Coronavirus: Conspiracy Theories: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) 

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With conspiracy theories about coronavirus proliferating, John Oliver discusses why we’re prone to believe, how to distinguish fact from fiction, and what you can do to help others.
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Jul 19, 2020




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Moxie Lofton
Moxie Lofton 2 hours ago
Reminds me of that Carlin quote
Charlie Haddad
Charlie Haddad 3 hours ago
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Mike Casabona
Mike Casabona 4 hours ago
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Elliasp 11 hours ago
This show is a conspiracy ! Look : it has more than 10 millions views ! (more than the cat on tiktok ^^)
Mel 11 hours ago
John Oliver pushing the lone gunman on his fans. Nice. That’s a perfect display of the type shill he truly is. Uncle Dipshit for sure!
Controversy Smash
Controversy Smash 14 hours ago
I'm not gay or a wrestling fan but that clip of John Cena taking his shirt i guess im gay now, good.
Ryan Jedlicka
Ryan Jedlicka 22 hours ago
This episode is hitting me pretty good, lol. I love that some people aren't apologetic to the delusional and misinformed.
Jordan Peele
Jordan Peele Day ago
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great Cindy
great Cindy Day ago
With gratitude in my heart i want to say thank you for healing me Dr. Osaoji on you tube, i am herpes negative now. keep saving lives Doc
How can one man be a disrespectful little douchebag to so many people and companies in such little time? It feels wrong to call it a man even.
Zane Day ago
Imagine bootlicking for companies
J Isley
J Isley 2 days ago
Omar Miguel
Omar Miguel 3 days ago
RIP Alex
Lisa Ritchie
Lisa Ritchie 3 days ago
Liars....the worse people coming out with FAKE NEWS are the MAINSTREAM MEDIA AND THEIR GOVERNMENT MASTERS.
V1NC Day ago
@Lisa Ritchie Well then...keep your secrets
Lisa Ritchie
Lisa Ritchie Day ago
@V1NC How rude......never ask a lady her age...;-)
V1NC Day ago
May I ask how old you are?
Rohit Ganesh
Rohit Ganesh 3 days ago
When did the Wuhan Coronavirus start? Where did the Wuhan Coronavirus start? Why did the Wuhan Virus Coronavirus start? By whom was the Wuhan Coronavirus started? How did the Wuhan Coronavirus start? #WHDWCS
Joe Bennett
Joe Bennett 4 days ago
Fake conspiracy theories are used as disinformation to distract from crazy realities like mk ultra, Tuskegee syphilis study, project mockingbird, operation fast and furious, etc.
Tim Beckman
Tim Beckman 4 days ago
So you want us to think critically about non-official info but not to think critically about government abuse? Ok... Dumb!
Evil Harry Dread
Evil Harry Dread 5 days ago
John Oliver truly is great. But only in his own head. Everyone else thinks he's a talentless wanker.
Brian Bernard
Brian Bernard 5 days ago
Main take away: bad Adele impression = good Bjork impression
The Flying Panda
The Flying Panda 6 days ago
What's slower? Internet explorer or AT&T?
koko ze
koko ze 6 days ago
That old lady looks cartoonishly evil.
Sophia Jacob
Sophia Jacob 7 days ago
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Rick Smith
Rick Smith 7 days ago
Bad Adele or solid Bjork impression. LOL
Ups Badge
Ups Badge 7 days ago
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Fᴀʀʜᴀɴ Mᴏʜᴀᴍᴍᴇᴅ
Just like the T-Virus in the "Resident Evil: Retribution". I just feel like the last line from the movie "You are all going to die down here" is a message to us. They preplanned this shit and showed us in the movies. It was right infront of us, but we were blind to that!
Dr. Good Heart
Dr. Good Heart 8 days ago
48 Reasons Why A Vaccine Passport Is A Very Bad, Totalitarian, Fascist Concept - Naomi Wolf Reveals How Communist Party Is Allying With Big Tech To Weaken USA, Isolate Everyone, Keep Kids Out Of School, Mandated Social Credit Score App With No Opt Out - 60 Minutes Journalist Reveals Scam Behind 'Emergency' Swine Flu Jab www.agreenroadjournal.com/2021/05/7-reasons-why-vaccine-passport-is-very.html
Julie Hightower
Julie Hightower 8 days ago
I was referred to Dr. Ikpoko on US-first after tested positive to hsv1 and he was able to help me get rid of the virus
Drago Milosevic
Drago Milosevic 8 days ago
Democrates started slavery. Am I supposed to judge them 200 years later like you judge all these conspiracy theorists
Nightterror 8 days ago
Try to learn about history
Drago Milosevic
Drago Milosevic 8 days ago
Why is this shill so obsessed with conspiracys? If their so crazy why are you awknowledging it?
Shona Cameron
Shona Cameron 8 days ago
I am dead
Shona Cameron
Shona Cameron 8 days ago
Pls i just want a normal live not a corner
Jenny watkins
Jenny watkins 9 days ago
The question is who's the really LOONEY TUNE ?
Jenny watkins
Jenny watkins 9 days ago
Dear John you got OWN!!!! brandnewtube.com/watch/alex-jones-responds-to-john-oliver-039-s-blatant-lies_X8yuzRuXE79SIbj.html and I'm not even an Alex Jones Fan ...
Oh My Oh my
Oh My Oh my 9 days ago
I just saw a commercial that claimed 229 million Americans have received the vaccine, and the rest of us should to. 229 million? Really?! In a country with only 209 million adults, and children aren’t eligible, and at least 1/4 of the adults said no... Let’s see some math genius figure this one out. Covid is a lie. A stupid, poorly planned, easily verifiable lie. Even Americans, world-famous for their willingness to be suckers, should be able to see through this one.
6 days ago
catch this ratio lol
Allison 9 days ago
Whenever I hear a conspiracy theory I try to say something even crazier: Them: “Did you know that the moon landing is fake?” Me: “You believe in the moon?” 😂😂😂
Finn Nicholson-Crotty
This comment deserves more upvotes
Ridley Scott
Ridley Scott Day ago
Good one!
tmwall25 9 days ago
10:04 - welp that didnt age well….
13 FollowsMe
13 FollowsMe 9 days ago
yes the virus is FAKE and not REAL. its a cover up for the asteroid impacts coming....thankyou agenda 2030!
Francisco Zurbaran
Mossad shill
Catherine Q
Catherine Q 9 days ago
John looked old, the oldest I’ve ever seen him
Catherine Q
Catherine Q 8 days ago
@Drago Milosevic John didn’t get the vaccine until 2021. Anyways, as a recipient of the vaccine, I can say that a side effect I’m visibly younger now than I was 9 months ago.
Drago Milosevic
Drago Milosevic 8 days ago
That's what the vaccine does
Kyle Vieira
Kyle Vieira 9 days ago
Alex Trebek RIP
stian holthe
stian holthe 9 days ago
How can you people decide what is dangerous or false?
Sam Ling
Sam Ling 9 days ago
The CIA coined the term "Conspiracy theories/theorists to discredit those attempting to get the Truth out to the public... We Know the agenda: Nearly a century ago Rudolf Steiner Warned that criminal esoteric groups would, in the future, strive to eradicate man’s Spiritual drives. This would be done on the pretext of vaccination against disease." “Do You Not Know That You Yourselves Are GOD’S TEMPLE AND THAT GOD’S SPIRIT (“GOD IS SPIRIT…”) DWELLS IN You?” 1 Corinthians 3:16 The Government Conspiracy Behind Coronavirus www.414radio.com/truth-be-told?wix-vod-video-id=916f63a3055f4438bb149811af527bcd&wix-vod-comp-id=comp-kj7ya2ra URGENT!! DOCTORS WORLDWIDE WARN ABOUT COVID VACCINE!! www.bitchute.com/video/IF5WicmITjEp/
tsubaki X
tsubaki X 10 days ago
The reason why there are so many conspiracy theories around is that people lost their trust in their governments and scientists. The government has lied to the people, broken promises and gave BS excuses for years. With scientists, what people have seen over the years is that their budget comes from either the government, private sector, coorporations, and others; so there might be bias, and their research if not false may be incomplete and directed towards what their bosses want. And simply don't trust corporations, they will do and say anything "legal" or made "legal" just to take money from you. So they themselves have burned that bridge and lost the trust.
Ross Green
Ross Green 10 days ago
I love John's work but a lone gunman? Yawn. How about a mafia hit? The most likely thing is what is probable. What do they call that? Occam's Razor?
j v
j v 10 days ago
5:24 Jodi Foster's Army begs to differ
Elaine Alibrandi
Elaine Alibrandi 10 days ago
Unfortunately, it's a lot easier for some people to believe than to know.
RN Healer
RN Healer 10 days ago
Last night I watched a show where a respected TV personality told a group of people that the COVID crisis is starting to slow down and I nearly hit the roof. How could anyone make such a lie on TV? Nothing could be further from the truth or more ignorant/ I bet thousands of people were dumb enough to believe it. Damn.
RN Healer
RN Healer 8 days ago
@Drago Milosevic Drago, you are very fortunate that the virus is under control in your country. It is far from being controlled even with the vaccine being given in the United States , people are still being infected, yet the social restrictions are being lifted and too many of them are misguided enough to refuse the vaccine,. Here the crazy people are the ones NOT wearing masks. I wish you and your family continued good health.
Drago Milosevic
Drago Milosevic 8 days ago
I believe it because I'm living it. Here in New Zealand we only had lockdown twice over a year ago, ever since then we've been living normally. I've only seen about 2 crazy people wearing a mask this year.
LM N 11 days ago
About Bill Gates' plan to microchip: savedmag.com/bill-gates-quantum-dot-digital-tattoo-implant-to-track-covid-19-vaccine-compliance/ www.swfinstitute.org/news/85704/darpa-displays-human-implant-microchip-that-can-detect-viruses
LM N 7 days ago
@mark read the information and decide for yourself dont just trust or not trust information based on where it's coming from, that's an fallacious appeal to authority
mark 7 days ago
These sites are the definition of Source? Trust me bro.
Mcwilliams Taylor
Mcwilliams Taylor 11 days ago
plandemicseries dot com check it out !
Josh spanton
Josh spanton 11 days ago
A wonder who is paying him to spread all these lies. He need to do life behind bars
Josh spanton
Josh spanton 11 days ago
Isn’t it funny how there trying to make a mockery out of conspiracy theorists by saying shit like it people believe 5G gives you covid all they are doing is putting actors out there to make water mercy. They take all the good videos down the once that spread the truth and leave all these bull shit vids up to make us look dum.
Josh spanton
Josh spanton 4 hours ago
@Finn Nicholson-Crotty aye actually thought that was funny 😂😂😂 no but seriously they do remove any videos that are actually factual. Don’t you not find it strange how US-first has no videos at all on covid conspiracy’s. literally all they have is news report. They don’t tell you that half of the covid readings was all false positives. Like in the uk now everything has basically opened back up and no one is sticking to the guild lines yet covid has not increased they were full of shit. Yes a do believe covid is a virus but a a honestly don’t think millions of people got it and died of it that’s a hole load of shit. And did it get out by accident a find that hard to believe in to they let it out to fuck the world economy up it’s so obvious to me why they done it for. just most people are sheep and am a Shepherd it’s crazy
Finn Nicholson-Crotty
Josh spanton
Josh spanton 10 days ago
@We are all born mad or and the world is flat is another attempt by the government to murky the waters. There not very good at it covering the truth up. The only thing that pissed me off is that they shut anyone’s page down that actually talks about the truth. We’re did freedom of speech go these days it’s crazy a live in a world full of sheep just a see like the shepherds
Josh spanton
Josh spanton 10 days ago
@We are all born mad defo not the on we’re they say 5G gives you covid that is just a mockery they say that to discredit anyone that actually knows what is going on. It all boils down to money they fucked the world economy to start the big rest it’s so obvious. A will tell you one thing is covid as an actual deadly viruse is would of never got into the country in the first place. A thought m15 and other organisations are ment to protect the nation against any dangers. They prevent terrorist attacks on the country but could prevent covid there full of shit they had no intention of stopping it getting into the country believe me
We are all born mad
Well, okay. Which conspiracies should I believe in?
Lucas mitchell
Lucas mitchell 12 days ago
Getting rid of herpes virus was hard for me I had HSV for years and then I came across Dr Idakwo who used his herbs to cure me and now I’m cured
Peter Hooper
Peter Hooper 12 days ago
_A Lie Too Big To Fail_
Aardige Pers
Aardige Pers 12 days ago
OK you're not the best messenger , but you definitely are one of the best . I am a big fan sir
Chris Nilsson
Chris Nilsson 12 days ago
I asked a Covid conspiracy theorist in the comments on another YT video, "If mask wearing and Covid restrictions are a big conspiracy then how come Brazil now has over 400,000 Covid deaths after relaxing restrictions and Japan only has 10,000 or so?" Instead of answering my question, they deleted their original comment and ran away.
Peter Piper
Peter Piper 6 days ago
It's not even worth arguing about with them. Even on this video, there are so many trolls that just link you an unhinged bitchute video about the vaccine and how it makes your penis smaller or some crap lol
Danilo Osório
Danilo Osório 10 days ago
I wish my president would do the same and just vanishes after reading your comment...
Bbfishman 12 days ago
i have my own theory about this video. Rush Limbaugh and Alex Trebek both died within about 4 months of each other. what are you not telling us John?!?
Connor Locklin
Connor Locklin 13 days ago
The parts of this referring into JFK and the analogies therein are poopoo baby brain. Love you guys, don't believe in JFK conspiracies - but this was WAY oversimplified the surrounding situations.
Hunter Farrar
Hunter Farrar 14 days ago
5g 5 fingers 5 sides to a pentagram Play station 5 Lot of things lining up here
Bella V
Bella V 11 days ago
5 brain cells
Random Stuff
Random Stuff 14 days ago
John Oliver always tells it perfectly 👌👌
Matthew D. Morris
Matthew D. Morris 15 days ago
"We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence-on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.” President John F. Kenned (Assassinated For Telling The Truth And Trying To Back American Money With Gold And Silver)
Joe Hamill
Joe Hamill 15 days ago
I detest this Ben Elton impersonator..
Tony Murphy
Tony Murphy 16 days ago
Both Johns are wrong about one thing, which I learned by checking the real science. They are not the exact same age (even if their clocks matched to the second with timezone adjustment), because the science, specifically the Special Theory of Relativity, demonstrates unambiguously that simultaneity is an illusion. Take that, John Cena! Take that, John Oliver! Checkmate! Also, Quod Erat Demonstrandum.
success drake
success drake 16 days ago
With gratitude in my heart i want to say thank you for healing me Dr. Osaoji on you tube, i am herpes negative now. keep saving lives Doc
Paul R
Paul R 16 days ago
Those 2 wack doctors talking about inflated COVID numbers and that BS Plandemic documentary are 2 reasons half the country held the USA back from minimizing the pandemic And BTW The Royal Family most definitely had something to do with Princess Diana’s death
Jena Allred
Jena Allred 16 days ago
Why was John taking off his close the entire time he was talking?!
Paul R
Paul R 16 days ago
Danny John
Danny John 16 days ago
Dusk 17 days ago
Good God, I used to BELIEVE the fake moon landing nonsense, I wanna go back and smack my younger self so bad. I don’t even know why I did! I’m just glad I learned to ignore idiocy.
Creepy :
Creepy : 13 days ago
I used to watch right wing shit and thought it was funny and has some truth to it when I was younger. And this is pretty common. It’s good to grow out of it once your brain gets more developed :)
Marcus Davis
Marcus Davis 18 days ago
Clearly a CIA op. Why would you believe JFK was killed by a lone gunman with a magic bullet.
Sjaak 14 days ago
Because there is no evidence for anything else.
Bertg1982 18 days ago
This guy is full of crap
Paul R
Paul R 16 days ago
This “guy” has real talk. He calls out the bullshitters
John Ravetta
John Ravetta 18 days ago
Then why are you here watching?
Faze M
Faze M 18 days ago
Conspiracy theory: John Oliver actually paid by government to throw us Off track and put doubt to theories you may have believed?🧐
AndrielGaming 18 days ago
Or perhaps they're just bullshit.
emoteen011 19 days ago
i like to think john calls john on his birthday to remind him
Alan Hancock
Alan Hancock 19 days ago
That newsreader’s face popping up around 5:10 totally freaked me out.
hotgirlsarehot 20 days ago
John Oliver is fucking funny, even without the audience. The true MVP of The Daily Show back in the mid to late 2000s.
matthew benard
matthew benard 20 days ago
Everyone who is worryed about being tracked..... You already are, your cell phone is a tracking device, and not a 1 of you will leave home without it.. Looking forward to my Covid shot to give me 5G, stream netflix directly to my brain.
matthew benard
matthew benard 20 days ago
But John, how do you know Dominos pizza has nothing to do with it??
DJ Wither
DJ Wither 20 days ago
omg da cat was so cuuute
HappyJack 21 day ago
ALWAYS trust the official government narrative. Saddam Hussein had WMD and was sheltering AQ, and the CIA wasn’t importing coke and heroin into the country to fund illegal foreign operations. 🤪
Jade W TrashKid Art
Never fully trust the government or anyone fully, use your critical thinking skills and always have a healthy amount of doubt and concern. Why is it always 100% in or 100% out?
Kevin Mac
Kevin Mac 21 day ago
Beans on toast is a tasty cheap and nutritious meal
andrew flynn
andrew flynn 21 day ago
i did not see cena did they just point the camera at the wrong wall?
Steverino Arch
Steverino Arch 21 day ago
How's this for proof of a conspiracy: 99% of the Me-too predators have been liberal Dems. Maybe there is a conspiracy in the party to not only assault women, but to try to convince us that they are the ones protecting women. Based on the numbers, looks like it.
AuTheWolf 21 day ago
Please include more buff men stripping in your show my attention span skyrockets
Red Sol
Red Sol 21 day ago
This kind of world event always brings out the delusional loonies.
Andrew Harper
Andrew Harper 21 day ago
I used to read conspiracy theory books when I was at uni for amusement I stopped when I realised I was beginning to experience feelings of paranoia as a consequence. If you want to be a healthy, happy, well balanced human being it's better for your state of mind to focus on finding things that help create and sustain a positive mindset. Of course if you don't mind being mentally unhealthy, conspiracy theories are a good way to induce it. Just remember that just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you.😱
Khang Hoang
Khang Hoang 22 days ago
Holly crap THIS is amazing. I'm actually going to share this around the world!
CalifornianKing 22 days ago
This aged badly. "People believe that covid is harmless" Has a 99.9% survival rate.. Sounds harmless to me.
Shawn Colarusso
Shawn Colarusso 23 days ago
Ok but why you gotta downplay JFK.
Eckser 23 days ago
A Truth Seeker
A Truth Seeker 23 days ago
someone who invented covid is clearly paying for shitty tv shows like this
Blade monkey
Blade monkey 3 hours ago
@Finn Nicholson-Crotty game on
Finn Nicholson-Crotty
@Blade monkey I’ll bet you 5 dollars that he genuinely believes this nonsense
Blade monkey
Blade monkey 22 days ago
is this a troll? normally they aren't this blatant.
Jamie Reese
Jamie Reese 23 days ago
J.O. gaslighting the nation one weekend at a time
E 23 days ago
The sun doesn't burn my skin LMFAO I'M BLACK LOL
GameNikHD 24 days ago
Im 22 and just got my first vaccination here in Germany. Totally grateful and hopefully to the end of this year things will die down a bit :) Stay safe everyone!
Dusk 17 days ago
Congrats! :D I haven’t gotten it yet, but I’m a minor and my parents are at odds about it. My mom hates the COVID vaccine for America, my dad wants it. So, if my dad goes to get it, I’m getting it too. :)
shrews bury
shrews bury 24 days ago
The best thing about conspiracies is they let you know very quickly who you should cut out of your life and shun. Oh and yay for remembering Rush is being turned to worm shit as we speak.
T Lindsay
T Lindsay 25 days ago
The amount of respect I have lost for your work after finding out you’re associated with the next for autism event is astronomical. If you can’t do the one google search it takes to listen to autistic voices on this matter, then I dont trust you to properly research your stories. Nothing about us, without us!
Me To The Moon
Me To The Moon 25 days ago
This pandemic is a pretext the elite are using to bring down the economy, take control of small businesses, digitize currency and create a surveillance system through facial recognition without your consent. The solutions against covid are simple (of course at doses to be respected): Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, Quercitin, vitamins C Z3 K2 and D, Zinc, Povidone Iodine (?), N-acetylcysteine, Ivermectin, Colchicine, Fluvoxamine, Ciclosporine, Doxycycline , Clofoctol, Artemisia Annua, French mugwort, Herbe à pic (virapic), Lavender. Solutions not chosen by the WHO and the government because they will not bring money to the Pharmaceutical Lobby quite simply. That's why they want to inject us with their poisons.
Cormac Mac donnacha
Come on man, please for the love of all that is good, just do some actual research and stop falling for this bullshit. There is no evidence to support your first claim, literally none. You are making a compeltly unsupported and ludicrous claim. The idea that covid-19 was made by man is also unsupported and stupid. All those things aren’t solutions, cures or vaccines. Some of them do help you defend against covid but none of them get rid or make you immune to it. They are not solutions, some of them can HELP such as vitamin D, but they are not solutions. The idea that the vaccine is poisonous is also unbacked and dumb, based on nothing but fiction. Stop believing this shit
Me To The Moon
Me To The Moon 25 days ago
"conspiracy theorist" concept created by CIA in 1967 warren report to discredit truth seekers ...... Conspiracy. It is the word that annoys, that delegitimizes, that kills. Finally, who wants to kill ... Conspiracy is the word of the elites, the word of the right-thinking, the supreme weapon of political correctness when it is attacked, contested, deconstructed. The word that forbids any iconoclastic analysis, which looks at what is behind the curtain of the dominant discourse.
Michael Patton
Michael Patton 25 days ago
Trump having deeply tragic children and not taking responsibility for them hahaha Hunter Biden has entered the chat
Michael Patton
Michael Patton 25 days ago
Politifact is a biased organization, using them as the "experts" is misleading
lupus et matrem
lupus et matrem 25 days ago
It's also very important to note, .gov .org etc, they mean nothing. Anyone can buy them to use for anything. I could buy a .gov and put it on a porn site. It's a domain name, not a category.
jaroblue 26 days ago
When you GF is convinced these conspiracies are the truth yet cannot provide proof because ''the govmt censors the truth'' and see herself as ''woke'' and the rest of the world as sheeps. I've tried to not say anything and accept that we`re all different but clearly this shit is too much for the rational person that I am. 😢
Susanne 26 days ago
conspiracy theorists man.. so damaging. hurt people hurt people