke about people being shot in the head, especialy to make yrself look "fun" in a already pretty arrogant video clip. i hate this kind of "im right all you other people are idiots so just do what i say".
Jeanne D'Souza
Jeanne D'Souza 8 hours ago
voko axecer
voko axecer 9 hours ago
Yeah, Let's not talk about vaccine patent waivers and how that hurts the pharma companies' bottom line .
digitaldrome 9 hours ago
Interessante, simpatico, spiritoso e molto elegante ma non mi convince
Alastair Valyocsik
Alastair Valyocsik 10 hours ago
Just got my first dose
Morphling92 10 hours ago
When did we start putting death of others on us simply because diseases spread? Even at the height of Ebola outbreaks, we weren't calling the sick who passed it on KILLERS. MURDERERS. I'm tired of it...
Mimi Lara
Mimi Lara 10 hours ago
Oh! You made me clutch my imaginary pearls with the Kennedy shot, no pun intended. That dark humor caught me way off guard 😲😄
Kikay Trekkie
Kikay Trekkie 11 hours ago
is the proof of vaccination not stored on some site? public or private so that you dont have to frame/laminate or make zillion copies of that little piece of paper saying youve completed our shots?
Paul Gee
Paul Gee 11 hours ago
Charlie Haddad
Charlie Haddad 11 hours ago
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Tont Aw
Tont Aw 12 hours ago
But it's stupid the vaccine is only for stage 1 covid. By now we're all infected with stage 2 or 3. So having the vaccines won't help. And that's why doctors and researchers don't even take the vaccine.
Faye & Bob
Faye & Bob 13 hours ago
Everyone should realize that this vax is experimental, clinical trials won't be completed until 2023 at the earliest. Take it, don't take it at the end of the day it should be a personal choice.
scooter parsons
scooter parsons 13 hours ago
Hey god, you did a great job with rush Limbaugh, Carlson next?
RAFCIO1able 13 hours ago
The question remains; what long term effects( 2-4 years or longer from now) these vaccines will have? Simply nobody can answer this due to lack of important commodity-TIME itself, so John stop be sure sure that this drug is safe cos you don’t know, the label should say”TAKE ON YOUR OWN RISK”
Taylor Fultz
Taylor Fultz 14 hours ago
I was hesitant to get the vaccine but after watching this I scheduled an appointment. I’m getting my first shot tomorrow.
J. Reis
J. Reis 14 hours ago
Fuck this, I’m not getting a vaccine no matter what. MRNA is experimental and I’m not a fucking lab rat
mou 13 hours ago
Seek help
Tawanna Ellamae
Tawanna Ellamae 14 hours ago
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Ilika Baus
Ilika Baus 15 hours ago
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Xardion 15 hours ago
Retroviruses modify DNA, RNA to DNA. The shot RNA.
ziljin 16 hours ago
who was inside the cicada costume?
Michael Tang
Michael Tang 16 hours ago
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roeyjevels 2 hours ago
While I agree that all those are indeed words, I must admit, the meaning is lost on me.
Michael Healy
Michael Healy 16 hours ago
I thought he was talking to me lmfao 🤣
Thorson El
Thorson El 16 hours ago
He acts like the virus can't still mutate even if everyone got the vaccine. The cdc has been contradicting itself the entire time. Right now on the cdc website it says "if everyone in a room is vaccinated they don't have to wear a mask". Then somewhere else also on the website it says "even if you received the vaccine you should still wear masks & practice social distance up to six feet". If thats not a clear sign that they are still trying to figure it all out, I don't know what else to say. Y'all got it, let me know how it all turns out...........🤷🏿‍♂️
Ethan Lalli
Ethan Lalli 16 hours ago
Aye my dad works on operation Warp Speed pretty cool but he is always working
Kien Thinh Tran
Kien Thinh Tran 16 hours ago
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L X 17 hours ago
I have been microchipped and I can charge my phone with my arm.
Cassandra Javor
Cassandra Javor 17 hours ago
I'm not even a "good" scientist. I am scientifically trained, but not actively in a science field. And I know this shit! How? How is is so hard to look for these answers? I got a f-ing booklet when I got mine, explaining every question I had. My only concern was needing them to put it in my right arm because of my birth-control implant. Look, I get that people are scared, but that is no excuse to ignore data and believe every headline. The news exaggerates, misconstrues, and flat out lies all the time. (Fox, CNN, ABC, all of'em) Look at where they are getting their information from, look at that, then make up your mind. If its coming from a blog post, maybe take a little more time to find a different source. And for the love of logic, don't listen to Info Wars.
lolipoptable 17 hours ago
john talking about his egg fantasy was the first and last thing i would've expected to come from him
Silver Tortoise
Silver Tortoise 17 hours ago
Nothing for the first. Second made every joint hurt the night after. But that went away. And that just means it worked well.
AtomicPunk23 18 hours ago
I just got the vaccine today. I'm really hoping that my 5G reception will get better and I no longer have to login to windows.... But I'm probably just going to make myself and others safer. Oh well.
James Bradley
James Bradley 18 hours ago
This is the kind of thing I imagine John Oliver would love. So bad, it’s brilliant! Enjoy (a Brit living in Singapore) us-first.info/player/video/ectnh2qLl66TfHE.html
WESTON & PARTNER 18 hours ago
the vaccines are perfectly safe because they have only killed in 4 months more than the rest of the other vaccines over a 15 year period.
Carol Dickinson
Carol Dickinson 19 hours ago
WOW!!! magnets sticking to peoples arms where they got vaccinated with the covid 19 shots please watch youtube video entitled... "Wow!!! Small Magnets Sticking On Injection Sites" (US-first won't let me link you to the video)
Salt of the Earth
Salt of the Earth 19 hours ago
You JohnOliver are a sick man. spreading so many lies. f*n disgusting. Your jokes were no where near funny. Promoting to get the vaxx on HBO. the world is surely dividing. and its not a vax is aEUA. emergency use authorization, the FDA has not given it a license to be called a vaccine. terrible.
Mocha latte
Mocha latte 20 hours ago
Same john oliver I wish I was in my own egg with goo, oh to be a simple egg.🥚🥲
Stuart W
Stuart W 20 hours ago
no one going to talk about the fact that since 2002 the company PFIZER has lost over 3 BILLION Dollars in malpractice lawsuits including the biggest medical settlement of all time of 2.3 Billion dollars to the country of Uganda for testing unsafe drugs on people's children without even informing the parents it was going on?? .... just me??... OK then
Hampoop35 Andy Whitlock
U think tucker Carlson beats off while looking in the mirror at himself
Sir Fap A Lot
Sir Fap A Lot 21 hour ago
is 400k on one and half billion people so much more then the rest of the world? you can keep screaming a lot of infections but on the entire population its still not that much?
A Moist Eggroll
A Moist Eggroll 21 hour ago
"Ok I don't love that, and not just because it's the worst thing to come out of a Kennedy's mouth since the back of a Kennedy's head" I'm as deceased as JFK 🤣
Benjamin Gal-Or
Benjamin Gal-Or 21 hour ago
NYT and POLITICO appear first to comprehend Geo Virus Dynamics Science.[1][2]. FIRST FIVE RULES #1: USE VIRUS-FREE LOCATIONS: 300,000 islands, endless beach areas, peninsulas, campings areas, even in arid zones, even on most world's virus-free-highways-sides, all under strict 100-ft-RESIDENTIAL-DISTANCING. #2 : Vaccines alone fail recovery if not strictly used under these rules. #3: The rules are based on VIRUS DYNAMICS DRIVES, VDD, which are proportional to square root of difference in proper VDD across membranes or borders, times Lengths/Areas between countries, states, counties, provinces, domestically & internationally. #4: These rules confirm and clearly explain why nations that had closed borders since early 2020, have resulted in low deaths rates in % ~same as in Islands, peninsulas & atolls listed in Part B [2], while open borders spread global Deaths, today 3,335,196. #5: Billions comments flood the global internet, preventing these rules to reach national, state and provincial epidemic Czars, Part B, LISTS. All copyrights apply. REFERENCES [1] NYT and POLITICO appear first to comprehend this Science.[2]. www.politico.com/news/2021/03/24/biden-new-testing-strategy-covid-477882 [2] Gal-Or, Benjamin, 'Modern Thermodynamics' and Local Climates 'Thermodynamics' [Amazon, Wiley, 'In', US-first, ISSUU, Scribd, Springer, AIAA, ASME, Science, Nature] integrated with published pandemic data by thousands of dedicated Drs., nursers, Health-Care Workers in ~150 nations daily reporting to US university JH & World Health UN Organization, WHO, on corona/variants. The are analyzed here via main borders around selected nations then Reordered by this PRIVATE, NON-AFFILIATED, UN-FUNDED STUDY since Oct 22, 2020 [youtube, ['in']. Part A. All Copyrights apply.
The2ndCuz 21 hour ago
get double vaccinated, what a shill.
Yashar Khosroyar
Yashar Khosroyar 21 hour ago
America is the Elite but it doesnt means that it could excape the result of the mess it caused
Tem Clayton
Tem Clayton 21 hour ago
I would love to see this kind of outrage directed at the pharmaceutical companies and the governments for their role in the distrust. People no longer trust companies, corporations or governments because how much trauma they've endured from all of them
Sanam 22 hours ago
I think companies r playing politics as to who will earn more through vacancies so we will see things happening related to this
Ditkazbearz2 22 hours ago
Thanks President Trump for getting us these Vaccines so fast
Tem Clayton
Tem Clayton 22 hours ago
Vaccine instances is such a crazy made-up slang by the media. Real term is distrust of the pharmaceutical industry and the government based on their history
Tem Clayton
Tem Clayton 21 hour ago
Personally I told myself I wasn't taking anything from Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson. These companies have dumped unsafe products on minority countries for decades knowingly bringing harm to minority people. I don't care if all of humanity is at risk they're not putting anything in my body
Wizzy PissdOff
Wizzy PissdOff 22 hours ago
Awful show, it used to be good. People let themselves get brainwashed, can't think for themselves, like when genital mutilation (circumcision) is forced upon people by "experts" or worse, religious fanatics. And countless lives are ruined. Do ur research, use common sense, do not believe everything people that call themselves "Experts" say. Very often, they turn out to be wrong. People have a right to decide over their own body and not get vaccines.
RLSpencer 22 hours ago
Hmm, er ah, the girl what "did " lose a baby just happened to have taken the placebo. Um....
Hello it’s me
Hello it’s me 22 hours ago
No one is talking about the egg bit?? Lik wat ?
Eric Zepeda
Eric Zepeda 22 hours ago
What’s up with the algorithms lately, I hate this type of content. 😂
Erika L Garcia
Erika L Garcia 22 hours ago
Lol! I was a Boss Ass bitch before Moderna and it enhanced my powers! 🤣😂🤣
A Moist Eggroll
A Moist Eggroll 22 hours ago
Laura at The CorePoint
Such obvious propaganda lolz “convince people around you but don’t show them this video though”
Ted Tabaka
Ted Tabaka 23 hours ago
And yet, we still cannot sue Pfizer or Moderna because of complications or damages.
Dayon Mage
Dayon Mage 23 hours ago
You could have a sketchy vaccine which is a pretense for mandatory chip-implants in an enslaved population, or you could simply get an Ivermectin prescription and go into remission and be cured. duh doy. Which one is the actual solution to the problem, I just can't decide.
Nick G
Nick G Day ago
All Tucker does is take a notion that many of us have ("It 'feels' like we aren't allowed to question or dissent") and then fear mongers the crap out of it.
Kathy Perry
Kathy Perry Day ago
How Dare you. Fix your Damn immune system you idiot . Why should I get the vaccine because YOU won’t do the hard work of fixing your broken immune system you lazy ignoramus !!!!!
Bacall McElroy
When this thing mutates and the lethality increases they’ll get it, but it might be too late by then.
Leigh K.
Leigh K. Day ago
I just got my second dose of the vaccine 2 days ago, so I’m now fully vaccinated! But I live in Texas, and I know literally 6 people in total, other than me, who have been vaccinated. Everyone else I know is saying they won’t get vaccinated, and it doesn’t matter what you say. They just think you don’t know what you’re talking about, or you’ve been brainwashed by the ‘mainstream media.’ It’s really frustrating.
zachirie66 Day ago
Hunter Day ago
My wife miscarried about 6 weeks after getting her second dose of the vaccine. She's 26 and never had even the slightest problem with her previous 2 pregnancies.
E Rose
E Rose 14 hours ago
That’s very sad, I am sorry for both of your loss. However miscarriages occur in at least 20% of detected pregnancies, even in healthy young women. It’s incredibly common and the current trials of vaccines for pregnant women have not shown a statically significant risks to the fetus. There will be longer running studies but so far it is very promising in terms of safety. Correlation does not equal causation. I spent Christmas in the hospital and it’s taken me 4 months to feel mostly normal again because of the long haul symptoms. I am happily vaccinated and I urge everyone else to get vaccinated as well.
Sean Heffron
Sean Heffron Day ago
I want that Orioles pennant. Also, thanks for being more reputable than Bill Gates's wife.
Kaila Bissonnette
He’s talking about numbers being skewed for vaccine deaths, but he doesn’t realize by giving the facts about comorbidity factors, he’s also tangentially referring to the skewed numbers of covid deaths. But he won’t even address that.
Langus langus
Edward Votel
Edward Votel Day ago
Remember when all the democrats cried about trump vaccines and said they'll never get it... Now wee have a problem. Wonder where that came from ?
Edward Votel
Edward Votel 17 hours ago
@bogaRJ he damn sure canceled all the red flags to allow drug companies to produce the fastest vaccine ever.
bogaRJ 18 hours ago
What does that mean? “trump vaccines?” He damn sure didn’t make em
Truth Matters
These vaccines are experimental. They do not have the FDA's full approval. It is bad enough that for years I unknowingly was ingesting poison (NDMA, an ingredient used to make rocket fuel) that was in my blood pressure medicine, Valsartan, which was manufactured in China. Further, it was distributed by NJ-based Solco Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Prinston Pharmaceuticals, which is OWNED by the same Chinese company that somehow 'put' a rocket fuel ingredient in medications. We DO need to ask questions. I, for one, was unaware that China makes a large percentage of medications that Americans are prescribed. I was shocked to find out they own at least one pharmaceutical company in the USA...that company being Prinston Pharmaceuticals and its subsidiary, Solco.
Trevor Sabinson
Shit, shower, and shave... my family refers to that as “running the mill”
Where is that Guinea pig bridge. Need thay technology 🤣🤣🤣
kunga don
kunga don Day ago
*SHOCKING NEWS :* Nobel Prize winner of 2018, Japanese physician, scientist and immunologist, Dr Tasuku Honjo, caused a sensation today in the media by saying that the *corona virus is not natural.* *If it is natural, it will not have affected the whole world like that.* Because, depending on the nature, the temperature is different in different countries. *If it were natural, it would only have affected countries with the same temperature as China.* Instead, it spreads to a country like Switzerland, the same way it spreads to desert areas. whereas *if it were natural, it would have spread in cold places, but would have died in hot places.* I have done 40 years of research on animals and viruses. *It is manufactured and the virus is completely artificial.* I have worked for 4 years in the Wuhan laboratory in China. I know all the staff of this laboratory well. I called them all after the Corona accident but, all of their phones have been dead for 3 months. It is now understood that all of these laboratory technicians are dead. Based on all of my knowledge and research to date, I can say this with 100 % confidence that Corona is not natural. *It did not come from bats. China made it.* *If what I say today turns out to be false now or even after I die, the government can withdraw my Nobel Prize.* But China is lying and this truth will one day be revealed to all. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tasuku_Honjo [PLEASE FORWARD TO THE LARGEST NUMBER SO THAT THE GUILTY Chinese Communist party MUST PAY WHAT HAPPENS TO US ALL.]
viktor1496 Day ago
Go on the website of Kyoto university. There isn't any interview or recording of him saying that, and he publicly denounced the claim that he ever said that. Guess you believe everything that comes from a facebook page huh?