China & Uighurs: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) 

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John Oliver discusses the human rights abuses the Uighur people are facing at the hands of the Chinese government, and why those atrocities are worth our undivided attention.
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Jul 26, 2020




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Comments 99   
Gerry O Connor
Gerry O Connor 3 hours ago
dont wear a mask in protest to the uighurs
Pawan Sharma
Pawan Sharma 4 hours ago
And Indian Muslim tiktoker's are making idiotic videos😂😂
AKumar528 7 hours ago
7:30 she doesn't look like an uighur Muslim. Why is so talking like she lives there😂
Lack Kcal
Lack Kcal 7 hours ago
One thing that Trump said is right: fake news all over the places.
Jason Ingber
Jason Ingber 7 hours ago
Thank you so much for making this!!! Amazing!!!
samuel zhang
samuel zhang 11 hours ago
for your fact john oliver china isnt secular for it is taking a side on the stance in this case they are defending communism socialism etc i e they interfere in religion thus they arent secular
Oumer Aden
Oumer Aden 18 hours ago
I don't like this video because it just doesn't take the problem seriously, it feels like your normalizing it or just saying that they deserve to be in these prison camps.
Washika Afrozi
Washika Afrozi 19 hours ago
You speak fax
neeleen t
neeleen t 21 hour ago
Slavery all over again. They'll all have their abuser's last names and their children will be raised into their religion and any language they have will be punished away.
Ryan Jedlicka
Ryan Jedlicka 22 hours ago
Yer a Uigher Harry.
Storm T
Storm T Day ago
There’s a terrifying creepiness about the way Beijing watches and listens in on people all around the world with total disregard for privacy or sovereignty! No wonder they’re always being smacked over the nose by other governments!
Patented Organism
So...what your telling me... is that China is implementing policies that are straight out of the book 1984? It just keeps getting worse.
dnyanesh lakhmal
You have wrong maps idiot's 😂😂😂😂
Robert B
Robert B Day ago
How many of the 13k dislikes (May 2021) do you think are Chinese bots?
Nz J
Nz J Day ago
I wish that one day i open my eyes to see a world with no pain or horrible people
Ryan Jedlicka
Ryan Jedlicka 22 hours ago
You will never experience life without pain or horrible people. Only in death will those no longer exist. So in that regard, we all have something to look forward to.
Ray Day ago
Uighur genocide? Yeah, US has lots of experience with that, just ask a native American, if u can find one. And slave labor, same thing, just ask American blacks. Discrimination? Ask any non-white American
ojonimi gabriel
Tony Williams
China do this to show Islam who's boss.
My wife and I, watching this from southern China, feel heartened to see this and know that these reports coming out have had some impact. China is now still in the midst of a virulent anti-Nike-and-other-brands-that-stopped-using-slave-labor campaign.
i i
i i 2 days ago
Let's see if you can cover the atrocities happening in Gaza Last Week Tonight. I can bet an arm and a leg that you won't. You're still my fave brilliant John x
Zyxz 2 days ago
Lol, nice Jon Taffer reference.
PH Gillon
PH Gillon 3 days ago
China: The imploding of their money and energy finding for too many people they have (and the exploitation of Africa for their energy is now frown upon) is coming between 2023 and 2025. La Méthode Syneréconologistique predicts it (it's my own well-known socio-economic prediction and analysis of a country system that works 9 times out of 10 since 1991!). China is also becoming, since 2020, more and more boycotted in the world, for many of its "made in China" goods that are not recyclable and "made in Italy" goods made by Chinese groups: I pray they cool off and understand that the world is an international exchange playground, not an archaic empire game fueled by one's own ego phdgillon.carrd.co/
Henry Rothert
Henry Rothert 3 days ago
There’s also been reports of people getting their skin flayed with hooks for just having a phone.
ulyssis li
ulyssis li 3 days ago
11:31. I come to admire the boldest fake evidence used in this show. The presented document is FAKE as hike! Any Chinese people can point it out immediately. People, stop being fooled and brainwashed by the anti China narratives. They have gone too low.
Adarsh Payyavula
Adarsh Payyavula 3 days ago
This eventually resulted in the Hair episode
Alonso Diaz
Alonso Diaz 3 days ago
🥺 the little girl 💔
Kay Lynn
Kay Lynn 4 days ago
We haven't forgotten This has gotten nearly 10 million views- there's no way everyone just forgot.
warren botes
warren botes 4 days ago
Adrian Zenz? Really?
Abir Hasnat
Abir Hasnat 4 days ago
It's hurt me
Furqan Chishti
Furqan Chishti 4 days ago
5:58 so, do you mean, "yea they're trash", when you say "but that's not all they are"? I'm confused with that statement...
DNA#stopisrael 5 days ago
Javi etc
Javi etc 5 days ago
Ok John, maybe you should do your research before making your videos In China, since the late 70s, one-child policies began to be implemented, but only with the Han ethnic group, which is 90% of the population of this country. Many minorities, such as the Uyghurs, did not have these restrictions and could have 2 or 3 children. Today these measures no longer apply. The population of Uyghurs have doubled from 1978 to 2018. In 1978, in this region, Xinjiang, there were 5.5 million Uyghurs and 5.12 million Han but in 2018 there were 11.7 million Uyghurs and 7.8 million Han. So we would be facing a very curious case of genocide, don't you think?
Javi etc
Javi etc 5 days ago
These "concentration camps" are nothing more than training and study centers, where Mandarin, which is the official language of the country, is taught, as well as professional training and the laws of the country to avoid fundamentalist practices and include them in society. It is obvious that they have to take preventive measures against jihadism, or are there no preventive measures in the rest of the world? I only hope that this partial information is not used to justify wars for commercial purposes, as we all know that happened in recent history in the Middle East.
Javi etc
Javi etc 5 days ago
In fact, between 2015 and 2018, the Uyghurs went from being 48.7% of Xinjiang's population to 51.1%. What's more, in the same period of time, the Han population has been reduced by almost 800,000 people. What happened to those Han? Have they also been put in concentration camps? Or is it that perhaps they too have been suffering hatred from the Uyghurs? It happens that the fundamentalist leaders tell the Uyghurs not to mix with the Han because they are impure. That is, do not marry them, do not eat their food, do not go to their stores. In short, history always has two sides and we are only hearing one side. What about the hundreds of deaths from jihadist terrorist attacks in this region. It is not necessary to clarify to American people the problem of religious fundamentalism. And what is the purpose of telling only part of the story?
Javi etc
Javi etc 5 days ago
It is also clear that in China this part of the population is the most prone to falling into the hands of jihadism. Furthermore, Uyghur women are now increasingly encouraged to study and work, which was not highly valued within their culture. This means, as in the rest of the world, that women have fewer children and later, which their more fundamentalist religious leaders do not like very much.
Javi etc
Javi etc 5 days ago
Clearly, demographically speaking, the Uyghurs have fared better in this region than the Han. This data shatters the idea that millions of Han have been sent to colonize that region. Nowadays in China you can have two children but it is still very difficult financially to have more than one child and that is why most choose to have only one. For this reason, minorities that tend to have more children from a young age end up at an economic and educational disadvantage. Because the family resources dedicated to achieving a higher level of education have to be distributed among more people in the family group. Another thing is that compared to minority cultures in China, Han culture tends to value education more in order to get better job opportunities. So if the economically disadvantaged Uighurs continue to have more children and are also not encouraged to study, chances are that in time they will no longer be able to compete with the Han.
w wwai
w wwai 5 days ago
If all this is true why aren't there hordes of Uyghur refugees like the Rohingyas.
JonasP 06
JonasP 06 Day ago
@urbaniten Brudda, please, please, please, learn more about the situation in China, before making any assumptions what so ever. Look at more reports of the Uyghur situation in China. Majority that do want to leave are barely able to or they can not get passports, or their children are not allowed passports etc. Sure, if you are being prosecuted you will want to leave, but do you realize that when they want to leave they get detained and punished? Why should a mother leave China, if her 3 children are not allowed to leave with her? Your argument makes as much sense, if you would be telling the 6 million Jews that got killed during WWII "You could have just left 4head". THINK how that sounds my good sir.
urbaniten 3 days ago
@Rory Awesome So? People who are being persecuted will want to leave.
Rory Awesome
Rory Awesome 4 days ago
You comparing China with Myanmar?? Myanmar wanted to kick them out... China wants to put them into camps
Jr Xg
Jr Xg 5 days ago
Cactus Carl for President 2024
Paperback 5 days ago
Islamic Nation : We didn't hear that sorry.. 😒
Bishal Bhattarai
Bishal Bhattarai 5 days ago
Not suitable for a country who killed thousands and displaced millions to judge other country to deal with their terrorists!
Feywildheart 6 days ago
why am I not surprised that volkswagen, given the opportunity, is once again benefitting from the forced labour of an ostracised and detained religious group.
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith 7 days ago
Idk...the random cringey jokes shoehorned between the who "cultural genocide" isn't very funny
Dr Peter jones
Dr Peter jones 7 days ago
The chineese accuse Boris Johnson of Genacide of the most severely disabled in the UK comparing this failed primisters actions of the Wegas in China. In 2013 135 thousand plus lost their lives when George osbourne cut disability incomes,whilst 60 % of those who died of CV19 were disabled which exceed a further 80000 people. The question is will Blinken now put sactions on UK ministers who committed genocide against the disabled just as the international community put sactions on Chinas Commonist party ministers who ordered the internment of chinas Wagas? Chineese state media has ammunition to criti0cise the failed UK government over the wagas crisis and Hong Kong. Clearly Biden has zero tollorance of this type of abuse from a western nation.
rotaryskratch 7 days ago
If John Oliver thinks a hijab is "religious freedom", he really needs a wake-up call. It's oppression of women by an oppressive, violent "religion". Sometimes he is brilliant, other times I feel like his head is buried in the sand.
Brian Hart
Brian Hart 4 days ago
Thanks for the reply. What I said applies to all of us... me, you, John, and people next door... We just have to admit that most of our opinion, especially about religion, is related to what community we dropped into. There's generally no point to argue, you can't change who you grew up with, neither can others. People will hold on to their views no matter what you say. The Muslim community has long been accusing Christians of abusing women too... The single mother crisis we are kinda used to is absolutely horrifying to them. After my previous boss (who's a Muslim) explained her idea to me, I feel we are like devils. How the fuck can we be so passive about it... we are literally handling these issues "Trump Style", we spent all the effort on anti-abortion, create social stigma toward single moms, and expect teenagers and MEN to make fewer "mistakes"?
rotaryskratch 5 days ago
@Brian Hart very true. Also I should clarify: I'm not a fan of any religion. I was lucky to be born as a Christian in the USA. When I became an Atheist my mom was disappointed, but I wasn't worried for my safety and nobody wanted to hurt or kill me. Plenty of people aren't as lucky, being born into situations where beliefs are enforced. Sometimes with threats and violence. There's a lot of good things about many religions, including morality and teaching love, tolerance, kindness, and other virtues. Then there's some unsavory parts. I don't mean to offend Muslims with my statement, there's plenty of good things in Islam. However, no religion should be free from respectful scrutiny. Intolerance and forcing any religion on anyone are completely unacceptable.
Brian Hart
Brian Hart 7 days ago
In some topics, you are obligated to support your people's point of view... people can be very stupid more often than not, but you don't have a choice because you are born as one of them.
Ayulin 7 days ago
Imagine taking sources that are not funded by the US government and the military-industrial complex for your show. Distributing this false accusation is nothing short of disrespect against the victims of an actual genocide. And if you want to find out where an actual genocide is happening right now, you do not need to look further than the southern border of the US where families are being separated, immigrants are being forcibly sterilized all with the goal to eliminate their culture from the region. China is not the bad guy here. None of your allegations are even remotely close to what is actually happening there. For a full dismantling of those childish and uneducated claims I suggest watching the corresponding video "American REACTS & DEBUNKS John Oliver's Segment on China & Uyghurs" by Bay Area415. Don't just believe the western propaganda you are being told. They just want to manufacture consent for further aggression against the peaceful PRC.
Brian Hart
Brian Hart 5 days ago
@Ayulin US Democrats are insane. They deliver anything people demanded in a literal way, with a surprise cost somewhere else. They gave people insurance, at the cost of medical corruption; they lowered gas prices but now we are invading literally the whole Middle East. Old Joe gave money to everyone and our collaboration with India immediately collapsed. If the trade collab with South America collapse too the whole state's gonna have to grill veggie burgers... "We don't know what we want" is the current problem. My grandpa told me this is the land a bunch of idiots makes love, not war. But I clearly see the opposite.
Ayulin 6 days ago
@Brian Hart Interestingly enough I am actually from Germany and oh boi are the people focused on short-term goals here... It is an intrinsic fault of the democratic systems that we currently have that politians have to focus on short-term goals. In most democratic systems around the world the political term limit is itself short-term (which is what makes them different from civil dictatorships) and as politics are subject to a very cutthroat mentallity only the politicians who accomplish some goals before the end of their term limit will be re-elected. The same also applies to capitalism. As companies have to satisfy their shareholders to survive (sort of at least) they need to show some short-term progress and can therefore not focus on serious long term development. This is an intrinsic problem of a capitalist system and is thus (through the mechanism you just explained yourself) inevitable in a capitalist society. I do agree that China is way more advanced concerning long-term planning (and nearly everything else imaginable) and guess why? Because they don't have a corrupt democracy like the western countries do. China's political system is just more tailored to long-term thinking as the party members don't have to fear their re-election. This provides them with the freedom to pursue long term interests of the country. And just to reassure you, the Chinese are extremely content with their government, as seen in a harvard survey from 2016: About 93% of participants stated overall satisfaction with the current government. This leads to an interesting question: If democracies are so incapable of planning long-term just by their very nature, should we really pursue them? Or would a system like the one in China be better for most other countries too? China is definitely a prime example for a great and well-working country that is currently overtaking the rest of the world in nearly every measurable statistic that represents a country's success. Thus I think that the rest of the world should adapt and switch to different economic and political systems closer to Chinas. And no I'm not a Wumao I just really admire china lol
Brian Hart
Brian Hart 6 days ago
@Ayulin I don't think that's a capitalism problem, people in general work towards their own benefit. It's more about the state's favor short term competition over long-term gains. It has more to do with the failing education system. The education only gives short-term goals such as passing midterm and final. Other countries, especially China or Germany, have long-term objectives, be it career tree or college entrance exam. Imagine a politician thinking "oh as far as I make this year look good and green, I don't care what will happen next year", of course, all the shit's gonna happen.
Ayulin 6 days ago
@Brian Hart Obviously, you are right. That's the main problem of capitalism imo: The ones who are in power are also the ones who are profiting from the system. And sadly, they are usually the only ones profiting. In socialism or true communism there would be the dictatorship of the proletariate and as there would not be any bourgeoisie left, everybody would be a worker and would benefit from the system and control it too.
Brian Hart
Brian Hart 6 days ago
@Ayulin It benefits the rich who make decisions, I guess... This feels like a seriously bad idea because nobody benefit in the long term.
Jon 7 days ago
Medias telling lies. Shame on you
Sadie Nailed it
Sadie Nailed it 7 days ago
forced labor is slave labor
Sadie Nailed it
Sadie Nailed it 7 days ago
CCP sent the trolls. Just look at the comment section
Common Sense
Common Sense 8 days ago
Hey John. Enough has come out to show your story is wrong. Why not own it and praise China for all the great things they have done in XinJiang? This has to be the lowest point in your shows history. After making so many great and accurate reports....to be so far off on this one is pretty embarrassing, right? Seriously.....you should go there! They would welcome you with open arms and show you all the things you got wrong. Then you can do a show about how the US government is putting out all this B.S. because of the new oil deposit found in XinJiang. Love your show....but this episode needs to go into the trash bin.
Duyu Wang
Duyu Wang 8 days ago
BS, waste time. Could you please do some kind of study and have some one-hand information, before you pick-up video from internet, and sit in that room to speak. I do believe you have a budget to send someone to travel around and check, don't keep that money for yourself.
Michael H
Michael H 9 days ago
john oliver spreads propaganda and lies about China, just like all other western media
Chris Bungo
Chris Bungo 9 days ago
love the Democrats. They all deny the Uighur situation and trust China even when they said “we didn’t start the pandemic” despite evidence because they are on the CCP dole.
Chris Bungo
Chris Bungo 9 days ago
Yet you trashed Trump, a man who pressured China in favor of a president getting payouts for him and his crackhead son from the CCP
battalion stallion
@Chris Bungo trump supported the camps existing
Chris Bungo
Chris Bungo 4 days ago
@battalion stallion English please.
battalion stallion
what trump supported what china was doing
alexfraser81 9 days ago
Well before u judge anyone or country please see and do your own research , these days there is a lots of story out there. Never listen to one side of the story. Point that small little camp can hold millions people inside......like wow, go check probably before u judge people.
Anton Back
Anton Back 9 days ago
That's why international organisations are the sources on this.
Archangle 554
Archangle 554 9 days ago
The world could just embargo China as a result of these human rights violations like apartheid in South Africa. Although the world would endure a shortage of $200 plastic shoes, diesel cars programmed to falsify government records and noodles. The horror...
Chen Deng
Chen Deng 9 days ago
BS stories...
Breeze 10 days ago
15:22...... ASPI is funded by the US military industrial complex to propagandize the US into War. These are the same people who made up things about Iraq leading to the invasion.
Moh Al
Moh Al 10 days ago
18:03 it's good for the safety of this lovely child, parents are taking a lesson in life to appreciate it
Moh Al
Moh Al 10 days ago
14:20 I'll go there too 😎 at least I can learn something good, instead of hanging around doing nothing.
Moh Al
Moh Al 10 days ago
10:55 it's the most amazing person i ever seen 😂🇨🇳💓
roverts bob
roverts bob 10 days ago
Why's CCP doing this? Well that's because feeling an absolute and pure disgust and hatred against ANY religion is a part of the communism package. The CCP leaders, including the Xi, grew up being taught to HATE anything remotely religious except for of course, the sheer devotion and loyalty for the party. In terms of hating religions, they literally are the Nazis on steroids because, they hate and despise every single religions in existence and aim to eliminate them once they took over the world. Unlike the Chinese people including Han and other racial minorities, the CCP has no place in the modern society as long as they don't change their Genocidal tendencies.
hotgirlsarehot 10 days ago
If Netflix did this with House of Cards, I'd restart my subscription immediately!
firstname 4 days ago
@moby It's very obvious what this is about if you watched the video.
moby 7 days ago
Fjord Siekl
Fjord Siekl 10 days ago
We need to hold China accountable for its genocide and sanction them for their crimes against humanity 🔥
豆沙包 9 days ago
@m k I won't be bothered to explain that, Too much work. The easy one is you could just come to China to see in your eyes instead of filtered media. In imperialist China, you "have to" wear the mask, reverse the western world's de facto fact, you would get the result that people here really follow the rule, most of the people wearing the mask JUST as told. Maybe that's just another China govs imperialist's act, or it's just the cultural difference that we know how to gather thousands of people to build a giant dam 2000 years ago. The definition of safety for us, it's never free from domination, it's free to live a good life. But in the perspective of western landholding slaveowner descendants, there be confuses like "There just wear the mask as told? the gov must be oppressing the people to wear the mask, the people are not free", but it's just true that my province(Guangdong) with more than 100,000,000 population have no local case for about half year, people still wearing mask publicly. You can't just judge that there must be oppression, Mexicans are not black, they just kinda brown. Chinese people know how to work together, we are an agricultural civilization, we stayed in one place instead of colonized, even if the sun gonna blast, we take the earth along with us(movie - The Wandering Earth》)
m k
m k 10 days ago
@豆沙包 taiwan and Hong Kong citizens would probably have a lot to say about china being imperialist. History is history you can't change it. China has a horrible history, and present, just like any other large powerful government
豆沙包 10 days ago
@m k us-first.info/player/video/Y8qvg3uWhJeeZ3U.html maybe a nonyellow face could help with solving the stereotype
豆沙包 10 days ago
@m k ​ @m k ​ @m k especially the "global criminals",name one to info me that exists, that China did something like killing native American and set up a festival called "thanksgiving" refuse to claims "we won't use the nuclear weapon first", bombed the bikini and saying we paid the money and cover up the name
豆沙包 10 days ago
@m k "only the crying bayby got titty to suck" is my translation of "会哭的孩子有奶吃“,trying to refer the word tittytainment
Reelix 10 days ago
Now replace "Uighur" with "Mexican" and tell me how it would seem if Nike said "We specifically don't employ Mexicans" Would that not be racist within itself?
Mister LS
Mister LS 4 days ago
So... It's racist to stop supporting a system of state-backed forced labor designed to destroy a culture by ending the utilization of said forced labor? I'm sorry but just no.
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone 11 days ago
Don't go to China, john oliver. You are now on their list
豆沙包 10 days ago
Larry Wissel
Larry Wissel 11 days ago
There is no Genocide in China, you should really check your sources. Remember they lied in Iraq, they lied in Kuwait, they lied in Vietnam, and they will lie again. For more war, more death, more pain, and a darker war torn future. I will not be apart of the US, UK, and the rest of the western death cult. I hope yal all have learn better than to trust the United States endless lies.
Anton Back
Anton Back 4 days ago
@Larry Wissel have fun watching Tankie Tubers, thinking they give you an unbiased view of the world. Also, I'm not American, I don't support the U.S, and I've looked up all your claims, and the claims against China. You can call me a lost cause all you want, I'm not the one continuously linking Alex-Jones-level Tankie garbage.
Larry Wissel
Larry Wissel 4 days ago
@Anton Back watch the video Mr. King of fallacies and professor of nonlegitimate arguments. Have fun in that bubble of US imperialism. I'm done communicating with you. Watch the video or don't, pretty sure ur a lost cause
Anton Back
Anton Back 4 days ago
@Larry Wissel its not bunk, no. But okay, Tankie.
Larry Wissel
Larry Wissel 4 days ago
@Anton Back Dude he literally explains why thats bunk in the video in a very effective way. Did u even watch it. I would watch information contrary to my beliefs all the time all I'm asking is u do they same. Its the right thing u do before making up ur mind on any serious topic. Its just being a responsible person. Just watch the video. The Lawyer from California has compiled a very clear and effective amalgamation of information on the topic for ur convince. Give it a watch. us-first.info/player/video/bt6KhYCFZ4hrrpc.html
Anton Back
Anton Back 5 days ago
@Larry Wissel ooooh, okay, so that's a conspiracy. How about the leaked documents and satelite images? In what ways is that evidence not trustworthy, especially compared to the Chinese government?
سعيد صالح
سعيد صالح 11 days ago
America last card to cripple China advance from regional power to world power
سعيد صالح
سعيد صالح 10 days ago
@محمد قاسم ...اتكلم كيف ترى امريكا الاقليات المضطهدة في بعض الدول التي تراها امريكا منافس لها او تشكل خطر عليها..ومتى كانت امريكا تهتم بالمسلمين ومعاناه المسلمين..المسلمين يعانون في كل بقاع الارض..امريكا تنظر الى الدول المسلمة والمسلمين كبيادق لها تحركها كيف ما تشاء، تريد انت تستخدم المسلمين كأخر ورقه او سلاح في الحروب القادمه ضد المعسكر الشرقي حتى لا يزاحمها احد على عرش القوة في المسرح العالمي..نحن لا نريد ان نحارب نيابه عن ما تقوله امريكا..كرهي لامريكا لا يفوق كرهي للصين وروسيا، كلهم في عدائهم للمسلمين سواء
محمد قاسم
محمد قاسم 10 days ago
يعني الحين انت تكره امريكا لدرجة انك تخلي اخوانك في الصين يتعذبون
rododendron85 11 days ago
Not only masks are made by forced labor, all Apple products made in China are made by slaves
A Portfolio
A Portfolio 12 days ago
The CCP is an oppressive party that bleaches it's own country of freedom, expression, and cultures. They consistently lie about the obvious origins of the Wuhan virus, push/invade bordering nations, and actively employ their people to shill their agenda in a positive light online.
I loveyou
I loveyou 12 days ago
All the comment giving people here should write to their respective governments to stop taking any chinese products.
Felis Asininus
Felis Asininus 13 days ago
O say can you see, by the dusk's waning light, So desperate are we, waking up from the dreaming, Drenched in violence and fear causing perilous fights, O'er the piles of corpses, naught but pus and blood streaming! And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our ego's still there; O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave O'er the land of the hypocrites and the home of the crazed?
David Cummuta
David Cummuta 13 days ago
Wow the pro Chinese bots in these comments are on a tare. It's disgusting if they are real people. I'm sad for them and their brainwashed minds.
Sonya Wallace
Sonya Wallace 13 days ago
investing in crypto now is really cool especially with the current rise in the market for now
Caio de
Caio de 10 days ago
I’ve never seen so many bots in one comment chain. This is kind of cool. Like an exhibit in an internet museum
Crystal Barrett
Crystal Barrett 13 days ago
she's the plug 🖕🖕
Crystal Barrett
Crystal Barrett 13 days ago
m_a_r_k_a_s_h_l_e_y_2_9_8_@_g_m_a_i_lc_o_m (+_1 _3_4_7-7_7_3-6_8_6_3)
Crystal Barrett
Crystal Barrett 13 days ago
for your information you can contact Mrs Mark Ashley on email hangout or WhatsApp 👇👇
Roland Vick
Roland Vick 13 days ago
I think for people to talk all this good about her she must be an expert
DavidVT23 13 days ago
"The largest collection of shoes since the Holocaust" isn't an example pulled out of nowhere. The US Holocaust Memorial Museum actually has an exhibit of 4,000 shoes from Majdanek. Auschwitz has a photo of one day's collection: 25,000 shoes.
Jack Mnop
Jack Mnop 13 days ago
"Wherever the European has trod, death seems to pursue the aboriginal. We may look to the wide extent of the Americas, Polynesia, the Cape of Good Hope, and Australia, and we find the same result…" - Charles Darwin
Kingfish 14 days ago
They're seriously using Adrian Zenz as a source? Ya'll should check out what the guy believes
Albert Oloo
Albert Oloo 14 days ago
Game recorgnizes game... Riley ‘FREE’Man
sophie lee
sophie lee 14 days ago
This guy know nothing and pretend he knows everything. What a joke
Mohona Mukherjee
Mohona Mukherjee 14 days ago
In India, people with narrower eyes are discriminated against for "looking Chinese." In China, people with different facial features are discriminated against for "not looking Chinese enough". I know that this is an incredibly naive statement but: why can't we just fucking get along with people that do not look like us 😭😭 People belong from their HEARTS not the shape of their face or colour of their skin.
lee lee
lee lee 14 days ago
In the environment of western mainstream media, whatever chinese people said what, you would think that is fake. Because you do not believe other culture and political systerm which different from you, just becauseof your arrogance. But Xingjing is open, which welcome everyone travel to here and interact with us to see the ture. Do not look like a fool, just believe what you want believe.
Anton Back
Anton Back 9 days ago
Its not open, no.
blahblah 14 days ago
shamus Onyu
shamus Onyu 15 days ago
What about isreal and their war crimes on Palestinians. Let's hear you talk about isreal and America bullying them. Claims to defend democracy but refused to accept the winner of their election
shamus Onyu
shamus Onyu 11 days ago
@Hektonite ah didn't know that. I'm a new follower. I don't think the isreailis were bullied. They are the bullies.
Hektonite 11 days ago
He did. But he had to delete the video. The israelis were bullied.
C Miller
C Miller 15 days ago
Why is it that 24/7/Breaking News! outfits like CNN, ABC, FOX, NBC, etc. don't regularly inform us of this and 50 other issues that a comedian somehow can find the time to do? Our McAction News(TM) fails us every day, slobbering over celebrities, etc.
Luigi Casanova
Luigi Casanova 15 days ago
There is SO MUCH disinformation in this video. John Oliver has become a hack mouthpiece for the establishment. Sad.
Anton Back
Anton Back 9 days ago
@God’s Work Silva 1) yes. 2) yes, if that's the phraze the Chinese government uses to describe their concentration camps. 3) yes. People are also systematically, sexually abused at the camps, so, you know. Pretty damn bad.
All Things Blue
All Things Blue 14 days ago
@God’s Work Silva yeah no shit that’s why you read more than one source. Wait do you get all your news from one source? How the bell would you cross check it?
God’s Work Silva
God’s Work Silva 14 days ago
@All Things Blue dude you voted Joe Biden, subscribed to Vaush who defended concentration camps in America. Now you listen to HBO bourgeoisie funded streams. Kuwait issues are everywhere including in Xinjiang where they and saudis assisted to spread Wahhabism in Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Kazakhstan. What’s a tankie weekly? You people’s use of word “tankie” is literally what Americans called communists with the term “communist”. Tell me is it 1)genocide or 2)re-education under Chinese vocational system or 3)children separated from their parents? UN call it the last two, while China calls what they’re doing is the second, while “kids in camps are much better now” people and religious fanatics call it, “genocide”
God’s Work Silva
God’s Work Silva 14 days ago
@All Things Blue Al Jazeera were in a bandwagon on Americans invading Afghanistan, sanctioning Cuba and Venezuela, staying in Afghanistan and now the war in Iran, so don’t tell me...
All Things Blue
All Things Blue 14 days ago
@God’s Work Silva LOL it’s cool if you get your news from Tankie weekly. BBC isn’t all that reliable, try Popular Front or Bellingcat, or Al Jazeera (for non Kuwait issues) or Oaklandside, or Mission News Network. Lol BBC is so behind the curve- Oliver is covering this way late, but better late than never.
Dwight Kematch
Dwight Kematch 16 days ago
It’s Islam though and when has it been a “religion of peace”?
Gnome de Plume
Gnome de Plume 5 days ago
For like thousands of years Remind me again which religion wasted countless resources and lives trying to retake the holy land
Anton Back
Anton Back 9 days ago
Wow that's a step beyond genocide denial and straight for genocide appologia, congrats on joining humanitie's worst.
Norman Nebbe
Norman Nebbe 16 days ago
not to be over political and all, but man, fuck the chinese government.
john wang
john wang 16 days ago
The comment zone reminds me of what happened in Iraq in 2003
Tekida Lee
Tekida Lee 16 days ago
I'm telling you a joke. America do not like China, American do not like Muslim, but they do like Chinese-Muslim
Tekida Lee
Tekida Lee 9 days ago
@David Cummuta I don't ask you to agree with us. After all, our values are different. What's more, we are defending our own interests. As for how you dislike us, it's none of our business. Stay away from us.
Tekida Lee
Tekida Lee 9 days ago
@David Cummuta As you said, public opinion is on your side, because you have the power to control it, while we developing countries do not have the power to play public opinion war against the west.
Tekida Lee
Tekida Lee 9 days ago
@David Cummuta One thing you should know is that the media you mentioned are funded by American companies. You can investigate it by yourself. Truth and justice you said, just like your people in the International Court used a washing powder to conclude that Syria has nuclear weapons and providing financial supports and weapons to terrorist against a national regime. That is what you call the truth.
David Cummuta
David Cummuta 9 days ago
@Tekida Lee They are not from my media. They are from international organizations that have investigated it. The internet is not made up of only the United States. Unlike when you are accessing the internet from China where it is limited what you can see, we can see the entire internet and we have access to all of the information available. I am not a stupid child. I don't need to argue with anyone when the truth is the truth. You can't make it less true by parroting what the Chinese government says on their state controlled news networks (that have been and are still arrested for saying anything other than what the PRC government tells it to say). Believe what you want. The truth will always be the truth and He is coming soon.
Finn Nicholson-Crotty
@Tekida Lee ah yes, the classic “everything that disagrees with me is fake news” strategy
Dr G
Dr G 16 days ago
The Muslim world and West needs to set aside their differences and unite to eradicate Chinese communism
life in motion
life in motion 16 days ago
The people who dilike is clip hope Allah shows you their pain
Bipkhim 16 days ago
Your research team needs a makeover!
Kovich Sun
Kovich Sun 17 days ago
Full of bias against china. Not objective at all! Time will tell the truth. it is easy to see the Halal food resturants in cities of China. But the same in USA? USA did dirty things a lot,huge,few people dare to talk.
Linxu Huang
Linxu Huang 17 days ago
Operator 9
Operator 9 17 days ago
if we are so concerned about this maybe we should stop accepting child and slave produced products from places like say india who we have all the control in the world over, but who we ignore because it fits the bottom line. and waiting until trade sanction talks and suddenly acting horrified with the other guys actions serms to say more about us then it does them...
The Nationalist
The Nationalist 17 days ago
Imagine saying you're oppressed at all in The United States after watching this.
David Cummuta
David Cummuta 13 days ago
@The Nationalist *slow clap* I agree. I'm so tired of people acting like America is some totalitarian regime. To even suggest it wreaks of something only a person who is so privileged they just don't know how good they have it would say. I'm not saying we don't have our problems but, to put us in the same basket as Russia or China or any of the others is just ignorant of reality and shows their foolish lack of knowledge.
The Nationalist
The Nationalist 14 days ago
@All Things Blue Seriously dude Who is america oppressing? Who are we throwing into concetration camps because they are who they are? Are we forcing any women here to get their tubes tied because they're not the right religion or skin color? Are we killing our minorities to harvest their organs? Shut the fuck up.
All Things Blue
All Things Blue 15 days ago
From the goddamn video: "It's completely possible for two things to be wrong at the same time" The USA can be oppressing people and China can also be oppressing people.
Andethidial bubabibub
9:45 John pls watch the movie again. He has no minority report and kills crow.. That's the whole point of the setup.
hongyou qi
hongyou qi 17 days ago
Completely wrong
Jamal Uddin
Jamal Uddin 18 days ago
Maybe Chinese should have some sympathy for uihgers. By. Looking at what's happening in America with the Asian hate crimes. We are all humans. All lives matters. We should try to live together and respect everyone's religion otherwise. Futures won't look good for the coming generations!
sophie lee
sophie lee 14 days ago
Do you know that Han community is secondary citizens in China and minorities is the priority. Cos one child policy only for Han community. Check out different source Of news. Have critical thinking before come to conclusion. You can check out traveler Noel lee- Singaporean vlog and see what they say. You will be surprise.
Garrison 18 days ago
I like how he slipped in that the cause of this is “global capitalism” not communism
All Things Blue
All Things Blue 13 days ago
@Garrison thanks lol you too 💙
Garrison 13 days ago
@All Things Blue lol you’re adorable
All Things Blue
All Things Blue 13 days ago
@Garrison Oh cool I’m glad you can concede that you don’t understand Marxist political theory and only have a vague familiarity with Macarthyist propaganda.
Garrison 13 days ago
So yes you are arguing that communism hasn’t been implemented properly then right...I can totally agree to disagree...but you kind of remind me of the religious people who use their holy books to prove things you know. Have a good one..
All Things Blue
All Things Blue 13 days ago
@Garrison if you mean the USSR? No The Soviet block was not a good indicator of Marxist theory in the same way the Peoples democratic republic of Congo doesn’t represent democracy.
YouTube Moderator
YouTube Moderator 18 days ago
What helps China more? Enslaving the Uighurs or the Paris Climate Accord?
Carl Stockman
Carl Stockman 18 days ago
How has Chapelle not talked about this?
Space cadet
Space cadet 18 days ago
This is a message to the ~13k people who disliked this video: TANKIES BTFO. Stay mad boys, your sugar daddy is just as bad as the US and you guys fucking know it.
commie hilfiger
commie hilfiger 18 days ago
good job John, manufacturing consent for sanctions, embargoes, and sinophobia based on US state department propaganda cool cool. did adrian zenz pay you to make this episode?
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